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Tue 19th June 2007

The men’s marriage strike bites deeper………

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I swear I could have been reading about NZ……….

Law, Culture, and the Marriage Strike

A huge concern for those advocating the marriage strike (myself included), is the inequity facing men in Family Courts. Many of the sites say something like, “Until the law changes, men are increasingly refusing to get married.”

I would say that it should take a lot more than a few changes in the law to end the marriage strike.

I have been convinced for some time now that cultural norms shape everything that happens in society. That’s why liberalism is called “social engineering”.

Many men say that no man should marry an American women at all. Ever. There’s a reason for that, usually unspoken.

One of the best pieces of wisdom I ever received was from a friend who said, “We all breathe the same air.” It is one of the most useful rules of thumb I have ever used.

American women, no matter their station in life, background, family upbringing, or religious background, have been exposed nonstop to the feminist poison for 30+ years. It’s in the air (literally, if you consider the ubiquity of television).

What is happening in the law courts is a function of this. Law is, in large part, a product of culture. A new, cancerous counterculture has entered into a section of the previous culture that is incompatible with it, because it runs counter to the previous cultures fundamentals. Therefore, a system of law posited on old values – and old culture – has become dysfunctional.

Before the law and the courts can be fixed, the culture needs to be fixed. Barring that, we must either withdraw from the feminist culture, or establish our own strong subculture. The increasing number of men’s right blogs and websites is an attempt to build a patriarchal subculture.

So, for you reading this that think, “MY American woman is different,” I have a thought for you. I will assume for the sake of this argument that you are 100% correct, and grant that, yes, your woman does NOT suffer from feminist infection.

That is…she does not suffer from it…today.

You see, it is like saying, “I’m healthy.” There is always the chance for you to become unhealthy, and much depends upon your lifestyle and environment. The fact is, we do not in the United States have a culture that is healthy and conducive to the preservation of traditional families.

The fact is, every women lets up a bit after she gets her man. Moreover, if she is traditionally-minded, she will then stay home while you go to work. She may begin by keeping a spotless house.

But you can bet that television is going to get turned on. And she’ll start talking to the other women in the neighborhood. And she’ll meet other American women while doing her shopping.

And of course, YOU as her husband will be a topic of conversation. They’ll tell her that you’re not making enough money. They’ll tell her that you don’t spend enough time with the kids. They’ll tell her you aren’t home enough. They’ll tell her you’re a monster. They’ll tell her she deserves better. NO MATTER WHAT!

You will be helpless to protect yourself and your wife from this onslaught, because you will be busy working.

And they’ll start getting inside her head, poisoning it with feminism – because THAT, unfortunately, has become the dominant culture here.

After she’s accepted the feminist world-view, the death trap for men awaits – Family Court. It is the tool the feminists have forged to bludgeon men into submission and extract material resources from them. Divorce is the engine for women to have children (satisfying “baby rabies”) and at the same time be independent of men’s influence and rightful claims. It does this by confiscation of the man’s wealth and disposing of the man. Yes, American women say we can’t handle an independent woman. That’s because the independent American woman is independent at the financial and emotional expense of the American man. They are independent because they take and give nothing in return. Few can handle that.

That’s why the marriage strike is happening and is important. It is our best chance to save ourselves from this fate and at the same time redefine the culture. How? By refusing to participate in the dominant, feminized culture, and either withdrawing (expatriating) and/or forming a strong, well-defined subculture with strong taboos and social ostracism for violating those taboos. The best of both worlds is to expatriate with a critical mass of men who share the same vision, marrying foreign women and establishing a strong subculture there.

Is there any hope in America to prevent the feminazification of your wife, American or foreign, from happening? Only slightly.

Your and your wife have to agree to belong to a particularly strong subculture. Immigrants (especially ethnic churches) where the members live close to each other are good. I can’t think of any others.

75 Responses to “The men’s marriage strike bites deeper………”

  1. Benjamin Easton says:

    I’m sympathetic to your views as I believe that the physical differences (here presumptive to include the emotional) between men and women drive your observations in subjectivity. I also agree with your observation that any cultural identity is subject to attacks of alienation and where these are most extreme the legal processes will first be challenged and thereafter for the strength of the intruder corrupted. Feminism has achieved this, its extremes overpowering its principles, advancing to corrupt the legal practice so to take advantage of its authority.

    Yet I believe first and most importantly that this condition is the first stage for any recognising the general plight to both acknowldege and as importantly from which to create a a manageable distance. This is to say that if men gain ground again in authority, if the gender issue is so considered to be of authority, then for the betterment, principle and honour of that cause, as misuse is likely again in the pendulum swing of power, the initiative should be knowldege based. Which is to say to learn from our mistakes.

    So here I separate from the commentary where the necessity of a marriage strike or any other similar response is dedicated to overthrowing the perceived oppression and thereby redefining the realm of power, its eventual control and the subsequent demands; as horrible as they may have been from a nearly forgotten past.

    The single issue that overrides every other denominator above is that we are living tissue. In order to exist we procreate. In order to survive we need to do this with some degree of order and in some condition of commonality by community. There are no larger communities than those of men and women. So a battle in these communities of relative power by/and demand is primary. The denominator between the two is children. They are the produce of our living tissue.

    This means where children are our existence, that if we are to battle it is foolish to do this where the casualty is our children. The damage from such a battle not only as obviously damages our sons and daughters but it damages the functionality of our living tissue and its survival. In a region where families break down as a disproportionatly high rate the health of the country is likely to be poor. Happiness is an empoverished commdity and exploitation will be high. So to rationalise the problem from an external position the best instrument a community has available to mitigate the problem is to recognise the necessity to place the primary value on the protection of our human young.

    Clearly in this modern and now as gaining in its extremes, our feminised society; this has not happened. Not for a long time. We are exploiting our children to demand in this exploitable right of “freedom”.

  2. Rob Case says:

    My primary motive for going on “marriage strike” was to protect myself. Simple self-defence. I’ve had some close shaves with the tremendous power the law gives to abusive women, and I’ve seen the casualties amongst the guys who haven’t been so fortunate.

    If a marriage strike en masse brings about a cultural change that addresses the gross inequalities between men and women before the law, then well and good. But that’s a secondary issue.

    If I were to venture into the philosophical, I would consider the marriage strike as another symptom of the same cause that has seen the massive drop in fertility in men, and the drop in birth-rates amongst Western women so that in many countries it is now below the rate of replacement (ie deaths exceed births).

    All species exhibit reproductive decline when subjected to critical stressors.

  3. ?n every cigarette pack the warning says”Caution cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”.Before a marriage is performed it should be made compulsory to say: ” Caution marriage my be dangerous to your finances and to your health”

  4. starr says:

    Hey Ben
    Children the casualty.. agreed however does the current feminist propaganda recognise this…philosophically speaking all we see is that they are quick to pick up on it when things do not go their way in order to blackmail emotively. Whenever us men have recognised this it is only to our own downfall.

  5. Benjamin Easton says:

    I agree Rob, totally in the philosophy written here yet do not recognise the marriage strike as the instrument to deliver (or reflect) the adversity back to its cause. It is a direct challenge on a different problem that separates children away from the nerve centre where most obviously the damage to a child is more likely over time to disaffect a father than any broken relationship. I may be off a truth in this but from my experience of love, duty and commitment, as if necessary, I would still go to early to my grave to protect my sopn and daughter yet should my former wife seek any such the commitment I’d reply – “sorry girl look to your new bloke to get what you need”. You had your shot but you blew it up. This is to say that in my circumstances the state interventions were used as they were discriminatory and gender biased to her favour and she took every advantage of what was presented in front of her as it was rational for her so to do: This says, I don’t care so much about her but it has very little to do with women. So for me a marriage strike is misplaced. I am on a parenting strike and have so been now since January 31st 2001. Just over 30 hours contact in over 6 years.

    To me this is much more effective and establishes the precedential condition from which the State (any) has no reply. It is exactly the same as woith any essential service, if you look at it from a government and economic perspective. Fathers are an essential service. If we stop work for a period, as long as is necessary then we immediately expose the problem. It wouldn’t take to many fathers to be active for the media to recognise what was going on. Remembering that the suffragettes sacrifice wasn’t just individual but directly damaged the protester’s families as well. Do I love my children?

    Of course.

    Its good to see Harry’s comment on smoking here as well when I am encouraging protest action. There’s a reaqlly simple activity that anyone can do and completely anonimously as well. In NZ we have free post to our parliament buildings. On one side of a an envelope address the PM’s by name and Parliament Buildings Wellington.


    Starr: They have no choice. When MW introduced the legislation called the Care of Children bill in NZ in 2003 she did it as directly inconsistent with the law, both the UNCROC for its directive purpose on discrimination and the NZBORA for its demand (by s.6 as directly relevant to s.7) to due process. Both of these can be argued to be subject under s.25 (as I remember the section number) even if the UNCROC is the longer bow, of the Crimes Act as along with any other act not affected.

    She let in a single woman or lesbian couple an entitlement to have a child by removing from the child’s inheritable association with their biological male parent. So it doesn’t matter what the feminists “think” any more. The issue to be rationalised is how best to reconstruct (I argue from constitution) the legislation and its practice to accomodate the problem against its maintenance and primarily its cause.

  6. I have met some adorable women in the United States, but even they have generally been indoctrinated in a lot of feminist thought. I find again and again that they hate their bodies and resent being perceived as ‘sex objects.’ They bitterly resent the very fact that men admire physical beauty and harbor deep and vindictive jealousy for anyone that is deemed beautiful. They are scared that men will rape and abuse them if they so much as go outside.(Even those girls who are physically active will run only on the treadmill rather than in the great outdoors, ride only on the stationary bike, while wearing headphones to prevent the annoyance of having to interact with men at all) Their views have been so distorted that many otherwise nice girls are completely unsuitable for marriage. I have trouble being attracted to someone who is afraid of me, who is more inclined to see me as a potential rapist before a boyfriend, husband, or father. In time they have gotten what they wanted. I have more and more trouble seeing them as ‘sex objects’ at all. They are asexual for all practical purposes.

    It’s true what is said about foreign countries. Traveling quickly redefined my definition of women and revealed to me once and for all how the ladies back at home are ridden with a host of irrational fears and neuroses. I’ve been to countries where there are not a slough of laws in place to protect women from every conceivable threat a male could possibly pose. The women were unanimously healthier, happier, and friendlier. They would happily walk out in the streets even at night without fear, they understood that provocative dress draws male attention and they understood in general that it is natural and good for males to express interest in the opposite sex, they intuitively understood and accepted the fact that men have different ways and tendencies than women, they were open and affectionate in a way that the fearful women of the West with all their piled up protections can never be.
    My definition of women was changed and sadly, very few Western women fit it.

  7. Fuck daddy says:

    Westen woman are only good for f*cking.

  8. Allan says:

    #7 What a ridiculus comment. I hope you have had a vasectomy as your genes should be removed from the gene pool. Do as you choose but certainly you are no example to children.

  9. Amir Nitzan says:

    My name is Amir Nitzan, Iwm an Israeli and also join the marriage strike. But the more accurate word we must use is a “birth strike” for which it doesnwt matter, juridicly or moral, whether your child was born for a married or unmarried couple. Jewuish men in Israel must face with a very discriminative system against men (police, courts and so on…). Me, in my language and country, try sometimes in the internet to write about a “birth strike”. Unfortunately, the idea hasn’t permated to a large part of young men, yet, but i hasn’tdespaired, yet. Eventually everything in Israel comes some years later than in Britian/New Zealand/United States. My mail:amir_nitzan@walla.com

  10. Perseus says:

    There are many “Nice” women out there, all the mad psycho ones are usually attractive and manipulative, they want something from the man, and if they do not get it, eventually they will be VERY VERY DESTRUCTIVE Indeed.

    Men could spot them really but there is a strong attraction to such women and we are the more romantic naive ones in general. It is roughly the same as how many women are attracted to bad men, “fatal attraction”. The nice women are a little less sexy, but they are the ones to seek out as long term partners. Of course when you are in a stable but boring long term relation , such bad women seem VERY attractive and they will use their considerable charms , but these are the women who will give men such grief in their lives. That was my story anyway

  11. rosie says:

    That’s not true Perseus.
    Many of the most attractive women are also the nicest.
    The ‘key’ to finding the right woman is to look at your future mother in law.
    If you don’t like what you see…run a mile.

  12. MurrayBacon says:

    #10 Rosie is dead right! I broke the rule and it has taken years to be able to laugh about it.

    #2 I agree with Rob Case, that there is some self protective instinct in the marriage strike concept.

    Although after separating I really wanted to have more children, the economic realities forced me to face that I couldn’t do it and bring up more children in anything like the manner I believe children should be brought up.

    I certainly have felt fear of familycaught and manipulation, garnished with escape through suicide, when too close to a fertile woman (along with all the other feelings).

    Though to be straightforward, I didn’t have enough time to stop and make a rational decision, I was just up and gone. I couldn’t believe it myself. It was as though I was picked up and thrown across the room.

    Introductory psychology books call it “fight or flight”. I had experienced the flight.

    To me it looks more like cowardice!

    Would it be better to call it familycaught/marriage cowardice?


  13. Jim Bailey says:

    Tis good and timely that this very well written original post has come back to the front of MENZ

    I stand in awe of the wisdom in the original post and find my only criticism and its really only a tease is to suspect the problem be an American one is far from true as Stephen obviously realises.

    The problem is global

    With the original post in mind – Where to from here in NZ?

    I accept that the Law is behind – I do not accept that it will catch up without one hell of a fight – The Law is maintained by those that make money from it, those that think they can use it to sort out their troubles, and those that add to it in parliament.

    In NZ we also contend with powerful government deliberately manipulating Law and Social Policy to destroy Family — Lational – The destruction of Family will give more power to the Government of the day to manipulate the economy and its subjects — It seems Judith Collins will continue in the (MSD)way should she get the power, John-K the economy.

    In NZ its NOT Law that we need to change so much as the Social Policy that allows a Ministry of Social Developement MSD to rule over the Law.

    So here in NZ we do have the troubles Stephen has so rightly seen similar in NZ in his original post

    We also have Govt of the day easily able to override the Law (MSD)

    Yet Men and some Women touch and thus expand the Empire of Injustice beyond the need to rescue their Families thinking their efforts will advance the Law toward change — I don’t think so.

    Ben Easton and Paul Cattons superb efforts come to mind as perfect examples – I am in no way suggesting they slow down the attach on that front – But please let us see that it is only a small part of the real war.

    Thus they waste their resources fighting another front that is far from the real war and draining good, Men, Women and resources.

    In NZ our real WAR is with MSD, Womens Ministry, and over the top Feminists in local Government (Womens Refuge advocates)

    Those MEN and Women geting into bed with MSD, Womens Ministry, Womens Rufuge are deluded

    Some of them in our ranks

    Some of them naïve

    Some of them purpose driven

    Onward – Jim

  14. David Cohen says:

    Hi Guys,

    My Name is David Cohen, From Israel. Like my Frind Amir Nitzan has mentioned above, we have the same problems in our country. Israeli men face some serious trouble and discrimination, it’s pretty much the sme shit everywhere.

    False Domstic Violence accusations, Very high child support payments, and automatic custoday for women over chldren. (Shared parenting is currently not
    a reognized option in my country).

    Feminism is destroying western societies, family by family. We, young men, do not want to find ourselves alienated from our children, getting into poverty, and losign everything we have worked hard for.

    Our marriage rates are on decline, however the marriage strike is currently on a very initial level.

    Please feel free to read an english article I wrote about the marriage strike
    that can be found here:

  15. Hans Laven says:

    A marriage strike would not have much impact because many governments now impose most or all provisions of marriage on relationships defined as de facto marriage. Even a one night stand, if it leads to pregnancy in any way (including sperm theft), will make the man responsible for financially supporting the woman for around two decades. A sexual relationship strike would have the kind of impact people here are suggesting. Unfortunately, our instinctual needs and desires will make such a strike unrealistic. Heterosexual men simply will not resist women’s attractiveness.

    I would suggest we find some other way of protesting. In the end, only political and law changes will improve things.

  16. KARMA says:

    The marriage/baby strike will grap the attention of governments in the western world but
    by then it will be to late.

  17. rooseveltfranklin says:

    my first marriage was to a black woman. there is a shiny spot on the back of my head about the size of a quarter where she once whacked me as proof! im now married to an asian woman who treats me like gold; not a single issue to complain about; that being said, if i could do it all over again…. i’d stay single. if i never married, id be a rich man by now.

  18. peter piper says:

    My ex was black too, they are very sexy and seductive, but when they are angry, OMG ! Many of them are VERY violent indeed ! Black men have got the bad reputation for being bad fathers and leaving their partners, but if you dig a bit deeper, it is because of these nasty nasty black women.

    Maybe i will go the Asian route next, rooseveltfranklin , are they a little sexy and seductive too ? Have you been with her a long time ?

  19. Mr. X says:

    Amir, I made aliyah (ascent to the land of Israel) 20 years ago and after five years, inclusive of military service, and aquiring membership on a kibbutz, I had to leave. I could not date, largely due to feminism. This was in the late 80s and very early 90s. I saw the older women in their 20s and 30s being influenced by younger women of army age and below. I found many non-Israeli women drawn to the rougher Israeli men, and bascially an Israeli man in Israel is rightfully seen as more stable than a new comer. Oh, but I dated, and alot too, but mostly Scandinavian volunteers. While they were less materialistic than Israeli women, and therefore freer sexually, they were still feminazis. I also dated many Filipina migrant workers. I was against Intermarriage. Most of my friends in Israel married Filipina women, many for their second marriage. I finally did too. I am an observant Jew, now in NYC, and still have no regrets. And I am not the only observant Jew to have a filipina wife. I suggest that you do the same and spread the word.

  20. Mr. X says:

    Asian women are becomming Feminist too. Right now, if you get someone in their 20s or 30s, even if they are tainted with feminism, they are still family oriented, but the younger you go, the more radical. But, Asain is the last nest or marriagable women for Western men.

  21. Mr. X says:

    Women like dominance, not to be confused with abuse. However, how can a regular man subdue or stand down a societally influenced and court backed emoboldened feminazi with resorting to criminal level behavior? He cannot, and therefore should not indulge. Western women tend to be hard leftists and its a sexual proclivity in that they want the enemy to win. They see American men as emasculated and the perceived enemy as maasculine.

  22. Daniel says:

    Mr. X, I wanted to ask your advice on marrying filipina women. The women in my country are highly self centered and materialistic. I’ve been hesitant on marriage or even associating with the women here. I appreciate any advice or words that could point me in the best direction.

  23. Doclove says:

    Go get my system you fool!

  24. Are you dating someone special that you don’t want to lose, like all the others you’ve lost? Are you getting bad vibes because your girlfriend of six months only gets migraines when you try to kiss her goodnight at her doorstep? Does it bother you that your wife is meeting too many perverts in chat rooms on the Internet?

    Do you know what men do that women don’t? They fight reality in two areas of their lives. One, they don’t ask for directions when lost and more importantly, two, they think that all women are illogical and inconsistent. But these men never ask themselves why it is that certain men never seem to get rejected by women or face Divorce Court. Is it possible that some men might make the same mistake from one woman to another? Is it possible that women’s choices in men are consistent?
    game plan
    Successful men know that happiness in romantic relationships is not due to luck – it’s due to using reliable principles and having a plan. Bill Gates didn’t “wing it” when deciding which software market to enter – he had a business plan. If you want to be successful in your long-term romantic relationship, you can’t leave things to chance; you need a plan to help you keep Miss Right mesmerized. The principles that you will get from my column will guide you the way a Thomas Bros. map guides a U.P.S. driver to his destination. If the things you’ve tried with women are only driving your emotions in circles and bringing you pain instead of ecstasy, allow my principles to be your roadmap to happiness.

    The first concept that I will define is what I call The Reality Factor . It states: “Things are the way they are. If you go against reality, reality works against you, resulting in pain.” For example, let’s say that one day you decided that there is no such thing as gravity, so you jump off the Empire State Building. While in the air, you can believe what you want, but when you hit the pavement, you will realize that you went against reality, which ultimately resulted in extreme bodily pain.

    Another example: You speed down the 5 Freeway at 120 mph at 2 a.m. with the lights off. The Reality Factor says you will experience the pain of having to defend yourself in court.

    A third example: your female dates ask you to call them back before the date to confirm and for some strange reason, these call back to confirm dates only end with the dual pains of frustration and disappointment.

    Rejection, man’s most despised emotion, is the woman’s way of telling a man that he turns her off. Read this column every week and you will never go through this painful experience again because from now on, the Reality Factor will be your friend, not your nemesis.

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    The Bottom Line Factor also states that if Tom were reflective and had thought about it, he would have asked himself how many dates he has broken in his life. Answer? (Hint: less than one.) If, after some psychological detective work, Tom had discovered that Caprice broke the date because her father did not give her a bicycle on her tenth birthday like he had promised; it still wouldn’t have made a difference. The Bottom Line Factor says that if Caprice breaks a date with Tom, she is not interested in him. Sadly, most men call back, asking for another beating, rather than utilizing the Bottom Line Factor .

    If you never want to be a guest on the Jerry Springer show, then allow me to protect your heart. If you are a guy who wants to keep Miss Right forever and not share her with her good-looking boss or lose her in divorce court, then please allow me to be your relationship coach.

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  25. Hi Doc

    Has a woman ever bewildered you with any of these lines?
    – Can’t we just be friends?
    – I don’t kiss on the first date.
    – I need someone who is more exciting.
    – Did I tell you about my present lover?
    – I think you’re a nice person, but…

    If you’ve heard any of these lines, you’re in luck because I have just the right prescription to cure your case of confusion. You are privileged to be reading one of the few romantic love columns in America that comes from a male perspective.

    In last week’s article, we covered two major concepts: The Reality Factor (“Things are the way they are. If you go against reality, it will work against you, resulting in pain.”) and The Bottom Line Factor (“Only a woman’s actions truly reflect her feelings toward you.”). These two facts of life form the foundation of my unique approach to relationships, which I call The “System”.

    This week, I will give you the framework of The “System”, by naming the three factors that determine success or failure in romantic relationships. These factors are: female Interest Level, female attitude, and male attitude.
    is she interested in you?
    Interest Level is one of the most overlooked factors in successful relationships. Women refer to their Interest Level as “romantic feelings,” or “love”. Interest Level is a degree of love. What is a “degree” of love? Let me give you an example. Tom is at a party and he asks two women, Jill and Caprice, for their home phone numbers. Jill responds, “I’ll give you my work number instead – I just don’t know you very well.” Caprice, on the other hand, tears a bank deposit slip from her checkbook, circles the home phone number and hands it to Tom with a smile saying “Now you’d better call me!”

    Interest Level is a scale that ranges from 0 to 100 percent. In the preceding example, I would place Jill’s Interest Level in Tom at 20% and Caprice’s at 80%. Now think about this: If Jill and Caprice were thoroughbreds running in the seventh at the Del Mar racetrack and Tom were a betting man, whom should he put his money on?

    Why is female Interest Level so important? Because the closer the woman’s Interest Level gets to 100%, the more she likes you and the more fun you will have – whether it’s on the first date or your 20th anniversary. In sharp contrast, the further away her Interest Level is from 100%, the less she likes you and the more she will eat, nag, and watch Ricki Lake. To you Psychology majors: a man should only love a woman who loves him first.

    Of the three factors that make or break romantic relationships, the woman’s Interest Level is the single most important factor, not the man’s Interest level.

    it’s all about attitude
    In addition to overlooking the woman’s Interest Level , men typically overlook the importance of the female attitude – a woman’s morals and temperament. Even though your Miss Right is beautiful, both inside and out, shouldn’t you still ask yourself whether she is going to be part of the crew or part of the cargo? To you Psych majors, this means, “Is she high maintenance or low maintenance?” If you are going to serve time with Miss Right , isn’t it best for your comfort level and sanity to find a wife who rubs your back and compliments you once in a while just for taking out the trash? Of course it is.

    So what comprises a good female attitude? Integrity, a giving nature and flexibility. A woman’s integrity is made up of honesty, loyalty and trust, in other words you should ask yourself, “Would I go into business with this person?” before you give up your freedom.

    To find out whether Miss Right is a giver or a taker, ask yourself, “Is she on my side? Is she sweet, serene and supportive at least some of the time?” One sign of a giving wife is one who says, “I like to do things to make my husband happy”, when she talks with her girlfriends.

    As for the definition of flexibility – let me tell you what it isn’t: hardheaded, structured, stubborn, intransigent, nor is it personified by nagging – the most cruel and common punishment known to man today.

    Flexibility is when she’s willing to try something new – even if it means going fishing with you once and baiting the hook with a creepy crawler.

    If a woman is normal, you make her like you more or less by the way you treat her, although you cannot affect her attitude. That’s how she comes wired. So it is your job to do the things that could raise her Interest Level toward 100%. How? By exhibiting the proper male attitude, made up of confidence, control and Challenge .
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    Control in my “System” stands for self-control, not controlling the woman. It means controlling your choices and actions in spite of what your emotions urge you to do. For example, if you’re at a dance club and a gentleman hustles your girlfriend, you would know to take this as a compliment to your taste, instead of wanting to throw a chair at his head. By practicing self-control and not making a fool of yourself, you raise her Interest Level to even loftier heights.

    Challenge is nothing more than playing hard to get. You do this because the woman is happiest when she does the chasing and when she thinks it is her idea to pursue a romantic relationship, rather than yours. If you do what I say, you’ll have to beat ’em off with a stick!

    If you would like to purchase and/or have any questions about my famous System, e-mail me at doclove@askmen.com To find out more about “The System”, visit my re-designed new website by clicking here.

  26. Skeptik says:

    Women don’t lie eh?
    Men don’t listen eh?

    Puuuuulease…..Stop it your killin’ me!!!
    If I laugh any more I’ll break a rib!!!

    What next?
    Mice don’t eat cheese?
    Tulips don’t grow in Amsterdam?
    Hurricanes don’t cause damage?
    Feminists don’t demean males?

  27. SicKofNZ says:

    It’s amazing what people will say and believe when there’s a potential profit to be made.
    You’re too late with your snake oil. Most women have already invested in your other famous system, How to Hate Men and Influence Misandrists.

  28. Bangkokboy says:

    I would advise all men who have been abused by feminism to head to Thailand or some other South East Asian country. These mad women have stolen our lives and our kids but at least we can start a new life. I agree with this . If the government of Nz wants to abuse us we just leave and these stupid women can fester

  29. CasualtyofaWalkawayWife says:

    My wife walked after 25 years of marriage (3 kids) no infidelity, no abuse of any type. She wanted complete control of her life… but also wanted 1/2 the assets, alimony, part of my pension and child support. Funny… she said she didn’t need me, but sure didn’t turn down the alimony/child support (and we each have one child residing with us).

    Look, we’re men and some very real differences exist between us and women. For example if I wanted out of a marrige and was offered alimony, I’d refuse it out of pride (I can take care of myself). Child support… don’t need it, I can take care of my children. I built additions, landscaped and remodeled the house over the years – she didn’t have a clue. Women have forgotten why they needed men in the first place… they’ve always used us to some degree, it’s just now they use the legal system to take it to a whole new level. Envision a world that was run by women since the beginning of time (if they could reproduce on their own) today would look like the dark ages… no skyscrapers, jets, computers, electricity, phones, military… men invented the world of technology and have created “comfort for women”… no matter what we invent, how luxurious we make their lives, how hard we work it’s never enough is it? Like a black hole… they simply want more – sure when you give them more they’re happy for a short time, but when the novelty wears off lookout, it’s time for more. Women have forgotten we are the ones who protect them and the children… we are the ones who make their lives comfortable with big houses, cars, and an easy life. Am I on a marriage strike? You better believe it! Did I have to sell my home and move into an apartment? She purchased a new home and drives a Lexus by the way. You better believe it! After the divorce did the legal system force me to financially support a woman I now despise? You better believe it!

    My advice… spread the word to all men young and old. Encourage them to live and love, but don’t marry and don’t have children.

    Marriage strike participant!

  30. Fearless Frank says:

    I think it was Groucho Marx that said, “next time I’ll walk down the street, find an ugly girl I hate, and just give her half a house” ….

  31. SchadenfreudianSlip says:

    Not having read all of the replies, forgiveness in advance if I repeat oft-repeated points:

    Your motivation to expatriate is good as far as finding worthy women as partners/wives/lovers. Personally, having endured the slings and arrows of marriage and attendant divorce follies, I will never marry or co-habitate (for popular legal misrepresentations aimed to steal the contents of my bank accounts). That being said, NOTHING will stimulate legislative reparations like scorned women–notice that the source of misandrist law derives from the thoughts of English-speaking miscreants–or shrinking tax income. Don’t ever expect women to do anything for the public good; altruism is NOT in a woman’s toolbox (unless she’s asexual, or a pressured politician).

    What seems to elude many folks–at least it’s not addressed often–is that English-speaking countries are or have been by and large Imperialistic. The current empire is the USA, conducting “business” offshore for the benefit and protection of its citizens. Never since the Third Reich has the drum-beating been so loud and regular. Given this, if men refuse to participate in the childbirth process, where will empires obtain their peons/chattel/pawns for illegal occupations?

    Withhold, withdraw and make no seminal deposits; invest in the oldest profession. Do not fall prey to the newest form of voluntary yet institutionalized slavery.

  32. Sympathiser says:

    “Most women”…? …….really?

  33. SicKofNZ says:

    “Most women”…? …….really?

    Fair enough … my error and my apologies.
    Correction: “Most women that I know”

  34. Smarter Now says:

    Yes, my wife left me. Why? Because I disagreed with her father. Yes, my wife filed against me and used the engine of divorce court to express her dissatisfaction with me. Yes, I lost custody of my daughter, house, money, pension and ran up obscene legal bills. Her reasons for divorcing me are no longer germane.

    I have a new purpose in life. Educating young men about marriage, divorce and child support. It’s not enough to go on a marriage strike for me. I will “spread the gospel” of the marriage strike and hopefully save some young men from the hellish nightmare I went through (mostly watching my children suffer via a unilateral decision to divorce).

    Talk, educate and write… help the marriage strike movement grow for those men who have not yet been casualities of the pro-female legal system.

    Time to cut em off at the pass boys!

  35. Maninoz-no-cs says:

    The problem is that men only find out how the legal system is feminised TOO LATE . Men think that the law is the same as justice, but all it is, is anti male legal procedures, the solictors do not tell you this.
    The whole thing started as a real attempt to ensure women are not impoverished at divorce, but women CHOOSE divorce for trivial reasons nowadays and the whole thing is a GROSS injustice to men.

  36. Spread TheWord says:

    One would think young men would pay attention to the divorce outcomes of their parents, friends, family, hollywood, etc. Unfortunately, the blood supply to their brains is cut-off when sweetums enters the room… after all sweetums is not like the other girls, she’s an exception. We can’t help these men with a preview of coming attractions because they won’t watch it. History is destined to repeat itself, isn’t it?

    I have two sons… one day they may get married, I sincerely hope they don’t. Grandchildren aren’t worth the hell sweetums will put them through via the feminized court system.

    Of course this won’t stop me from trying to convince every young single man I can that marriage is among the worst choices they can make in life (emotionally, financially, etc.).

  37. MurrayBacon says:

    I thought de facto was even worse, if there is much difference? Cheers, MurrayBacon

  38. Dave says:

    I think there needs to be pressure placed on the law makers to repeal the part of the property relationships act that makes defacto couples the same as married couples. If you don expressly get married you should not be screwed over by the family court.

    In the mean time I want you all to know that in NZ you should NEVER have a relationship with a woman lasting longer than 2 years. If you want children – use surrogacy.

  39. Zave says:

    Why have I written this? Because stupid humans are disturbing the order of things. Here is some food for thought.

    1. Feminism is a scheme to raise taxes. Fools. Think abou it.
    2. There is a simple way for men to have sex and keep their freedom which women love. Just pay for it. Most women love money. It’s a more honest way then the bullshit that happens in a so called relationship.
    3. Family and marriage is great but not when society is against the man.
    4. 80% of women are materialistic.
    5. Women are a social beast and have a social need to be materialistic.
    6. Men want a simple life of freedom.
    7. Women (ie. mothers) are to blame for the state of the planet and men.
    8. 80% of men are cursed from the day they are born because they are taught by their mothers consciously or unconsciously to protect this materialistic social structure called human civilization.
    9. Slowly men are waking up to this.
    10. Why would a good man waist his environment, life and freedom?
    11. What can a ‘modern’ woman offer greater then freedom?
    12. Feminists talk about freedom but do not understand the meaning of freedom.
    13. Being a single man (with our natural strength, intelligence, and versatility) is close to absolute freedom. Feminists envy this abilities nature gave men and so try and diminish the status of men in society.
    14. As a single man you can go for a 20 km run when ever.
    15. As a single man you can use your strength and work in dangerous locations with no assistance.
    16. As a single man you can work on an idea all day and night.
    17. As a single man you can enjoy the beauty of silence.
    18. As a single man you can control and balance your physical needs and protect the environment and Earth
    19. As a single free man you can leave human society and its materialistic greed.

    Some would argue if it wasn’t for a woman I would not be on this planet. The truth is if it wasn’t for my mum and dad I wouldn’t be on this planet. My dad and mum are a rare case of a true family. It takes two to tango and they did it with style.

    I finish with this
    It is not men that have taken the freedom away from women, but women themselves with the need to protect their social structure we call human society.

    “A lion roams free until it meets a pride of lionesses. The lion has not evolved the intelligence to do the job and move on. But without the lion or lionesses the pride would not survive.”

    Think about it.

  40. paul says:

    I am the father of 5 boys,I have been educating my sons on the dangers of the kiwi female,its something i believe all fathers should do.There also need for some form of education at high school level,im sure if we can stop breeding with this trash new zealand will be a better place.

  41. Scott B says:

    Schools are too feminised to allow that to happen!

  42. paul says:

    we as kiwi males must take control.The so called women of this great land are slowly but surely destroying everything that our ancesters worked so hard to create.Our prisons are full of boys and men,who were brought up by these so called mothers.Boys need fathers to guide them,not some ug boot wearing slob on a benefit.they need to see a man working for his family,they need to play bullrush,they need to get dirty and they need a kick up the ass when they do something wrong.when are the men in this country going to do something these blood sucking bitches.

  43. Vman says:

    I agree completely with Paul.
    We need to be educating our high school boys about how the system actually works in practice. I think our education system is a failure without this core knowledge being explained to the boys that are becoming young men.

  44. paul says:

    from what i can see from where im sitting we need to limit the damage that women are doing to our sons.education at high school level needs to happen,maybe under social studies…im not sure.I am sick and tired of seeing young men killing themselves and or going to prison because of these slimey creatures.

  45. Julie says:

    Actually, it’s not ‘we’ as in every man on this site but ‘you’ as in one man on this site. I find it fascinating working with fathers that think “make a man of him” is the answer and men that have been to prison for killing their fathers for “making a man of him”.

    What you need to do IMO is find a way to communicate with the next generation that includes discipline and male role model without it causing them harm.
    And when you figure that out, then figure a way to take that hat off and put an understanding and listening hat on so you allow your son to be what he wants to be.

  46. paul says:

    U julie have just proven me right.I do not have one son but i have 5 sons.I have 2 sons to my first marriage and one son to my second,I have also taken on 2 more boys which belong to my second wife(their father has nothing to do with them)we recieve no financial help from him.We live off a single wage out of which I pay child support to my first wife.Beleive me I could write a book about marraige,women,inland revenue,boys and pc bullshitartists.I love all my boys dearly and am so proud of their acheivements.I support them all the best i can under very hard circumstances,made even harder by a selfcentered money hungry x wife and a system that wont let me father to my full potential.I would love to tell my story to you in full because ( beleive me)I have plenty to tell.I believe that you julie should travel a mile in my shoes before you start talking bulldung to me about raising good solid members of sociaty,I can only hope that my sons dont make the same mistakes i made and marry a kiwi women.

  47. Waites says:

    No. 8 (Allan) What a pussy you are, missing the whole point of the article & the effect it’s having on men: No. 7’s (Fuck daddy) comment is perfectly reflective of what women have turned men into.
    I don’t believe most men care about having kids these days when they’re more than likely to get taken out of their lives but are forced to still give them money because the woman who pressured them into having kids in the first place just changed her mind about the relationship.
    Women are reaping what they’ve sown – fuck ’em!

  48. Paul Catton says:

    Dear Waites,

    An “erect penis has no concious”, as you perhaps show to be an advocatee.
    The problem men face are vast, from past to present.
    You end your comment with “fuck em”, perhaps because they did fuck you.
    The majority of men worldwide are continually shafted with lies, the female pill failure, rhytymic method out of sync, condom failure etc.. for reproduction and unjust financial penalty.

    Getting back to nastiness toward Allan, this is unwarranted.

    Either debate properly or depart.

    Kindest Regards
    Paul Catton
    270 9678

  49. SKeptik says:

    Marriage and no-fault divorce cannot coexist.

    Marriage is the commitment of a man’s labor to a family and a woman’s reproductive ability to the man. Without it, women are forced into the workplace (because they can’t trust that a man will provide for them when they are young and fertile) and men are forced into bachelorhood (because they can’t trust that a woman will not be a slut). Of course, both are happening today, because this essential commitment between men and women, has effectively been destroyed by ‘no-fault divorce’.

    Marriage no longer exists in the Western world. That is absolutely correct, and it is my answer to anyone bugging me about tying the knot.

  50. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Skeptik I agree with you in most ways, but I disagree that divorce exists for men. In many cases when a man marries and his wife divorces him he is still treated as if he is married to her. Men in essence cannot ever divorce in anything but name only in many cases. Spousal support is a classic example of this reality. In a society where women earn there own money why should they be supported in any way by men when they break up with them (and remember 75% of relationships are ended by women).

    Personally I can’t see why Western governments around the world can’s simply give couples the choice to eliminate no fault divorce as an option when they marry. Is it really that complicated to create a new form of relationship agreement between couples that doesn’t give them the option of no fault divorce? I mean our own government created civil unions didn’t it? At least with a formal agreement that didn’t include no fault divorce as an option when a couple got married they would know each other’s intentions.

  51. SKeptik says:

    Hi Mr Anonymous,
    I’ve never claimed that divorce exists for men.
    I’m not sure where you got that idea from.
    I’m simply saying I’ve grown to see that despite what many ‘married’ folks will tell you with existing no fault divorce laws in western nations which clearly they aren’t married at all. Not in the true sense of the word, but in some bastardized post modern sense of double speak.
    They simply co-habit (or not as the case may be) and in fact are NOT legally committed to one another on any permanent basis.
    To think otherwise is a deluded fairytale, because the fact is either party can and often (usually the woman) will opt out with no reason needed to end the marriage and absolutely no compunction to retain the marriage and fix any marital problems.

    To put it succinctly – in such western nations marriage is dead.
    In fact it died the moment no fault divorce laws came into being and is now decaying after decades of legal neglect.

  52. Darryl X says:

    I agree that marriage and no-fault divorce cannot co-exist.

    That being said, I do not believe no-fault divorce is responsible for the destruction of marriage. New York State in the US has never adopted no-fault divorce and incidence of divorce has risen and incidence of marriage has fallen just like the rest of the country.

    Since custody and child-support are at stake, mothers continue to make false allegations of domestic violence, whether there is no-fault divorce or not. The real culprit, I believe, for destruction of marriage is false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse and failure to prosecute them.

    Regardless of the cause, marriage is dead. In the US, incidence of divorce has increased from less than 7% of marriages to more than 50%. In the forty years prior to 1970, less than 10% of marriages ended in divorce, and those were split evenly between that initiated by the mother, the father and mutual.

    In the forty years after 1970, more than 80% of divorces are initiated by the mother, less than 10% by the father and less than 10% mutual.

    In those same forty years after 1970, the incidence of marriage has dropped from two-thirds of the adult population (forty years before 1970) to less than one-third (same age groups, cohorts, whatever).

    Before 1970, if divorce actually did occur, average duration of marriage was twenty years. In the forty years after 1970, average duration of marriage is seven years. Hmmmmmmm

  53. Darryl X says:

    I too take any opportunity to discourage any young man from marrying. Since there is no such thing and it’s just a con game for the woman, you’d think it would be easy. But someone on this thread pointed out that men always think that the woman their marrying isn’t like other women. Remember: one-third of all adul women (more than one-half of all adult women in the US) have screwed the hell out of their husbands (and I don’t mean that in a good way). Another one-third of all adult women (a total of two-thirds of all adult women) have screwed the hell out of their boy-friends, co-workers, employers, etc… with false allegations of rape, sexual harrassment, etc… And the remaining one-third of the adult female population hasn’t taken advantage of a man or men probably because they just haven’t had an opportunity yet. Not because they are good people. So, think about it, why would a man even want to associate with a woman in a marriage, at work, on the street, anywhere. I avoid them like the plague. They are basically animals with no conscience

  54. SKeptik says:

    Daryl X,writing from USA.

    Thanks for some insightful comments about the causes of m\divorce in New York State – something I wasn’t aware of. Interesting that the divorce rate is so high there despite the fact they don’t have no fault divorce laws – I imagine therefore there’s an awful lot of litigated divorce there which in it’s own way is terrible too.
    It gets increasingly difficult to argue that USA women are without conscience when seeing the likes of this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP4VeMJp9pE

  55. Darryl X says:

    You’re welcome, Skeptik. And in retrospect, I hope I didn’t understate the negative impact of no-fault divorce. I actually think it is a big problem, but is so eclipsed by false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse, as those things are driven by greed for custody and child support. In the absence of false allegations, no-fault divorce still absolves mostly women from any responsibility for the marriage contract. Basically, as you’ve already observed, there is no marriage because of it.

  56. SKeptik says:

    Hi Daryl X,
    Actually to reiterate a little I think ‘no fault’ divorce is not only a mechanism for nullifying any marriage whereby people who think they are married are kidding themselves because there’s NO legally binding commitment to work out any ‘marital’ relationship conflict and continue the ‘marriage’.
    As you’ll notice I therefore put the term ‘no fault’ in parenthesis too.
    That’s because as you rightly point out far too often as the divorce takes place FAULT IS most definitely, firmly unethically cast in the form of uncorroborated and false allegations.
    Such allegations become the foundation for deciding who gets custody, child support, alimony and who gets parental alienation, child tax and indentured servitude.
    Even such accusations once uncovered for the despicable lies they are very often result in impunity for those who propagate them for greedy anti-social personal and political ends.
    This means that whilst lying to the public that NOBODY is at fault for the divorce process happening, in fact FAULT is assigned (most usually to the father) which gets rubber stamped by a ‘court’ which operates along feminist principals – NO jury of peers, ideologically trained mother-biased ‘judges’ and those reporting to the judge, in secret, with NO openness to the general public and NO RECORDS KEPT for public scrutiny. These ‘courts’ AREN’T regularly reviewed either for quality control and as far as I can tell there is NO mechanism to make claims against them for miscarriage of justice.
    To add further salt to the wounds that they regularly inflict they are heavily empowered in NZ and even more so in USA with associated enforcement agencies ranging from ideologically trained feminist psychologists, child support assessors, social workers etc etc.
    These in turn are networked to academic for instance Neville Roberts who ‘teaches’ Social Psychology at Waikato University as was instrumental in propagating the misandric Duluth Family Violence model in New Zealand. I actually think a great deal of what such ‘specialists’ teach with their bogus 1 in 4 type statistics is ANTI-SOCIAL Psychology, but I digress a little there. That could be a whole another thread.
    We can see then that organized feminism has it’s defacto military force – police plus anger management and child support enforcement mechanisms and also has it’s propaganda and psy ops wings as the whole thing is funded by hysterical political appeals AT ALL LEVELS of social interaction from the street corner rape ‘crisis’ collections through to all forms of mass media designed to gain public sympathy (further psy ops) by spreading misandric stereotypes that cruelly motivate the unwitting general public over time to cough up billions in tax money for such a system of ‘justice’.
    Matt O’Connor of Fathers for Justice fame and long time Men’s Rights Activists like Angry Harry and Paul Elam are therefore right in my opinion to say to people that whilst we admonish with disgust and disdain the oppressive regimes of terrorist organizations such as Pol Pott’s Khmer Rouge and other brutal regimes which also have their sham ‘courts’ and extensive paramilitary and psy ops wings, we should take stock and look closer to home. We will then notice how we have similar forms of terrorism wherever feminism (which should not be confused with humanism as it’s an entirely different thing) has taken hold.

  57. rc says:

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on divorce law and statistics guys. If you ever get the time, read Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ (written in the mid 19th century, in highly religious Russia). Here you’ll read pretty familiar stuff. Married women having affairs and living entirely apart from their husbands, who are socially obliged to bankroll their wives’ profligate lifestyles. It happened often enough for no-one to be surprised by it. The only significant legal difference between then and now is that easy divorce allows a woman to remarry another chump. Everything else is due to money and technology differentials between the eras – feminists, law and politics haven’t changed a man’s lot much.

    Women themselves, the nature of the married relationship, and a man’s obligation to it once entered into, hasn’t changed at all. If you’re not married, thank God for sparing you and learn to love your luck/sense.

  58. SKeptik says:


    Oh, but listen my friend, I’m well and truly ‘hung up on divorce law and statistics’ and justifiably so I believe.
    For who can reasonably argue that it’s something to not be hung about but rather be blase about when the facts are –
    * You are regularly lied to that marriage is a covenant – it’s not that or even any sort of binding agreement at all.
    Legally it’s simply farcical. It’s until my whim doth part us. period.
    * You are regularly lied to being told that the ‘family’ ‘court’ is a worthy institution – yet it’s despotic and secretive.
    * You live in a culture mired in misandry from the moment you set foot on NZ soil.
    * You are expected to believe in the myth of marriage being beneficial to men (even more so than beneficial to women! hahahahaha) and see a huge industry encouraging and supporting women to become brides, when you KNOW the reality is all too often bridzillas.
    * You are brazenly stolen from as your tax money is pilfered by liars and crooks who use it to feather their nests and create more propaganda to continue duping folks into parting with that tax based upon ideology dressed up as social science.
    These are just a few of the duplicitous behaviors you’ll be exposed to living in our so called empowered age.
    Centrepiece of this sick fiasco of course is the secretive stasi-like ‘family’ ‘court’ something that only arrived recently in history with the advent of feminism.

    I agree with you on this though.
    Every day I thank those who gave me the wisdom to forsake ‘marriage’ and I pity those like some of my male friends and relatives who STILL appear cunt struck and blinkered by feminist propaganda.
    Not all women are like that they will say.
    to which my retort is – Under the law ALL women are precisely like that.

  59. Mr. Anonymous says:

    The argument “not all women are like that” amuses the hell out of me.

    ALL women, without exception are driven by EXACTLY THE SAME basic instincts. One of those instincts is to find a male who is capable of supplying sufficient resources for themselves and their offspring. This is well documented in EVERY book on human instinct (that covers reproduction)you will find. It’s backed up by EVERY legitimate survey you will find.

    Now this may manifest in slightly different ways, but be under no illusion ALL women are EXACTLY THE SAME. The only difference is that some hide it better than others.

  60. Darryl X says:

    @Skeptik – Bridezillas – LOL. I agree that under the law “ALL women are like that”. It’s ashame because marriage could be such a grand institution for both men and women and society. Too bad women have abused it. I’ve been reading propaganda here in the US (maybe there in NZ too) that marriage is a great institution for men and men who are married are happier and healthier. What? More than have of married men in the US during the past forty years are divorce. How are they happier and healthier – most are broke, living in poverty, are dead or are in prison. I don’t know how the other half could be happier or healthier knowing that they can spontaneously suffer the same fate.

    @Mr A – I agree with the sentiment of your last post but disagree with part of the details. One instinct of all women is NOT to find a male capable of supplying sufficient resources for themselves and their offspring. The instinct is to find a male capable of supplying excessive resources for themselves at the expense of all else including their own offspring. As an ecologist, I have studied hanging flies and runaway sexual selection. In populations of hanging flies, females select males by the length of their abdomens. The longer the abdomen, the more mates a male could attract and the more offspring. In some populations, however, the females kept selecting males with more and more elongated abdomens. Eventually the population went extinct because the males that were being selected and the only ones who mated eventually had such long abdomens that the abdomens of male offspring were so large that in adulthood they could no longer fly and defend the females and offspring or even mate or feed themselves and eventually the populations with this kind of mating strategy went extinct. We humans are the same way right now. Women are demanding so much from men today that to give it to them comes at the expense of the population and of men themselves and the gene pool. Women are denying the population the most important thing men can give (fatherhood to their children). Eventually we will go extinct too because women have denied their children their fathers and the children no longer are learning anything valuable to help them survive in the world. And they have prevented the men from being able to contribute any labor for supporting civilizaation. Women have priced themselves out of the market with a modern primate version of runaway sexual selection.

  61. John Dutchie says:

    reply torooseveltfranklin #17

    Your comment on ‘im now married to an asian woman who treats me like gold; not a single issue to complain about’

    Oh yes torooseveltfranklin,I can honestly say I completely concur with you..

    I now permanently work and abode in Asia country,and have no intention whats so ever to return to this ‘Feminist Gestapo hell hole’..called ‘The social engineered republic feminist state of New Zealand….

    For the last 18 months I have a amazing relationship with most wonderful,highly intelligent,and very astute Asian lady ..

    I told my beloved partner about this website,and yes she does read and appraises on whats been posted on here , I mentioned to her there was a Gentlemen (He knows who he is) who stated on Menz that he had been ‘liberated by feminism ‘…

    She laughed so hard at at me and said ‘If you ever dare say those words to me ….I will castrate you…’

    John Dutchie ‘Free at last

  62. Free says:

    If a women picked a man who would not support his family if he was to have one….what would you call her?A horrible name no doubt?And she may become a beneficiary and then be called a bludger,leech,irresponsible and other choice names.Just shows a woman cant win either way.
    By the way my father married an ‘Asian Mail Order Bride’She was much younger than him.Her motivation was money to support her extended family back home.This is the usual reason for these types of marriages that I have observed.

  63. ford says:

    #62..i see Anonymous is correct in saying they are all the same..incuding asian golddiggers

  64. John Dutchie says:

    reply to Free #62

    Your comment and assessment on ‘Asian Mail Order Bride’ there is quite a bit of truth on what you have said…Also it depends which Asian country you are basing your opinion on..

    Your comment of…. ‘If a women picked a man who would not support his family if he was to have one”¦.what would you call her?A horrible name no doubt?And she may become a beneficiary and then be called a bludger,leech,irresponsible and other choice names.Just shows a woman cant win either way.If a women picked a man who would not support his family’

    Sorry,but I am a bit confused on what you are trying to explain here…

    However ‘.Just shows a woman cant win either way.’… Sorry,but I really beg to differ with you….In N.Z the woman wins ‘hands downs’ through out the government departments such as WINZ,the justice system,and the so called ‘unbiased’ family courts…

    And especially the educationally system of N.Z….Remember what happen to ‘Peter Ellis’ Free…???

    Kind regards John Dutchie ,Free at last

  65. ford says:

    #64 totally agree its men that are on the losing side

  66. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Ford#65

    Tongue in cheek…..Hmmmmm…Don’t you love and adore the definition of ‘equality’ from them fair minded ‘Gestapo’ Kiwi butch feminists

    On a serious note,if you really think about it, who suffers the most…The innocent children …..

    Kind regards John Dutchie Free at last

  67. ford says:

    john dutchie..im sure alot of(most)children are deeply affected by their parents parting company but i also believe its not as bad as what some will lead you to think all in the name of manipulation

  68. ford says:

    I used to love her
    But I had to kill her
    I used to love her, Mm, yeah
    But I had to kill her
    I had to put her six feet under
    And I can still hear her complain

    I used to love her, Oo, yeah
    But I had to kill her
    I used to love her, Oo, yeah
    But I had to kill her
    I knew I’d miss her
    So I had to keep her
    She’s buried right in my backyard
    Oh yeah, Oo yeah, whoa, oh yeah

    I used to love her
    But I had to kill her
    I used to love her, Mm, yeah
    But I had to kill her
    She bitched so much,
    She drove me nuts
    And now I’m happier this way, yeah
    Whoa, oh yeah

    I used to love her
    But I had to kill her
    I used to love her, Mm, yeah
    But I had to kill her
    I had to put her, Oo, six feet under
    And I can still hear her complain

    Guns’n Roses

  69. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Ford #67

    And my apology here Ford,I concur on what you have said,and yes you are correct

    Especially if both mother and father put aside there differences and both parents focus on what is in the best interests for there child/children

    ….However,I will clarify my post …What I am talking Ford,is when one parent goes (I won’t mince my words here,its usually the mother,and she has the feminists state backing her up) on the warpath in there vindictiveness towards there ex partner (Usually the Father,and what resources does he have on the whole…Nothing) …and uses the child/children as innocent pawns in there agenda of hate towards the destruction of there ex partner…

    That what does so much damage to the innocent child/children,have seen to often in NZ ..And it is so soul destroying and heart breaking to watch…I never want to experience that gut retching feeling ever again….

  70. ford says:

    women using their kids as pawns in games of revenge..women are the worst of the 2 genders

  71. Free says:

    Reply to John Duthie #64
    What I meant by the comment I made is that when a woman has had a family with a man that wont support his family she could end up a beneficiary or worse.No one will take pity.She is just a stupid woman who didn’t make sure she had a family with a man who is responsible.I would have thought I had explained myself adequately.
    I should know that this is true because that is what happened to me.My advise to a young women is to make sure she marries a man who can and wants to help support his family.

  72. ford says:

    #71..did you have a family with an irresponsible woman?..dont worry your not alone..irresponsible women are dime a dozen and yes i was stupid too

  73. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Free#71

    A good evening to you Free,and a warm welcome to you on Menz issues…And I always will be civil and polite towards you….

    I want more ladies to join and comment on Menz issues website and to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ and try to understand the pain what alienated and grieving Fathers go through…

    Been there Free…Its a journey that I never ever want to experience again….Nor do I want my young adult son go through that sheer ‘hellish’ journey

    Oh ,by the way Free, neither do I want a decent,caring and a loving Mother go through that sheer hell of parent alienation by a vindictive partner ….

    Just to let you know I am not so tunnel vision to blame one gender for all the so called ‘Ills of this world’

    Now I understand on what you were trying to say here…Yes Free, there are some Men that are not capable, or fit to be called a decent and loving Father…You won’t get a argument out me on that one…

    But there are some Women that also aren’t capable or fit to be called a decent and loving Mother..Is that a fair call..Yes…No…?

    Before we proceed any further I have a genuine question for you Free…Would you mind me asking what roughly your age is..There is a sincere reason why I asked this question…..

    Kind regards to you Free…John Dutchie Free at last

  74. John Dutchie says:

    Whoops my mistake,I am a bit tired…

    On my comment of …….’Oh ,by the way Free, neither do I want a decent,caring and a loving Mother go through that sheer hell of parent alienation by a vindictive partner’ “¦.No way would I ever accept that situation..!!!! I would fight ‘tooth and nail’ if that ever happen to a Mother

    Kind regards John Dutchie Free at last

  75. John Dutchie says:

    Gentlemen …see link below


    Here is a interesting article from American website,again one of my American work mates put me on this website,read the responses that Divorced American Fathers/Men have posted in rely to Cathy Meyer…

    Could have sworn that those American guys were talking about N.Z

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