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Tue 29th November 2005

Ban on men sitting next to children

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Shame on Air NZ

Air NZ have shamed themselves with to days revelation in the NZ Herald that they have a policy of insisting that only a female may sit next to a unaccompanied child in flight.

This is outrageous, not only because it reinforces one gender as “bad” or “not to be trusted” but it goes against the facts themselves as reported by CYFS. Women abuse children at twice the rate of men (CYFS statistics).

Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro has stated “children’s safety is paramount and she commends the airline for putting thought into how it can keep children safe.”

Cindy’s ideology would have all Polynesians under a curfew after dark. All Muslims would not be able to travel in public unless they were in swim suits, every teenager could only drive a moped, and every politician would be required to be permanently wired to a polygraph.

A company concerned with the welfare of all its clients would have delivered a policy whereby people sitting next to the child were told that if there is a need for the child to go to the toilet then only the air hostess can take them. When this is to be directed at both genders it is not discriminatory.
But why think about upsetting males when they are such easy targets. Do you think this would have been permitted had the gender concerned been female?

My suggestion is to ring the EPMU on 04 576-1181 Speak to national secretary Andrew Little and insist that action is taken by the union to force a change in this policy and to ensure that no other policies are in place that slur a gender without just cause.

Fri 25th November 2005

OFF PAT – The Runaway Dads’ $500 million Cop Out.

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Child Support,General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 1:18 pm

OFF PAT — The Runaway Dads’ $500 million Cop Out.

Cow Pat was a more polite rendition of my first thought after reading Pat Booths column — The Runaway Dads.

I know this column will have irritated and angered many in the community. To be frank it is inaccurate, poorly researched, one sided, and grossly misleading rhetoric. Its inclusion in suburban newspapers is neither a credit to the writer nor the publisher. The unnecessary and unacceptable treatment of men in New Zealand over the last 20 — 30 years is an indignity that the older generation is generally unfamiliar with, and perhaps the source of ignorance that inspired this article.

Initially I would like to outline two reasons while I reply so strongly.

Firstly the indignities to which I refer often happen to men, while they are isolated and out of sight, in the presence of the police, judges, lawyers, people whom we expect to have integrity, wisdom, impartiality, patience, understanding, consideration and a genuine concern for society. In so many cases I have seen exactly the opposite and the severe consequences of loss of identity and self esteem have raised the male suicide rate to the second leading cause of death for men in NZ, ahead of car accidents, but behind cancer.

Secondly a subsequent consequence of the issues I make reference to above can be clearly seen in our population statistics. Analysis of the most recent statistics contains many interesting anomalies; one of the most interesting is the growing imbalance over the last 20 years between the numbers of males and females between 20 and 50, which currently stands at minus 40,000 men.

Ian Hassall bullied by anti-anti-smacking protesters

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 1:10 pm

Ex-children’s commissioner Dr Ian Hassall claims he was bullied and insulted by protesters outside the Auckland Marine Rescue Centre last Tuesday. Mereana Ruri, from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner was speaking to a forum held to prepare for the debate on Green MP Sue Bradford’s private members bill to repeal section 59 of the Crimes Act (which allows parents to use reasonable force to discipline their children), when a “racket” interrupted her presentation.

Union of Fathers members on the sea wall held signs such as “drink and pregnant legal, smacking illegal” and “no smacking = UN job for Helen”, and used a loud hailer to make their objections known.

The NZ Herald reported: Fathers shout for attention:

But the nuisance factor finally wore down Dr Ian Hassall, the first children’s commissioner, who ran out of patience and went outside threatening to call the police. He returned to tell the forum he had asked the protesters to “cease and desist” which they did, shortly after.

Dr Hassall later told the Herald the men had made “various insulting and rude remarks” to him.

“Essentially they are bullies. They want to bully their children and want to bully us, and probably got kicked out of home because they bullied their wives.”

Fortunately, the entire event was captured on video by cameraman Murray Bacon, so you can watch Dr Hassall undergoing his distressing experience: Download antianti-smacking video [1.24MB .wmv]. I trust suitable post traumatic stress counselling will be made available.

Later in the Herald report, Sue Bradford said that she was pleased to see the back of MP John Tamihere because he “supported violence against children”.

The systematic use of personal attacks on people with opposing points of view is a common occurrence when an ideological program is being foisted on a community which does not share the embedded values. It’s effective – when people are made to perceive there is a danger in deviating from the politically correct line, most of them can be expected to bury their heads in the sand.

The casualness with which Hassall, Bradford et al are prepared to throw around serious accusations should raise serious concerns about their motives in removing the current protection for parents afforded by section 59.

Equal Parenting Van and Union of Fathers BusJim Bagnall hands out literature Protestors march out to the sea wall Making a racket  Ian Hassall tells them to 'piss off and hurry up'.

United Future Labelled Anti-Family by Child Support Reformers

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 12:31 pm

Media Release

United Future Labelled Anti-Family by Child Support Reformers

“Peter Dunne’s dickensian approach to child support reform will be remembered by parents as Dunne’s disaster, and clearly shows that United Future is a family-unfriendly political party,” observed Mark Shipman, national president of Parents for Children. He was commenting on the first reading of the Child Support Amendment Bill.

“Dunne’s diatribe on Morning Report today shows that he fails to understand that the current Child Support Act is fundamentally flawed and has nothing to do with the costs of raising children. Parents are fed up with politicians who continue to ignore the injustices created by Act. It is just another tax grab at the expense of New Zealand children and their separated parents.”

“Parents for Children members oppose this legislation and demand a complete review of the current child support legislative mess. They have no faith in the rubber-stamping select committee process, so it is likely that members will move to civil disobedience to highlight the injustice of the current flawed child support regime,” concluded Mark.


Parents for Children is a national organisation seeking legislative change to enable parents who have separated to continue parenting and supporting their children.

This requires:

1. Presumptive shared parenting

2. A fair and reasonable child support system

For Further Information Contact:

Mark Shipman 021-982222

Jim Nicolle 021-800586

Thu 24th November 2005

Save the males documentary screens on TV2

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 11:56 am

Save the males promo

I managed to stay awake long enough to watch “Save the Males” last night on TV2, and I must say I was very impressed with Greg Stubbings’ production. What a shame it was screened so late, at a time when the majority of working men would be tucked up in bed asleep.

I may have been influenced by the shot of a Web browser accessing www.menz.org.nz near the beginning of the documentary, but I thought all the spokesmen came across very well, presumably helped by sympathetic editing. Mark Bradman from Mensline and Peter Zohrab from the NZ Equality Education Foundation were both impressive, but I have to nominate Kerry Bevin from the Men’s Affairs Group as one of the most effective media spokesmen for men issues to appear so far. With a bit of assistance from a wardrobe consultant this man could go far!

The opening segment on the law was the most disappointing in my view. It discussed male-only crimes such as ‘male assaults female’ and rape and pointed out that men usually receive longer sentences than woman, but it didn’t really touch on the two most important legal issues for men – the biased application of the Domestic Violence Act, and the huge number of false abuse accusations made against men.

Men’s health received a fairly comprehensive overview, with Dr Rob Williams doing a good job of highlighting the disparities in health statistics and funding. He says: “If a group is disadvantaged for some reason the government should put money into finding out why. They are doing it for Maori, Pacific Islanders and woman but not for men.”

The section on fatherhood focused on father’s rights (or lack thereof), but didn’t really get to grips with the fact that children lose entire extended families as a result of this feminist project to destroy the patriarchy, and that it’s really children’s rights we should be most concerned about. Union of Fathers’ Jim Bagnall explained how ‘the shadow of the law’ works – 92% of applicants at the Family Court are woman because they believe they will get everything they ask for, men know there is only a 10 to 15% chance that they will be awarded custody. A number of my photographs of Family Court protests from the www.menz.org.nz website were used in the film, with appropriate attribution.

Nelson College headmaster Selvi Gargiulo discussed his opposition to the sale of “boys are stupid — throw rocks at them” T-shirts, and demonstrated how you can easily spot media and cultural denigration by simply changing the target ‘boys’ or ‘men’ to other groups such as ”girls’ or ‘Maori’. I think there is a danger here however, I don’t see any gains for men if we start becoming precious about showing a bit of male buttock on TV or at a strip show — restricting what we can see, hear and read about is more likely to work against us in the long run, I reckon.

The feminisation of the education system and the consequent negative impact on boys was covered pretty well by Cal Greer from Oratia District High School who made it clear: “the previous disadvantage experienced by girls has disappeared and it’s been replaced by a growing disadvantage for boys”. According to the two headmasters, little is currently being done to look at what works best for boys.

The film ended with a discussion about the Ministry of Woman’s Affairs, and made a good argument for having a men’s Ministry to balance the advice given to government. It didn’t explore the possibility that the whole concept of creating public policy with deliberate gender bias is fundamentally wrong and needs to be ceased rather than balanced.

MENZ on TVKerry BevinMark BradmanPeter ZohrabDr Rob WilliamsCal GreerJim BagnallProtest picsProtest pics 2Protest pics 3

Wed 23rd November 2005

Silly Sue and the Bradford Bill.

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 11:57 am

Where did the funding for the anti smacking conference come from? From the families commission no doubt! Sue Bradford with monotonous regularity crusades against what the NZ public has already made a firm decision on. Leave section 59 alone. We should be encouraged by the presence of the children’s commission as guest speaker, when they have already publicly stated that they have no idea what the problem is. We are all past being fooled into believing this is concern for our children, when the real motivation is changing the law to create the state parent. This is not a new idea, it is a failed idea. The same law changes were made in Sweden in 1979, and contrary to claims by some groups that the legislation is worthy of emulation the evidence and conclusion drawn by independent studies in other countries says exactly the opposite. This opens the door to parents having no rights to their children and only responsibilities determined by the state and courts. That leaves me to conclude, Ms Bradford, that the only reason for your persistence is the ulterior motive. I would again encourage reasonable New Zealanders to rally against the stupidity of state disestablishment of the family. There are children at risk in this country, but their plight has nothing to do with section 59 of the crimes act.

Thu 17th November 2005

Will Cunliffe’s Catastrophe become Dunne’s Disaster?

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 3:38 pm

Parents for Children
Media release

Will Cunliffe’s Catastrophe become Dunne’s Disaster?

“Peter Dunne really has been given a hospital pass from the Labour Government with the revival of the proposed changes to the Child Support Act 1991. Mums, dads, lawyers, economists, social commentators, child advocates… are all saying a real review of the current approach to Child Support is required, but politicians continue to ignore pleas for a fair and reasonable child support system that works for our kids,” responded Mark Shipman, National President of Parents for Children, to comments attributed to Peter Dunne in The Press (17 November 2005)

“The proposed tinkering with the Child Support Act will worsen the real problems faced by parents forced to deal with a system that focuses on benefit recovery for the State at the expense of the best interests of Kiwi Kids. The current Dickensian approach to Child Support is driving more and more parents to the poor house while damaging our children’s future thanks to a Government that is obsessed with revenue collection, not the best interest of Kiwi Kids,” observed Mark when asked to comment upon the proposed tinkering to the Child Support Act 1991.

“Australian politicians have initiated major changes following serious issues identified when reviewing their Child Support System. Given that the Child Support system we have was based on the Australian legislation parents are asking: Why are politicians ignoring the real issues that have been shown to exist with the New Zealand legislation? Parents for Children hope that Peter Dunne will have the courage and vision to initiate a real review of the current Child Support Act,” concluded Mark.

For further comment contact:

Mark Shipman (021) 982-222
Jim Nicolle (021) 800-586

News Release on Child Support.

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,General — Downunder @ 2:54 pm

Child Support Bill in the House before Xmas. Link to Stuff News with Comment from Peter Dunn and Katherine Rich.

They clearly still miss the point – Its all about money and not about fathers. What do you think ?

Wed 16th November 2005

Woman bites dog

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 4:30 pm

The “Viewpoint” section of the November 2005 New Zealand Medical Journal has an article by Janice Giles: ‘Woman bites dog – making sense of media and research reports that claim women and men are equally violent’.

The title of this article makes clear that the writer considers abuse of men by women to be so rare and insignificant as to be considered humorous. She denies the reality that there are thousands of New Zealand men who find this attitude deeply offensive – for them female violence is no laughing matter!

Giles is concerned about the few rare occasions in recent times in the media has a dared to discuss the issue of violence by women – exposing the fact that medical workers, police, court personnel, and Woman’s Refuge workers are not seeing or addressing the needs of male victims. These reports, she claims, “may undermine policies designed to prevent and reduced male partner violence against woman”. She promises to explain “why study outcomes claiming equal violence must not be accepted at face value.”

Fri 11th November 2005

Child Support Amendment Bill (No 4)

Filed under: Child Support,General — Downunder @ 1:45 pm

08 November 2005
Parliament reinstates bills

The new Parliament today reinstated 57 bills, including the Taxation (Depreciation, Payment Dates Alignment, FBT and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, introduced in May, and the Child Support Amendment Bill (No 4), introduced in August. All bills before the previous Parliament lapsed following its dissolution in the lead-up to the recent general election. At the time, the taxation bill was awaiting consideration by the Finance and Expenditure Committee, and the child support bill was awaiting its first reading and referral to a select committee.

www.taxpolicy.ird.govt.nz .


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TV2 – Wed Nov 23- 11:25pm

A local documentary exploring the claims of men’s rights groups that the feminist movement has gone too far. Save The Males is a documentary following men’s rights groups (masculists) who claim New Zealand has become an insidiously anti-male state, and suggesting we need a men’s movement to stand up for the rights of the Kiwi bloke.

The Status of Men in New Hampshire

The Status of Men in New Hampshire is under investigation, as at the 1st November 2005. The General Court recognises that men are an important resource for families and children, and wishes to explore the causes and consequences of a variety of social, economic and health problems facing men.

Read More….

Thu 10th November 2005

Are NZ Schools Safe for our Boys.

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General — Downunder @ 3:29 pm

A 14 year old Masterton Girl is in Custody today and will be appearing in the youth court after a vicious attack on a classmate with a scapple.

Police were called to the lunchtime incident at Chanel College in Masterton today when the girl slashed a classmates leg open after being accidentally hit on the head with a ball.

Her victim a 14 year old boy was rushed to Hospital and is recovering after having his wound treated.

Tue 1st November 2005

CYF fails to find caregivers

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 10:14 am

The recent national recruitment campaign to find more CYF caregivers has not succeeded. With children being removed from parents in record numbers, many are being placed with foster parents who are not properly trained, where they get brutally bashed or sexually abused.

It’s a pretty dangerous job in an environment where street-smart kids exploit the fact that there are social workers who think they should “always believe the children”, and that “women and children never lie about abuse”.

Christchurch Family and Foster Care Association chairwoman Pamela Turner said being a foster parent was a “very challenging and stressful job which people needed to think carefully about before becoming involved”.

Turner said caregivers frequently faced allegations from children and young people in their care, which put a lot of stress on the family environment, in addition to dealing with children’s often difficult behaviour.

Even in the Waikato, considered by many to be the spiritual home of radical feminism in NZ, the campaign to find yet more caregivers has been a failure.

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