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Fri 16th December 2005

CYFS and our baby

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Let me introduce myself,
we have a 5 month old son called Alex. Alex was born in Chch Womens hospital in June of this year and was very premature coming 11 weeks early and weighing only 780g. My wife had a very troublesome pregnancy as she suffers from several health problems which made conceiving a baby almost impossible, so it was a miracle that she found she was pregnant on 24 Dec last year.

In March of this year her pregnancy became worse as her bad back was starting to give her trouble as was her diabetes. I at this stage gave up my work to be able to stay at home to care for her as she was mostly bed ridden and unable to do day to day chores in the running of the house. This put a strain on our financial state as we had to go onto a benefit to survive. It took WINZ a month to put a benefit in place and we struggled through the whole of March with no income.

males getting in the way yet again!!

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I was stunned and aghast at today’s news that a policeman was able to rescue a child in Mt Maunganui yesterday. Sergeant Dave Thompson found the girl 45 minutes after she was taken by a youth in a car while walking to school with her 7-year-old brother. Are there not police women who could have handled this case? Why was Dave Thompson in a position where he could be alone with this already frightened and vulnerable child? I trust the Police Commissioner with the help from Children Commissioner Cindy Kiro and the Air NZ “policy by simplicity” committee, will put end to this.

It stands to reason that where children are concerned only female officers should work on the case. We are lucky in this incident that Dave Thompson is not a paedophile but a loving and caring Officer whose instinct to protect a child paid off. However, how long can we rely on luck. Are all male Officers SAFE? Children’s safety must come first.

As Hitler once said in the early 30’s “….. Where there has been a proven incident of a people who have betrayed the trust invested in them by the state, they must then be eliminated for the welfare of the state.” I’m not suggesting we should eliminate men, goodness no! just keep them bringing in the money and away from children.

sent to EDITOR NZ Herald

Mon 12th December 2005

Men’s Centre North Shore responds to White Ribbon Day

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 4:49 pm

Last week’s North Shore Times had an article titled: Men’s group says they’re victims, too.

North Shore Times 6th Dec 2005

Men’s Centre was responding to White Ribbon Day on Nov 25th – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Jim Bagnall was quoted:

“People need to get the whole thing in perspective. I think in most cases violence is a relationship issue rather than a male thing or female thing. Not all men are abusers.”

“It’s a myth that it is male is that are doing all the abusing, which gets perpetrated by organisations run by women.”

Mon 5th December 2005

Toots for Air New Zealand Protest

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The intersection of Albert and Customs Streets in Auckland was filled with a cacophony of car, bus and truck horns at lunchtime today. Protesters outside Air New Zealand’s main office held signs which read: “If you are male and not a paedophile — toot!”

On the opposite corner, Jim Bailey sat on the top of his War-4-Kids Wagon, asking (rather loudly through his speaker system) why Air New Zealand wants to stop children having contact with men.

Bryan Norton attempted to deliver a letter of protest addressed to Chief Executive Officer Rob Fyfe, but the airline didn’t want to know. The staff member who initially came to make sure Bryan left the building said he would take it but refused to identify himself. Eventually he agreed to send someone down to receive it within 10 minutes, however nobody came.

After about 20 minutes, Brian went back to reception, this time followed by two video cameras, and it was agreed he could leave his letter with the receptionist.

About 15 minutes after all the other protesters had gone home, Murray Bacon and I were still talking on the steps outside the building when a lone policeman arrived. Spotting a placard left leaning against the wall behind me he came over and asked if we were the “surging throng of protesters” he’d been sent to settle down.

“Oh you’ve brought us a beer then have you?” asked Murray hopefully, but the policeman just grinned and replied “not till after work.”

The New Zealand Herald supports the airline policy. In an editorial entitled Airlines protecting children they demonstrate that they understand the principles involved, and that the actual risk to any child is negligible:

That they should not be deeming all males untrustworthy because of a worst-case scenario. And that such a scenario is highly unlikely, given the crowded nature of most airliners and the watchfulness of airline staff.

But then they switch into sex abuse hysteria mode:

people who prey on children are masters of cunning and trickery… It could be an opportunity for contact to be made which might lead to “grooming” of a child…one in five English children had been the subject of unwanted sexual advances outside the home.

Anything goes in the name of ‘protecting children’ according to the Herald:

as in all matters bearing on such abuse, society must make the protection of children its paramount concern.

When major newspapers join the lynch mob like this, and fail in their responsibility to uphold human rights, the foundations of our society are undermined, and everybody becomes less safe.

Air New Zealand Protest
Air New Zealand Protest
Air New Zealand Protest
Air New Zealand Protest
Air New Zealand Protest

A Dunne Deal.

Filed under: Child Support,General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 4:34 pm

Nation’s Children are the winners, by Peter Dunne, which I have found in Friday December 2, issue of Harbour News, gives the Revenue Minister’s opinion on Child Support.

The main thrust of the article is to outline the financial efficiencies intended as a consequence of the child support amendment bill, and that is what we should expect from a Revenue Minister – financial efficiency. The article concludes with a veiled suggestion that fathers should shut up, pay up, and the state will see to it that the nations children will get the financial support they are entitled to.

If I was to draw conclusions from parallel legislation in other countries, then I would expect that the consequences of this legislation will be:

  1. An increased number of men refusing to participate in society.
  2. A further increase in male suicide.
  3. Fathers being criminalized and jailed for failing to comply with discriminatory legislation.
  4. A further decrease in our live birth rate.
  5. Increasing numbers of men permanently leaving NZ.
  6. An increase in gender violence.
  7. An increase in child neglect cases.

It should be remembered that this is the man who took the stage at the opening of Union of Fathers, to tell us how he would make a difference. The man who told the country he would support family values, and conveniently left other more blatant anti family clauses from the amendment out of his article.

I certainly hope that the media will familiarise his Wellington Electorate with the content of both his article, and the bill he supports. They need to made aware that Mr Dunne has turned his back on Fathers and Families.

Surely the United Future Party must be questioning his credibility and his leadership.

Thu 1st December 2005

Bay fathers afraid to play dad

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Bay fathers afraid to play dad

By Natalie Bridges

Mike Kino looks carefree as he rolls around with his four-year-old son Michael on the grass in Memorial Park – but he’s worried someone might accuse him of wrongdoing.

The father of five from Ohauiti says a politically correct obsessed society has contributed to making him more cautious of how he interacts with his children in public.

“I found it hard to change my kids’ diapers when they were small – even my own daughter. I shouldn’t feel that way but I don’t want to be accused of anything. It’s only because of society I feel like that. You want to be seen as a good father. (more…)

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