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Sun 27th December 2009

Dunne Dumps on Dads

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:38 am

Well, my prediction has come true (See http://menz.org.nz/2009/peter-dunne’s-christmas-present/)

Child support is to get a shake-up in the New Year after revelations eligible parents owe more than $1.7 billion in payment

Have a read of the full text of this article and start planning what ACTION you are committed to make child tax reform an issue that wont go away.

Yes you can blog and write letters to ministers who do nothingto improve your slavery or you can get on the streets and take ACTION.

The matrix of Family Law will only get better when the members of Cabinet, those who decide the law changes, are forced to make positive change by the ACTION of the child tax slaves.

Its a new year and ACTION is comming : That could be stopping traffic on the Wellington Motorway, occupying IRD offices in Wellington, living in a tent city outside Dunnes home……. .

If you want change get ready for ACTION.



Wed 16th December 2009

‘Invisible children’ warning

Filed under: General — gh @ 1:26 pm

You who have been removed by the Family Court from the sight of your children read the article below and see if you can identify some parallels.

The report said:

“Many of the children have emotional problems, which appear to get worse, not better, over time. A small number are walking powder kegs badly in need of high-quality interventions.

“There is evidence of significant physical sickness, too, and emerging major conduct disorders and mental health problems.”

Children suffered from “anger, nightmares, bed-wetting, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, shame and attachment problems”. Younger children experienced emotional upset, while older children experienced anger, violence and bed-wetting and adolescents were involved in drugs and “sexualised behaviour”, the report found.


Fri 11th December 2009

My battle to see my kids, Advice wanted.

Filed under: General — joe bloggs @ 8:00 am

Hello All, I have been divorced 5 years and have been trying to get shared care of my two children now,8 and 11yrs for the last three years. My ex went ballistic when she found out I was going for shared care I think for two reasons. Firstly it would mean my $1200/month in child support would drop and secondly she would miss the kids terribly when they weren’t with her. They are her world. Anyway from that time she has manipulated the kids feelings towards me by telling them things I had supposedly done in the past which at best were gross exaggrations of the truth and at worst straight out lies that never happened.

Thu 10th December 2009

Men’s health focus in Journal of Primary Health Care

Filed under: Men's Health — JohnPotter @ 2:40 pm

The December 2009 issue of Journal of Primary Health Care (JPHC), which is edited by my wife Felicity Goodyear-Smith, has a men’s health focus.

In the editorial she writes:

The health of our men contributes greatly to the health of our nation. Overall men have a poorer health status than women and use our health services less frequently. They die earlier than women and more of their deaths are avoidable.


Tue 8th December 2009

Peter Dunne’s Christmas Present

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 7:48 pm


While The Minister for Child Tax, Peter Dunne, plays an elf in the Johnsonville Christmas Parade I wonder what his Christmas present for those afflicted by Child Tax will be?

Consider this; if the changes the oligarchy of officials proposes for tinkering with the current Child Tax legislation are to be implemented in 2010 Dunne has to act by the 22 of December.  Assuming Dunne wants to implement the officials latest attempt to patch the flaws in the Child Tax Act 1991, by the next financial year, he will need to have everything in place by 31 March. To achieve the tinkering for the next financial year he has to move by 22 December.

Of course my prediction could be wrong, but the tinkering means changing the code that runs the programs that produce the assessments and that all takes time. The patches would have to be in place for the financial year end, it would be an administrative nightmare to implement at any other time as assessments would change and under and over payment would be rife.

It would not surprise me if the changes were released just before Christmas as the “feel good” news of the Christmas period will drown out the news that a major piece of the matrix of Family Law is being tinkered with yet again. You can’t fix this legislation it’s fundamentally flawed!

Sat 28th November 2009

advice reqd: fathers who have won custody of a child.

Filed under: General — mother love @ 10:42 pm

before my husband and i enter the fc AGAIN we need all the advice and support from any of the fathers out there who have won custody of their child/ren or maybe in the process of. ARE THERE ANY ??

I am the step-mother of boy 11 and girl 13, our plight started in 2005 with supervised then unsupervised day contact only, then moving into fortnight contact and half of all the school holidays.shared care is not possible being that ex lives in another town.hubby and i have had to fight all the way just to get contact and maintain it. throughout this, the mother has made it increasingly difficult (to say the least) to maintain a relationship with the kids. the ongoing brainwashing, manipulation and parental alienation is mind-boggling. as a mother of 6 (and happily going through contact with my ex for 6yrs) also raised a “whangai” and two  nephew’s  im disgusted that this female uses her own children as pawns, to voice her issues and hang-ups she has towards my husband. hubby separated from his ex in 2002 she left with the kids to another town. my husband and i met in 2003, he had not seen his children, we had a child in 2005 and 6 months later finally supervised contact took place, another battle took place in court to move into unsupervised contact “day contact” and yes! another battle, to move toward fortnight contact and half the holidays, hubby and i won them all but was it a fight! fortnight contact started in 2006.
things went along swimingly for 6 months. feb 2007 hubby and i made it legal and married ex was furious and problems occurred. ex was shacked up with partner and had been since 2006 but vigorously denied it ??? dont know why, maybe it was because she was in receipt of dpb and boyfriend had own home (of which they were living in) and own business, not to mention she has legal aid. Nov 2008 ex wants contact to cease,another court battle affidavits flying all over the show, a year passes and finally we had a date, last week, we received the judges decision “we won” yayy… contact remains!!
umm no sorry- lawyer for children has been instructed by boy 11 to appeal decision…wtf

without sounding like something out of the days of our lives i’ll leave it there. hubby and i are seriously contemplating challenging the mother for custody of boy 11 in order for us to do this we will need all the help we can get- this is unfamiliar territory to us and although we are confident our lawyer will do all she can, we feel we need to know first hand accounts of what we will be getting ourselves into.
i am thinking our main argument to be “phycological damage caused by the mother to the child” also the children have never had the chance to form a strong relationship with their father, the mother being the main hindrance for it, we believe the longer boy 11 stays in her care, runs a risk of more damage being done to him mentally.

i must send a great big thankyou to “FATHERS OF NZ” without their advice, which i followed to the letter we would not of otherwise had a favorable outcome this time around. …thanks menz issue for making the link accessible.

Sun 22nd November 2009

March for Democracy

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:40 pm

An estimated crowd of more than 4000 packed Auckland’s Queen St yesterday to protest against the Government’s refusal to back a citizen-initiated referenda over the so-called anti-smacking law where 87% of people’s vote was ignored by the government.

It was a great atmosphere with drummers, parents with children, and placards.

Colin Craig, who funded the march which cost several hundred thousands of dollars said, “We’ve made a brilliant start and I’m waiting for the next step,”

The placards slogans said “Warning: Police State” and “We’ve been 2 Hell ‘n’ Clark” and the people chanted messages such as “John Key listen to me, we want democracy.”

Among the speakers was Act Party MP John Boscawen. “It’s a huge crowd, it’s fantastic,” he said.

He said Prime Minister John Key was “not listening to 1.4 million people”, and said he ignored them “at his peril”.

Former Green MP Sue Bradford, who drafted the original bill, said future New Zealand societies would look back in amazement at people marching for the right to hit their children.

She was not surprised by the turnout because of the money spent on it. But she said the money would have been better spent elsewhere.

A spokeswoman for Key said the law would be changed if it was not working. “We have seen no evidence it is criminalising good parents,” she said.


Sat 21st November 2009

Showing Your own Documents to your McKenzie Friend?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 7:39 pm

Does Self Represented Litigant Need Judge’s Permission to show his own documents to his McKenzie Friend?

In England, the familycaught is quite a lot more formal and restrictive on allowing families to solve problems at a reasonable cost. Most UK lawyers milk their clients much harder than most NZ lawyers. Some NZ lawyers equal the very worst of UK lawyers, when it comes to bleeding their own customer dry.

England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions

UK judges vary a great deal, in their willingness to allow self represented litigants to have a McKenzie Friend in court, to assist them. Similarly in NZ, judges vary considerably. Before contemplating any caught action, find out who the local “judges” are and what their idiosyncracies are and whether these are likely to affect your case.

The following judgement does bring out the issues quite well. It is sobering reading:

Neutral Citation Number: [2005] EWCA Civ 759
Case No: B4/2004/2341&2693, B4/2005/0341

Battered husband who snapped

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Julie @ 12:13 am

Journalist AN MUNRO over at stuff.co.nz has written an very sad and detailed article about Anthony Sherna killing his partner after suffering years of abuse and being sentenced to 14 years in jail.

For almost 20 years he submitted in order to keep the peace. When she demanded he change his surname to prove he loved her, he agreed.

When she insisted he not see his friends or family, he complied. When she taunted him by resuming an affair with a former boyfriend and suggested he ”grow some balls”, he swallowed the insults.

When she said he was too smelly to use the toilet at home, he restrained himself until he arrived at work. When she refused to let him sleep in their double bed, he dossed down in the spare room on a camp stretcher.

He was sole breadwinner but she rationed his cigarettes – just 12 each day – and controlled their money. Each week after withdrawing the housekeeping money he handed over the cash, his ATM card and receipts.

It is shocking that he was sentenced to prison when he is a domestic violence victim and she a controlling abuser. If it had been the other way around and he was a she, he would have gained sympathy and walked free.

She is what is known as a narcissist and over at mensnewsdaily, they have Dr. Tara J. Palmatier writing articles about this type of women and the abuse men go through. She writes:

Fri 20th November 2009

The sad ignorance of some comments

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Julie @ 6:42 pm

I wrote a post about the UK men’s movement and how men (mostly young men) are speaking up and starting to ask for rights. Men never had any rights. They were also oppressed in society as women were and the gender roles did them no more favours than it did women.

They are not asking for the world or for women to be discriminated against but instead are asking for equality. Something that feminism is based on.
This is in reply to one of the comments. I thought it more appropriate to make it a thread of it’s own rather than turn the comments about the UK men’s movement into a New Zealand thread.

The commenter said:

I want men who are accused rapists to be forced to take the stand and be asked questions to ascertain their characters just as the rape survivor is forced to.


The rape industry claims another victim – Kevin Driscoll’s story

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Julie @ 4:14 pm

There’s an interesting rape case being followed on the Internet. It involves an alleged rapist named Kevin Driscoll and an alleged rape victim named Melissa Leahy-Rossow. It’s a very sad reality that many, many young men go through while the rape industry continuously pushes for males to have harsher treatment and women to have lighter treatment by police and the judiciary court system.

On January 23rd 2009 Kevin Driscoll and his friend were out having drinks at a bar where they met Melissa Leahy-Rossow and her acquaintance Dennis Baker. Kevin invited them to his house where other guests also joined them.

On the night in question Melissa Leahy-Rossow had sex with Dennis and Kevin, separately at Kevin’s house. There would have been a third man except Dennis wasn’t interested in having a threesome. Dennis reported that Melissa sought three-way sexual intercourse in the hot tub with both himself and another man who was present, but that he would not agree to this, and that Melissa became angry at his refusal. He also gave her a hooded sweatshirt to wear because she wasn’t interested in wearing her own clothes.

Kevin reports that when he went to bed Melissa was already in his bed and wanted to have sex with him and he consented. This sex was reported by Melissa to be long lasting and extremely brutal where bruises and bites were left on her body as a result. She also said she ran to the door and tried to get out but he wouldn’t let her.

She said this happened at around 1.30am and that after the rape Kevin drove her to her car. The actual reality is that Kevin and Melissa had sex in the bedroom at 1.30am with the guests still in the house and the last left a 4.30am and Kevin drove Melissa to her car at 7.30am where they chatted for a while and Kevin gave Melissa his phone number.

The reason a lot of information is known is because there were security cameras at Kevin’s home and at the bar where Melissa’s car was left but this was something the police were not aware of at the time they arrested Kevin.

Dennis’s In Bed Story – The Sex Tape

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 12:48 pm

This is a sponsored post.

I can’t quite figure out why their client is prepared to pay for this, or even what we are being “sold” – perhaps the message is just too subtle for me?

Anyway, it seems harmless, and contributions to hosting costs for MENZ are always welcome.


Thu 19th November 2009

Judge Boshier links suicides to family break-ups

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 1:15 pm

By Simon Collins
4:00 AM Thursday Nov 19, 2009
NZ Herald

A top judge has called for more mental health support for people involved in Family Court cases after finding 18 suspected suicides by people involved in the court in the 13 months to June.

Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier, in a speech to be delivered in Blenheim this morning, also proposes a new specialist agency to refer victims and offenders in domestic violence cases to counselling and to chase up offenders who drop out of programmes.


Men’s movement in the UK

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Julie @ 12:00 am

UK males are speaking up well on the biased treatment through feminists and their supporters. They have become such a loud voice that the media has been attacked persistently and consistently by large numbers of them, forcing the media to open ‘Pandora’s box’ and speak up about the abuse males receive from females. The greatest attack has been around sexual false rape allegations from women.

In 2000 police and criminologists were developing a “lie-detector” test to help uncover false allegations of rape.

In the new test, a claimant’s statement is analysed and points are given from a list of set clues – people who have made up a rape allegation get a low score, while genuine complaints get a high score.

Using this technique in two studies, police officers and researchers had a success rate of between 72 and 100 per cent in identifying genuine rape victims from liars. All the cases were real-life examples selected because of the existence of strong evidence, such as closed-circuit television footage, to prove the defendants’ guilt or innocence.

The two pieces of research indicate that police officers who rely on their detective skills and intuition when examining a statement by an alleged rape victim are no better than a member of the public at identifying a genuine complainant from a false one.


Tue 17th November 2009

Father’s Support Groups

Filed under: General — Julie @ 12:54 am

Often groups are asked by fathers if there are father’s supports groups they can be referred to. I thought I would make a list of what is available online and offline and will add as I find more.

I needed to find one myself for the Nelson area and came across DIY’s list and have added a few more. If you can add any groups preferably in New Zealand that will be well appreciated.


North Shore Fathers
Thursdays 9:30 am: Fathers and Family, Wednesdays 7pm: Fathers and Male Supporters, Every 3rd Saturday of the month 2pm: Family Barbecue at: Birkdale Community House, 134 Birkdale Rd., North Shore City
Contact Craig Davis

Father and Child Mauri Ora Father’s Circle
Mauri Ora Father’s group every Wednesday 7-9pm, at the Onehunga Community Centre, (next to the library), 83 Church Street, Onehunga, Auckland. We hope to see new faces, plus any local father advocates keen to contribute to the new Auckland committee. Children are welcome although we do leave them with the TV and a tin of biscuits!
Contact Brendon Smith or phone 525 1690

East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families
Contact Paul Catton or phone 271 3020

Mon 16th November 2009

To Men and Women who support this site

Filed under: General — sonnyking @ 2:37 pm

Men and Women who support this site and what it stands for, must step up to the mark and tell the FC, lawyers and report writers, that we are united and we are not taking this lying down for one minute longer.

It happened this morning while standing in Whangarei Warehouse. My 11 year old stepson rung his sister on her cell phone and said that there were two cars outside waiting to take him away.

His mother knew this was happening and allowed it to happen by giving the people taking him permission.

The child was in total despair crying that these people have come to take him away.

What the FC have done is illegal.
No forms have been signed by the father, The Care and Protection coordinator said he had to sign to allow this to happen, and the father has interim custody.

We don’t know where he is, who he is with, and what state he is in.

The Care and Protection coordinator doesn’t have any information.

The C4C is Christina Cook, she is the cause of this, and the one who has activated for this to happen and one to keep away from.

How the hell do they justify what they have just done to this boy.
How is he feeling.
He’s been abused emotionally and physically for 6 years and has now been taken to strangers.

The FC can go and get xxxxxxxx

Thu 12th November 2009

Feminism is the Key to “Making of a Slave”

Filed under: General — Julie @ 12:23 am

I have for some time focused on conspiracy theories but I have started to just see them as ‘history and the present’ coming together. Through my own interest to understand how the world works I have spoken with many people in New Zealand about past events and I’ve got to say, “We have very interesting people in this country with vast amounts of knowledge”.

Anyways, I am hoping readers are aware that in society there are men at the top and men at the bottom and lots of men in between and that the hierarchy is like a pyramid with a vast amount in the middle to low class and a small amount at the top. And I am hoping readers are aware how men fought for the right to vote and how men formed workers unions (NZ union history) and why they did this. *they took on the elite, the superpowers* And also how some men have so much power they can create wars and have been able to send millions of men to war where millions of men have sacrificed their lives. Men in the middle to low class have been disposable in a great number to an elite class of men.

The hierarchy in it’s raw form basically all comes down to sex and just like the animal kingdom the fittest and strongest gets to procreate with the females. Yet being humans, men have been on a journey to break the chains of class, slavery and being disposable and yet, the powerful have gotten more powerful while the vast majority of men are still unable to turn their vast power of numbers into something even more powerful.

And then I hope readers are aware of the misandry in today’s society.

Now that all that is out the way I want to share something with you and listen to what you think.

Past methods of enslavement were highly sophisticated, and closely resemble modern feminist social engineering.

Tue 10th November 2009

Words in Passing.

Filed under: General — amfortas @ 10:46 pm

Words in Passing

By Amfortas

We were not ready.
We were distracted.
Battle had taken its toll
But the Family survived.
The children played.

Malevolent Smile.
She was Ready.
Definite. Ordered.
The Blue Pencil, poised,
re-defined the land,
The familiar, the family, the Form.

Thu 5th November 2009

Please any advise

Filed under: General — sonnyking @ 12:50 pm

We have done all we can to try and prevent the outcome of which is probably going to happen in the next couple of months.

Can the FC uplift a child from the day to day carer, who is agreeable with the uplift, and put the child in a foster home when the other parent, who has interim custody and access disagrees. The parent (father) with interim custody has never been given day to day care and has never been given a valid reason as to why, except for being accused of causing problems by having a custody application in the FC because the day to day carer is abusing the child.

Reading the CYFAct  following the S19 they have not followed procedures and have slipped under and through the sections.

Other than publishing in the National papers and going to the High Court, which we are in the process of doing, what else can be done?

Tue 3rd November 2009

Treating non-abductor as though they were the abductor France

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 10:36 am

This extract shows the experience of being the left behind parent AND being treated as an abductor by a foreign court, to protect the abducting parent from re-abduction.

The guilty party is treated as innocent, the not guilty party is treated as guilty.

This backwards ethics results from the lack of cohesiveness between countries legal systems, combined with the greed of legal workers in all countries. These legal-workers are easily deceived and also willing to be deceived, especially when it lines their pockets.

Robin also shows how fathers refusal to enforce their “right” to protect their relationship with their children, allows and encourages personality disordered mothers (and unfortunately some fathers too 15%) to take these bizarre and destructive actions. The problem isn’t just the “judges”.

Would a good liar ever be a good solo parent?

In the book, Robin compares other people’s experiences to her own son’s. This extract collects together her son’s experiences.

Taken In Contempt
By Robin Bowles.

This book is dedicated to my grandson, who is growing up in France, and to his father, who has joined him in exile.

ISBN 0 7329 1101 X.

1. Missing children – Australia. 2. Kidnapping, Parental – Australia. I. Title. 362.82970994

Who can imagine the shock of returning home from an unremarkable day at work to discover your partner has left you and taken your child or children?

To be suddenly and unexpectedly facing the possibility that you will never see your family again?

On 11 March 1999 it happened to Robin Bowles’ son – his child illegally abducted to France by the French-born mother.

This is not an isolated incident – over 90 cases a year are reported in Australia.

Taken in Contempt is the extraordinary account of Robin’s family’s own loss woven together with the stories of other parents of abducted children. it is full of heartbreak, danger and adventure, yet it is also a record of courage and inner strength, and of the crazy, fife-threatening risks people take in the name of love.

Left-behind parents, abducting parents and some of the children themselves have contributed to the book; so have the bureaucrats who have to implement the tough decisions; and the retrievers – men who work outside the law, risking all for someone else’s children.

Fearlessly exploring every side of this complex moral issue, Taken in Contempt is moving, fascinating and utterly compelling.

Sat 31st October 2009

If the controls don’t work, it’s probably out of control – UK

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:59 am

Funny how the controls on employing paperboys seem to be so much more stringent than the controls on spying on citizens?

Everything not forbidden, is compulsory! (postulated by physics theorist Murray Gell-Mann)
In human behavior, over large populations, everything not impossible, will happen? Murphy McMannus
Can you even remember back to 1984?

Anti-terror powers used to spy on paperboys in UK

A council used anti-terror powers to spy on paperboys to check whether a village newsagent had not obtained work permits for them.
By John Bingham
Published: 4:03PM GMT 05 Dec 2008
Cambridgeshire County Council sent undercover officers to monitor whether eight children delivering papers in Melbourn, Cambs, were doing their rounds without the correct paperwork.
Campaigners accused the council of acting like a “jumped up version of the A-Team” by using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to target the former postmistress Rashmi Solanki and her husband Dips, who run the local shop.

Thu 29th October 2009

Treating non-abductor as though they were the abductor Germany

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:24 pm

One eyed “judges” handling of parental child abduction

Michael’s story is long and shows much wastage of the joy and happiness that family life would normally bring.

However, it is a story that shows huge amounts of taking improper illegal treatment on the chin, and then going back for more. Shear persistence, in the face of mindless official corruption and judicial relationship vandalism.

And, in the end, more than half-winning!!

I hope that you can see this as a good example of never giving up, for your children.

Parent’s who usurp their children, by unilaterally relocating them, are NOT good parents – except by incompetent judgement! Personality disorders lead these parents to delude themselves that they are all that the child needs. Typically, these unilateral parents are the biggest danger to their children – especially in the absence of the competent parent.

Please EMAIL your own comments, to the players in this story. Their EMAIL addresses are given at the foot of this article, so that you can comment directly to them.

Look before you leap!
Be very cautious before choosing to have children, with a German or NZ??? parent!!!!!

John Hickman’s experience of abduction of his children to gERMANY by their mother:

German Jugendamt unlawfully blocks father’s contact with children

September 14th, 2009 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments »
See our prior article on the persecution of home schoolers in Germany: http://laiglesforum.com/2007/11/18/silencing-dissidents-by-snatching-their-children/. Also note:
New link: We have added a permalink to the Home School Legal Defense Association (http://hslda.org/hs/international/) on the left sidebar under “Friends of Laigle’s Forum.” We urge you to check their site from time to time to update yourselves on the issues surrounding home schooling throughout the world. Our movement for freedom of speech and thought is worldwide and we are happy to say that, along with Laigle’s Forum, HSLDA is a vital part of it!

The unlawful abduction of my children John-Michael and Sebastian Hickman from Durban South Africa to Wilhelmshaven Germany in November 1995
September 12, 2009
by Michael Hickman

Wed 28th October 2009

March for Democracy – vote with your feet

Filed under: Events,General — Julie @ 12:37 pm

We need you! — your energy — and your networking ability — to get the message out!

The March for Democracy will be held in Queen St Auckland and will be calling on the government to amend s59 of the Crimes Act so that the law does not treat light smacking for the purpose of correction as a criminal offence, and to respect the democratic voice of NZ’ers.

Please mark this date in your diaries as we make a stand for families and for democracy in New Zealand on November 21st at 1.30pm

Colin Craig, an Auckland businessman who is funding the march, says

“I find it deeply disturbing that such a clear message from the people of this country to government has been ignored. My forefathers fought for a democracy and in a democracy the government does not pass and retain laws that nearly 90% of the people don’t want. It is my turn to help fight for the rights of ordinary New Zealanders.”

He’s absolutely right — but he’s not just moaning about it.

He’s putting his money where his mouth is. He wants to host the biggest public march NZ has seen — and we need to get in behind him.

Sat 24th October 2009

Meeting with MP

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 4:31 pm

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be meeting with the Hon, Dr Wayne Mapp, to discuss the Family Court etc… etc… I was thinking it might be and idea to give him and idea of how many people are in a simular postion to what I am in. 

If you want to write a letter by e-mail, to Dr Mapp, I will print them out and happily deliver it to him personaly on Tuesday when I meet with him,  The more leters I get the bigger the impact there will be on him.

my e-mail is nzleagle@gmail.com

Letter to MP’s, and their responses

Filed under: Law & Courts — nzleagle @ 3:51 pm

This is a Letter that I sent to 13 Diffrent MP’s from diffrent political parties but I tried to focus on the Ministers/Spokespersons for Justice, Courts, Social Development etc.

I have recived some intresting replys, including a Labour MP asking if she can foward my letter on to the Legal Aid Review Panel, and also my local MP asking me to Meet with him on the 27th. The Letter is below, and the responses ill put in separate replies

RE: Family Court, Legal Aid

Dear Dr Wayne Mapp

 I am writing to you today, to express my concern regarding the Family Court System, in particular how it treats fathers when it comes to Day to Day Care and Contact Cases.

 I am 24 Years old, and have being going though the Family Court for over 2 years trying to Day to Day Care of my Son, or at the very least regular predicable access.

 Prior to me and my ex separating, I was the primary caregiver for my son since he was 3 months old, till he was 22 months old when we separated, and yet when a lawyer for child was appointed, he mentioned It would be in my sons best interests to stick with the status quo, and to stay with his mother because she had him in her Day to Day care for the prior 4 months while we were going though the court process.

 I have made numerous applications, and allegations, and due to how slow the court is to respond to any allegations that are made eg Drug use, and because the allegation must be automatically sent to the other party in question, by the time the court gets around to ordering a drug test, the other party has had up to 3 months to get clean.

 Throughout the Court Process, my ex was able to sit on the DPB, and be a stay at home mum, go drinking on the weekends, do a bit of weed with my son in the house, and even had a live in partner while still on the DPB, with her partner on an unemployment benefit.

 While I had to work up to 6 Days a week, trying to support myself, as well as pay child support, as well as a few hundred dollars a month to have contact with my son once a month and attend court. My ex was able to spend 24 hours a day with my son, also been able to get legal aid so all she had to worry about each day was to spend time with my son and let her lawyer deal with the legal side of it.

 About a year into the case, we finally got referred to mediation and came up with a pretty good agreement.  But due to me joining the Defense Force and undertaking basic training, I had to organise an alternative agreement while in basic training which then lead to a disagreement over Christmas contact.

 My ex then contravened the Contact Order for the Christmas period, in which I was left $700 out of pocket in airfares.  When I put an application for Costs in, the Judge simply said, there is no way I am going to find in favor of you due to her been on Legal aid.

 Which essentially tells me that If you are on Legal aid, a court order does not apply to you as if you break it, nothing is going to happen to you. 

 In July we came up with another agreement, but due to my ex preventing me having contact over a period of 7 months, I had to be “Reintroduced” to my son prior to having him at my house, and since that agreement in July, there has already been 5 Contraventions of the Order Regarding phone Contact, and the payment towards airfares, which due to the contravention put me another $80 out of pocket.

 When I last saw my son, I became aware of Parental Alienation, and saw some disturbing pictures that my son had drawn for me one of which I have attached, and am worried that if the parental alienation continues for much longer, it will create irreversible damage to the relationship between my son and I. 

 I am due to have contact again in a couple of weeks, but with the 5 contraventions so far, things my ex has said and even not getting confirmation after requesting written confirmation of contact taking place though her lawyer, I am not confident that it will take place and am worried that I will be another $400 out of pocket.

 I am getting to the point where it is becoming too much for me to cope with, both financially and emotionally, I am getting to a point where I will just give up the fight to just talk to him, I will always send him birthday and Christmas cards, I will keep all the documentation that has gone though the court, so that one day when he is older, if he comes to me and says Why didn’t you want me, I can show him different.

 Talking to other Men in similar situations, the stories are almost exactly the same, some men have protection orders against them, and are treated as criminals until proven innocent, I’ve heard of lots of men at the point where they are ready to commit suicide because the court is so biased towards females, that the only times that men seem to have Day to Day care is where the Woman just doesn’t want anything to do with the kids.

 Unlike a lot of the Men I have talked to, I have started a new Family, and now have a 14 Month Old Daughter, and another son on the way, however I still think of my Son constantly, and miss him dearly, some people might say, well you have other kids, why worry about this one… All my Children are dear to me, and I love spending time with them, I work not to support myself, but to support my Children, to give my children the best opportunities I can in life, and to give my children a role model in their father to look up to.  My world revolves indirectly around them, and I love all my children equally, no mater where they are, or how often I see them.

 As you can see from what I have written there is many things in the Family Court System that needs to be adjusted.  When I first went into the court, I had read how there was no bias anymore, and that the Care of Children Act 2004 had made it more fair for all involved.  This is not the case, there is still a large bias towards females, the Lawyer for Child and Court Appointed Psychologists especially.  And this is where judges seem to go towards.

The Legal Aid system creates a loop hole for people on legal aid, to get away with costing their ex’s hundreds and thousands of dollars and not have any repercussions themselves.

 If I could recommend anything towards helping the issues that I have highlighted above is whenever there is a case in the family court, every 3 — 6 months, get them to do a survey on how their experience with the family court has been and if it is anonymous, I’m sure you will receive a lot of real feed back on how the system is actually working.

 I would like to also comment that what I have said is only a brief indication of what I have been going though, you can not possibly put 2 years of a court case into 3 pages, I have about 2 Ring binders full of Documents all relating to the Case.  And this is a case with no history of any protection orders, violence, or sexual abuse; imagine what a case would be like with those factors introduced.

 If you have any questions regarding anything I have mentioned above feel free to contact me

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