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Wed 30th May 2007

Men’s issues and where New Zealand stands.

Filed under: General — Julie @ 4:01 pm

I want to share with you my experience in the men’s movement because I think it is important to help changes.

We all know that NZ is a small place and that if we put ourselves out there we will get labelled. What label we wear to many people depends on what they think of us. We all know that the Father’s coalition has been labelled disgruntled fathers to the leaders but the public are sympathetic to the fathers and those in the community groups are also because these people can see the bias the leaders such as feminist lawyers and judges and politicians show through their words and actions. For instant, what sort of a potitician calls fathers DEADBEATS? If you just use common sense you can see that these politicians are horrible people. And lawyers that use DV orders against fathers are also horrible people plus greedy.

But what about everyone else? What about the media? Are all these men and women anti men? No, they are not. Ask them. From my learning they don’t like to interview the men’s movement because they find the men so angry. But then when you explain why the men they have interviewed in the past are angry, they sort of want to hear some more.

Tue 29th May 2007

Bikini girls banned from TV

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:00 pm

Fast-food chain Burger King has withdrawn two television advertisements deemed sexually exploitative through their “cheesy” use of bikini-clad women.

The Advertising Standards Complaints Board, in decisions issued yesterday, found both commercials breached an industry code of practice forbidding the use of sex appeal simply to draw attention to a product.

If a good looking well developed male was dressed in bathing trunks and developed 10cm nipples when eating chewing gum surely that add would be banned?

Find out what the Advertising Standards Authority ruled!

Complaint: The television advertisements for Mentos Ice Gum (Key Numbers MENT 045/075 and: MENT 045/076) started with a bare-chested man putting a piece of Mentos Ice Gum into his mouth. Suddenly his nipples extend about 10cm. He then proceeds to walk around town where he is whistled and waved at. He also uses the nipples to catch a Frisbee and then hold an elevator for a female by pressing the buttons with the nipples and he offers her a piece of gum. Both advertisements end with a pack shot and voice-over that says “Stay cool and icy fresh. Mentos Ice chewing gum”.

Do I detect a double standard here in these public servants yet again?



Mon 28th May 2007

Multi Million Dollar Crackdown on Domestic Violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:21 pm

The Sunday Star Times carried an article on weekend entitled Crackdown on white collar family assualts.

The article announced that the the Government is planning a multi million dollar crackdown on Family violence. “..Including trying to combat the largely hidden problem of white collar domestic violence”

It goes on to talk about how Statistic New Zealand figures show arrests for reported domestic violence assaults by males on femaleshave increased dramatically in the last decade with abuse worsening in every ethic group.

Of course they include a neat little table in the article showing “The Numbers” .

Based on the numbers for the total of the charts Total domestic violence arrests by all enithicty categories is :


Thats a difference (in total) of 1656 arrests.

No effort is made to explain this increase, rather “Inspector Ged Byers , the police national family violence co-ordinator says there where 63000 domestic violence incidents last year, but experts believe the true figures are five times higher…..”

Emails wanted for Campbell Live

Filed under: General — Julie @ 5:40 pm

I know it is short notice but ‘Campbell Live’ tonight is asking for the public to put forward questions to John Keys for next years election promises through emails right now.
Now would be an opportunity to ask John Keys about men’s issues in fromt of the public.

Campbell Live

Sat 26th May 2007

Lame Duck Legacy in Education.

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General — Downunder @ 3:26 pm

Republic of NZ Party Education spokesperson and Rotorua candidate Mr. Paul Haynes says Trevor Mallard, the former education minister, has left us a lame duck legacy in education.

Full Release:

Male teachers have been sexually harassed out of the education system. Where are the male role models at a time when many families are fatherless? This is a double whammy socially and a national shame.

Men’s article section in ‘The Aucklander West’

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:34 pm

I have only just noticed that there is a column called ‘Male Call’ in the local newspaper on the page for ‘family matters’. I am not sure how long this has been happening but it is new to me. Here is the latest.

Give me the simple life
by Bernard Francis

I went to my daughter’s camp as a helper for four days and was amazed at how the approach to discipline has changed in the past 40 or so years – and not for the best, in my opinion. I’ll give a few examples of then and now, none of which, I might add, happened at the recent school camp I attended.

Example one: Little Boris disrupts other pupils in class. In the past he’d have been sent to the principal’s office for a smack on the bottom and sent back to class to sit still. Now, he’s sent to counselling for anger management and told he’s got ADHD and can do what he wants.

Example two: Little Boris gets hold of leftover fireworks and blows up an ant’s nest. In the past, ants die and Dad gives Boris a pat on the head for getting rid of ants. Now, the police arrive and arrest Boris for a terrorist attack, CYFS investigate and remove Boris from house and Dad goes on the terror watch-list.

Example three: Little Boris falls and scrapes his knee. Male teacher finds him crying and puts his arm around his shoulders for comfort. In the past, Boris feels better and carries on playing. Now, teacher is accused of paedophilia, loses his job and faces jail.

The good old days weren’t good, but at least they were uncomplicated.

Read male call online at www.theaucklander.co.nz

Fri 25th May 2007

NZ Given 90 Days notice.

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 2:58 pm

Link to Stuff

A New Zealand access battle hampered by delays has resulted in the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) adopting Views requiring New Zealand, within 90 days of the adoption of those views, to provide the UNHRC with information about the measures it has taken to provide a remedy to the father whose rights to an expeditious trial have been violated.

In Communication 1368/2005, adopted on 16 March 2007, the UNHRC found New Zealand had violated article 14, paragraph 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the Covenant) in respect of EB’s right to an expeditious trial in access proceedings concerning his daughters, S and C, and continued to violate article 14, paragraph 1 of the Covenant in respect of the unresolved access proceedings concerning his son, E.

Youth Offenders.

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — Downunder @ 12:37 pm

Republicans Law and Order Spokesman Bevan Berg said he was struggling to understand the attitude coming from the NZ First Youth Spokesman Ron Mark toward New Zealand’s youth.

Full Release.

Waving the big stick of criminal jurisdiction is a great way to divert public attention from the real issues facing ordinary New Zealanders, like whether our schools actually still cater for the needs of boys and, whether our youth will have jobs when they leave school.

Thu 24th May 2007

HB Fam Court Watch

Filed under: General — Dr Dad @ 8:04 pm

Hi To all,
This is the second notice that we will be holding protests outside the Napier and Hastings Family courts in July. I am hoping to have as many people as possible there and will be inviting as many of the media as I can think of. I am also keen to get as many stories as possible about VD and put them on this site, to encourage the power of the people!!!
In order to be effective we must remain within the law, the protests and comments here must be legal, and not even able to be misconstrued as inciting violence.
The family court must change and be brought to account. Lets do this together.
Health, strength, and strong families, are my wishes for all.

The Bad Dad List

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 7:38 pm
    The Bad Dad List

is a book by Anna Kenna ( Illustrated by David Elliot)

Its published by Learning Media Limited

Dad is laid off and mum works full time so dad is an at home parent.

Dad is hopeless and his son makes a bad dad list.

This list includes: getting a speeding ticket, forgets to pack the kids lunches, a washing machine disaster….

Dad then does something good and the boys image of him changes. To quote “By the end of the year dad had turned into quite a good mum”

This book was given to an 11year old boy to read as homework from school

The portrayal of fatherhood in this book is full of sexist assumptions and I suggest a further example of the feminisation of the New Zealand Education System.

Boys (and girls) need positive portrayals of fatherhood not a Bad Dad List.



Men’s rights

Filed under: General — Jerry @ 7:03 pm

Forty years ago there was one woman’s group fighting for women’s rights, now every woman is a woman fighting for women’s rights. You have to ask yourself why men don’t do the same. The answer probably is that until your rights as a father have been taken from you, you don’t realise there’s anything to fight for. You don’t realise that men’s rights are being chipped away in the most insidious way.

You only need to listen to some of the advertisements out these days and educated middle class commentators (male and female) to know that all men are either dopes or aggressive towards women or sex fiends. Women can dump their children at the nearest crèche, or organise before and after school care and trot off to pursue their careers, but they are still considered the nurturing sex. In the last few decades I’ve noticed that men have taken a greater interest in their children and a greater involvement in their lives yet they are still left out in the cold when it comes to primary custody.

Until men find themselves in the position of being a father who has been separated from his children, men still think it’s a man’s world. My advice is that men should start setting up groups for men’s rights in general, not specifically only when it’s about dads because by the time it gets to that stage, not too much we can do about it except to complain to each other. These groups may have to fight off a bit of derision, but women were ignored and their concerns were laughed at, at first but they stuck with it. Goes to show who the stronger sex is, doesn’t it?

My advice is — nip it in the bud. Whenever you hear or read or watch an advertisement that is obviously or subtly sexist towards men, write a letter of complaint. Letters are more effective than emails or phone calls. Get a group of you together and write a letter of complaint to the company selling the product and say you refuse to buy their product. Forward a copy to the newspapers. Do it at once and keep it up. There are a lot of women in advertising now. You might want to think that one through too. Don’t allow radio or TV commentators to imply in any way that women are somehow better than men. It’s not possible. We’re a two gender species. I’ve noticed that women will never — ever — criticise other women, not matter how obvious it is that there is something to criticise. It’s the sisterhood thing. Every woman may not speak about it openly but every woman knows about it. Take a leaf out of their book.

Finally, web sites like this are fantastic, but they only cater to men who have already lost their rights. Like women’s groups have done, we need to broaden our parameters and educate the public in general. We need to include ‘outsider’ men in this crusade.

Disappearance of Paul’s News

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 1:31 pm

Earlier this month Darryl Ward posted an article referring to the rebirth of Paul’s News e-mail list, which had recently disappeared.

Paul's News Logo 'save your kids' Paul’s News Logo
For many years, MENZ has referred NZ fathers to this e-mail group if they live in areas where there are no support groups available. I believe it to was by far the best available source of information about the New Zealand Family Court from a male consumer perspective. I think list owner Paul Robertson deserve a vote of thanks from the entire NZ men’s movement for his efforts to support fathers affected by Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Problems with “spies” who joined the list to monitor their ex-husbands sources of information has meant that the new list is restricted to members approved by a moderator, so we can’t advertise the address. Since I removed the link to Paul’s News, I begin receiving e-mails every few days asking me for information about the Family Court, to which I can only reply that I have almost no personal experience whatsoever. Hopefully one day there will be funding available for support organisations to provide this kind of service for men.

Many of us have naturally been wondering why the list suddenly disappeared, and I personally became somewhat concerned when my e-mail to Paul went unanswered. Some recent reports in the Manawatu Standard appear to shed some light on the situation:

Tue 22nd May 2007

United Nations and New World Order

Filed under: General — Julie @ 1:08 pm

Amidst tremendous turnout and support Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) was asked a question about the New World Order’s agenda for a one-world government during a campaign stop in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Ron Paul responded, “The first President Bush said the New World Order was in tune– and that’s what they were working for. The U.N. is part of that government. They’re working right now very significantly towards a North American Union. That’s why there’s a lot of people in Washington right now who don’t care too much about our borders. They have a philosophical belief that national sovereignty is not important. It’s also the reason I’ve made the very strong suggestion the U.S. need not be in the U.N. for national security reasons.”

This is the agenda for the pacific Islands.

Eradication of poverty and hunger, accelerated but sustainable economic growth, better education, promotion of gender equality and the role of women, lower child mortality and better maternal health, campaigns against HIV/Aids, maleria and other diseases, and environmental protection.

But as Reporter of NZ Herald Greg Ansley writes,

Beneath the swaying palms of the Pacific a new power struggle is emerging. It is the best kind of power play, revolving as it does around billions of dollars to improve the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet.

But altruism is more than matched by national self-interest and a range of ambitions for a region that can provide real value to much larger players. This is competitive diplomatic sport.

None of these things will happen as they have not happened in their own countries. These countries are using the usual excuses to take over being poverty and terrorism but to these players there is a lot of wealth in the seas surrounding the Pacific Islands that they are interested in as well as the wealth from tourism and consumerism. Groups that already give aid are worried.

And New Zealand is one of the big players with America, France and Australia.

France has very recently voted Right Wing but to the amazement of conservatives new French President Nicolas Sarkozy named women to nearly half of his cabinet positions.

I wonder what is in stall for New Zealand after our next election.

Below is a very intersting site to learn a few things of why so many people believe in Conspiracy and as we are seeing it is spoken of publicly now. Have you noticed how Helen Clarke is not that interested in our countries affairs but in overseas affairs? Have you noticed how the ‘No Smacking Bill’ goes back to the UN?

We are just a part of the Pacific – Asian group. Yes, there are 3 groups that we will be devided into world wide. The American Union, the European Union and the Pacific Asian Union.


Feministation of Education

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General,Men's Health — Scrap_The_CSA @ 11:16 am

Male-female gap “bad for society”

This article ran in the Dom-Post this morning.

The implications for boys and young men of Professor Chapmans remarks reflect the danger of feminisation of the New Zealand education system and the lack of Male primary teachers.



Sat 19th May 2007

Angry Harry – Men’s Rights Blog

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 2:13 pm

There’s a poll being conducted at this site, where you can vote for your favorite blog in a number of different categories – one category being political blogs. Top of the voting so far with 300 votes is a feminist blog, but a Men’s Rights blog, AngryHarry, has made a sudden and fast rise and is now at 12 place with 47 votes. If you like his site, or want to make a statement of support, add your vote. You need to register and give an e-mail address, so it takes a few minutes.

Fri 18th May 2007

The Quiet War.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:45 am

Is it nearly over — the years of waiting for public perception and the reality of feminist fascism to meet eye to eye? There is an element of society that adopted a, wait and see how long it takes approach, without giving to much concern to social disorder and inter-generational damage, and that becomes increasingly evident. It also has to be said that they are the same people who were in the best position to understand and the best position to create change, but chose not to, and even now they mark time. There is an evaluation of damage that is yet to be written; something akin to a body count from a recent war, and the scars of economic and social disarray, generated by conflict, and yet to heal. The recovery however is not likely to be so quick. There is no surrender, no victory or defeat, no conclusion, and no celebration to signal the rebirth of peace, or a new hope.
It is likely to be a long meandering process without the determined extrication of those obstacles who stand unashamed at what they have been party to. There is a generation of bitterness and valuelessness that occupies the minds of many, both young and old which is likely to reflect in future behaviour and outcomes. It will, should truth not be a casualty, be a time upon which history does not reflect kindly, recounting the continuing capacity for cruelty in the nature of the human beings. It is not something that should be treated lightly, with just some degree of inevitability about an end result, but with a fortitude that is becoming more illusive and historic.
Despair is as infectious as any virus, and complacency just as contagious. It’s almost pandemic, an air of mutant though, and when you look around you can certainly see the symptoms of this veracious disease, and the mess, who is going to clean that up — certainly not those that made it. And those that profited, do they owe us something, something more than the mess they left behind.

Thu 17th May 2007

Team Leader Child Support – National Collections Enforcement

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 3:01 pm

See Job Description.

Note some of the key details.

Child Support has a vision to be “A First Class Child Support Service”. We are committed to increased levels of customer satisfaction through improved service delivery by doing business in a way that suits our customers. Child Support will continue to evolve and shape as society increases its acceptance and perceptions of the need for the absentee parent to financially support their children, voluntarily.

Collection of arrears from specific Non Custodial Parents who are deemed to be self employed with an assessed child support debt (excluding penalties) of

    greater than $2000


This current vacancy is to replace the team leader for the legal support team. While no legal qualification is necessary, experience in preparing legal documentation and/or a penchant for legal work would be an advantage. While the successful person will lead the legal support team initially, it is expected that they would be able to lead any Child Support team.



Tue 15th May 2007

Sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:24 pm

Sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support

This is a very important child support decision. Look beyond the situation and look at what the judges are saying about child support liability.

Note in New Zealand a Mother who was divorced by her teenage daughter is having child tax extracted from her.



Women’s interests vs justice

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:33 pm

FYI, an article and my response:

Germany and its Muslims
Soft on suffering

Mar 29th 2007 | FRANKFURT
From The Economist print edition
The adverse consequences of judicial appeasement

INDIGNATION greeted the news of a (female) judge’s decision to deny a
Moroccan woman a quick divorce on the ground that the Koran allows
husbands to beat their wives. The judge, who was removed from the
case, seemed to imply that the woman, who got married in Morocco,
should take beatings as part of the deal. The tale has aroused fears
that the German judicial system may go too far to accommodate

Legal experts were quick to point out the sovereignty of German law
over any other in Germany. But with 3.3m Muslims, of whom 2.2m are
Turkish, striking a balance is not easy. Consider “honour killings”,
in which the victims are usually young women who have refused an
arranged marriage or strayed outside one, and the killers often the
husband or brother. There were 48 cases between 1996 and 2004, says
the Federal Crime Office. But data on trials have not been
collected–and a few cases suggest that the punishment can be light.

For example, three brothers of Hatun Surucu, a Kurdish Turk who
rebelled to become a single mother, were tried last year for shooting
her dead in Berlin in February 2005. The youngest was jailed for just
nine years and three months; the other two walked free for lack of
evidence. In a poll after the trial 65% of respondents said the whole
family should be returned to Turkey.

In another case last November a judge in North Rhine-Westphalia
acquitted a man accused of killing his brother’s former girlfriend,
despite strong signs that it was an honour killing. Only in Denmark
has an entire family been punished for an honour killing. German
courts err on the side of caution, partly because of Nazi history. “No
public servant wants to be accused of racism, but women suffer as a
result,” says Myria Böhmecke at Terre des Femmes, a women’s rights

The real trouble lies in failure to integrate Muslim immigrants, and
to improve education and the lot of women. The first generation of
Turkish Gastarbeiter in the 1960s was expected to go home, but many
stayed. Even now only 19% of those of Turkish origin have taken German
nationality. Many of the young are alienated at school and home alike.
Unofficial figures this week showed an increase of 8% in right-wing
acts of racial violence in 2006. That figure may keep rising if judges
are seen to be too soft on unacceptable practices by Muslims.

My Response:

This article is unconvincing regarding its central argument. The
examples given don’t support the claim that Muslims are
being treated softly in Germany. One brother was jailed for “just” 9 years 3 months;
that seems light for murder but perhaps he played a minor role in the
events. The remaining examples involved accused being acquitted or “walking
free” (a pejorative implication) due to lack of evidence. That has nothing to do with going soft
on Muslims but does suggest that they are being given the same rights
as anyone else to be treated as innocent unless proven guilty beyond
reasonable doubt.

However, what the article does point to is the racism existing in the German population
the majority of whom wanted a whole family to be
deported when only one brother was found guilty of wrongdoing, and who
are increasingly subjecting innocent Muslim immigrants to violence for
no other reason than their religion or race. The article seems to
arise out of and to further encourage the same racism.

Another phenomenon highlighted by the article is the tendency for feminists
to view women’s interests as more important than any other ethic.
When Muslim men are acquitted after fair trials this is
seen as making women suffer. Do they want more changes to legal
process to make male or Muslim convictions easier to obtain on the basis of the same
(inadequate) evidence? Although this will result in fewer truly
guilty defendants being acquitted there will also be a
proportional increase in the number of truly innocent people
being found guilty, i.e. in wrongful convictions. For feminists, principles of fair justice
are then subservient to women’s “rights”. As pointed out by Lynley
Hood in her expose of the Peter Ellis debacle, in our own justice system over the last few decades
we have seen progressive removal of protections against wrongful conviction
of the innocent, but mainly for crimes thought to be committed more by
males against females. This was epitomized in the recent Nicholas case where an accused was
acquitted on the evidence but feminist groups insisted that
longstanding legal protections for the accused should have been
discarded in order to facilitate a conviction. Meanwhile, feminist
supporters in the media and elsewhere subjected the acquitted man
to various forms of mob justice regardless of
due process. Our family law system is now rotten with similar injustice in
service of women’s rights. Protection orders subject men to removal of
various civil rights on the basis of nothing but a woman’s
accusations. Even when those usually unevidenced accusations contain nothing about
the man’s behaviour towards the children, the men are routinely
separated from their children and are automatically sentenced to a form of periodic detention through
enforced attendance at regular feminist indoctrination sessions.

The article did however bring out at least one valid point: if we tolerate
ongoing injustice in our society the result is likely to be violent


Mon 14th May 2007

Where to turn?

Filed under: General — Father4Good @ 9:52 pm

I am father of 2 children of different mothers, and for a few years now – a solo parent. I have been involved in the Family court system for a few years now. I have custody of one of my children (A) and am fighting for more access with the other (B).I guess one of the biggest things getting to me(apart from not seeing (B) much 🙁 ) is the council for child, she is the lawyer for both of my children.
(A)There were some very serious allegations i made against one of the mothers (some of which are now substanstiated) but still the childs Lawyer fought for more access for her, or for it to continue, even when the mother did not seem interested. I was also shocked at how quickly CYFS could dismiss my allegations and the way they conducted their investigations.
(B)On the other hand my other childs mother i feel has used the system/allegations of DV against me, affectively limiting and controling the access i have with our child as a manipulative way to get to me emotionally. I do not feel the lawyer for child is pursueing access for my child(B) the way she has in the other case, Even though i am an active father pushing for more access.
I have in the past at times represented myself and raised these concerns with more than one judge but have always been told i was wrong, one time I told a judge i thought the system was geared around the mothers and was severly repremanded for having such a view and for questioning the court!
Psych reports have been done for both cases which agrred i was a good father, but in ways seem to contridict themselves and i beleave are biased toward the womans side, i daren’t suggest that in court.
All this has at times made me start doubting myself and my role or capability as a father, it has certainly changed my opinion of our justice system! and the people that make a living out of working in and around it. All the Best….

Sun 13th May 2007

Funding and discrimination

Filed under: General — Julie @ 10:17 pm

I have been filling in funding applications tonight and discovered on the forms (different organisations) that you cannot ask for funding for males.

They ask you (if not exactly then similar wording)

Please select up to 3 sectors form the list below that you believe will most benefit from services your organisation will provide as a reuslt of the grant:

People with disabilities
New migrant/refugee

Family Violence Prevention


This happens to ALL groups. If you work with addiction I guess you will go for disability and women and unemployed. If you are in Anger Management I guess you would do similar but also go for Family Violence Prevention.

And if you are us then you will go for WOMEN, family and refugees. But that doesn’t help what we want to do for fathers.

On other forms you have the extra choices of YOUTH and CHILDREN.

But none of the forms have the sector MALES. Which means if you are wanting to do something in the community for males over 17 you are out of luck.

That is definate discrimination.

Sat 12th May 2007

Muslim Women in the West

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:42 pm

I came across this short excerpt from a news article. Interesting isn’t it that while fundamentalist religious beliefs are said to be at fault no mention is made of these women’s readiness to misrepresent themselves fraudulently and deliberately. As women of course they are the victims and their behaviour must never be criticized.


Excerpt from NSS Newsline

Muslim women desperate to “restore virginity”
Gynaecologists in France are divided over a new phenomenon: demands by Muslim women to “restore” their virginity.

Some Muslim women are demanding operations to reconstitute their hymens before marriage and medical certificates stating that they are virgins. They are desperate to avoid rejection from men who won’t take supposedly “unchaste” women as wives.

The demands are also being made to doctors in other European countries and in America. They have been condemned as a “socially regressive” indication of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism among European Muslims. Muslim women desperate to “restore virginity”

Doctors would be very busy if that happened in USA with two thirds of the brides affected.

Thu 10th May 2007

Hawkes Bay Family Court Watch

Filed under: General — Dr Dad @ 10:57 am

Hi To all,
This is an initial notice that we will be holding protests outside the Napier and Hastings Family courts in July. I am hoping to have as many people as possible there and will be inviting as many of the media as I can think of. I am also keen to get as many stories as possible about VD and put them on this site, to encourage the power of the people!!!
In order to be effective we must remain within the law, the protests and comments here must be legal, and not even able to be misconstrued as inciting violence.
The family court must change and be brought to account. Lets do this together.
Health, strength, and strong families, are my wishes for all.

Wed 9th May 2007

Thousands ‘could sue CSA for negligence’

Filed under: General — Julie @ 9:35 pm

News from Jim Bailey’s site

A SINGLE mother launched a test case at the Court of Appeal yesterday which could see thousands of families suing the Child Support Agency for negligence.

Lawyers warned that if she is successful every family in Britain whose case has not been handled properly could be able to take legal action.

This is the first time the Court of Appeal has been asked to rule on whether the CSA owes a duty of care to the parents and children on whose behalf it collects maintenance.

The case is being heard at a time when the CSA is due to be scrapped. CSA bureaucracy consumes a staggering 70p of every pound collected from absent parents.


Patrick Moore Critical of BBC Women

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 9:16 pm

Interesting article on the Times reporting the well-known British astronomer Patrick Moore. He’s critical of the corporation’s decline in good television, and blames the women who now manage it.

What catches the attention (well, mine anyway) is the volume of comments posted in response – from men and women alike, mostly agreeing with him, some launching into other media in Canada, the US and Australia for being worse, and for the same reason.

Is this kind of candour in the mainstream media still legal?

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