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Wed 27th May 2009

1.5m men are victims of domestic violence in Kenya

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Darryl Ward @ 8:55 pm

From:  http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/602368/-/ujogrt/-/

1.5m men are victims of domestic violence: report

By BENJAMIN MUINDI Posted Sunday, May 24 2009 at 13:18

A report by a lobby group championing men’s rights on Sunday said over 1.5 million in Kenya are victims of domestic violence daily.

The Maendeleo ya Wanaume organisation said even though they are battered by their wives, men find it difficult to report this to authorities for fear of social ridicule. (more…)

Our Own Bomb…

Filed under: General — glenn @ 6:08 pm

Ok, so here goes. I am laying my balls on the block for the Government Guillotine.

First — a couple of presumptions….

1. The Feminist ‘Movement’ is totally divorced from, and has nothing to do with femininity.
2. The Feminist ‘Movement’ has nothing to do with engendering equality of the genders.
3. Feminism has completely lost touch with human pragmatism and reality (if it ever had it?).
4. Feminism does not represent the views of the bulk of society — and it is extremely unlikely that it even represents the views of the bulk of femaledom.
5. In the past 40 odd years, Western Governments have embraced the ideals of feminism, wholesale, resulting in the destruction of a stable platform from which to raise our children to be the leaders, educators, workers and parents of the future. That is to say, modern Family Law has done exactly the opposite of what it sets out to achieve.

What follows is what I worry about.

As we move through these times, and outspoken Feminists continue to be hell-bent on the aggrandisement of their exclusivist ideals, ably supported by Western Governments hell-bent on pandering to whomever makes the most noise, people, but men in general and fathers in particular, continue to be marginalised and squeezed further and further towards total powerlessness and ineffectitude. Sidelined with no voice, mens hands are tied while we feed Government coffers by myriad forms of taxes, and feed solo mothers, (who might chuck our children a crumb,) by paying them through the nose too. So, feminists have been and are winning the battle for women, feminist or not. Trouble is, men didn’t know there WAS a battle until it was too late, and men are now reeling and wondering what hit them. Men are confused. Here are these creatures, that say they want equality, equal pay for equal work, the right to the same jobs, to remove any power (which was perceived more than real) that men have and open it up to women, but at the same time want the door opened for them, want the man to pay for the dinner and the drinks, and want to reserve their primal needs for mothering nurture, and be paid for it too, thanks very much. Government just agrees without any shred of foresight.

As the men, who are victims of Western Governments, slowly but inexorably learn to further internalise their grief, try valiantly but vainly to shut down their own primal instincts, to be provider and protector of the family, because there is no other choice, often because there is no family, but more usually because the Government, at the behest of these entrenched feminist ideals, give them no choice, they withdraw, and the despair and oppressiveness seethes and festers within.

As, inevitably, the suppurating sore of hopelessness bursts through in fits of rage, the feminists are able to say —‘See, I told you so’ and another band-aid bit of law is passed which further marginalises those nasty men.

And so the cycle goes….and so men are the victims of Government sanctioned ‘standover tactics.’

We applaud the work of organisations such as WSPA, for championing the plight of abused and caged animals, but Governments cannot see that this is exactly what the current set of Family oriented Laws are doing to people, generally men, and particularly fathers. Indeed, in any Eastern culture, family is cornerstone of society. They have known this for thousands of years. Much of the ideology differs from Eastern culture to Eastern culture, from Oriental to Indian to the Islamic Nations etc., but the strength of family is regarded as paramount. Of course, we, in Western Society know much better. It is no surprise to me that Islamic doctrine despises Western Culture so much.

As we move through these times, children, more and more, are estranged from one of their parents, usually the father, and lamenting fathers are ‘benched’ in both the sporting and the judicial contexts. Meanwhile the mothers are looking to the removed fathers, through the Government, for financial support, while at the same time engaging in dodgy activities, again with Government Support, to prevent these fathers from having any parental effect, if not contact.

While this is going on, fathers being corralled in their droves, away from their natural habitat (providing for and protecting their family), the Government expects ‘You still have to provide, but you can’t have any of the rewards, because you have been unilaterally excluded from your family, and by the way your children need protecting from you. We will just have your money thanks’, there is another, perhaps more insidious effect taking place.

While this is all going on and our children have less and less contact with their fathers, our children are all being ‘feminised.’ It cannot miss. This is of particular concern for our sons, who will grow into adults raised only by mothers. Some of these sons will be raised by mothers who are not feminists, and those men will feel more displaced than their fathers, and they could be forgiven for thinking that they had been ‘farmed’ for their sperm and for their earning capacity. Others will be raised by mothers who are feminists, and those will grow into men who are more displaced than their fathers, their mothers, sisters and brothers and will hate both men and women. Think of the implications of that. What will happen to male suicide rates do you think? It will not be long, unless something is done, before this is irreversible, maybe two or three generations.

Now that, right there, the whole of that last paragraph, contains a real BOMB.

I cannot believe that Western Governments are so ‘blinkered’, so ‘one-eyed’ and so ‘brainwashed’, that it hasn’t occurred to any of them, even when they have been told and told.

Very soon, when men really get sick of it, and withdraw from the workforce and go on the dole to minimise their paternal liabilities, which they will; when they take the other option and elect not to have children because of the associated legal, financial and emotional risks; and they will; and then when we all old grow old together and put our collective hand out for the pension, while no-one is in the workforce to pay tax, what will you do for money then Mr Obama, Mr Brown, Mr Rudd, Mr Key and all the other know-all boffins. Wakey wakey people. Do any of you think that mothers, who now enjoy the laws which allow them to be paid money to be mothers, raising useless disaffected boys into useless disaffected men, and girls into mothers, are going to fund it?

Meanwhile, over in the Eastern World, they just watch amusedly, while the Western World destroys itself from within. We should be far less worried about the risk of North Korea tossing a nuke towards the West than about this pressing concern right here at home (I use that term loosely). North Korea doesn’t need to hurl us a nuke, they are watching too. We have our own BOMB.

Mon 25th May 2009

Circus Quirkus

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 12:09 pm

Rotary Club of Newmarket is putting on a wonderful circus performance as they have for the past 11 years, and we have free tickets donated by business men and women for humanity causes.

Sun 24th May 2009

Behind every violence or murder there is a protection order

Filed under: General — gh @ 5:40 pm

When the man in the following article murdered his wife, I as a vaccinated Family Court bonded client, thought there must be a protection order behind this case.
And here it comes.  A few months later a doctored article in the press vaguely refers to a protection order.
Notice how they write ‘ punctuated by verbal and physical abuse on both sides’.  Forced clients of the Family Court know that the violence is only one way. Male against female and when there is no evidence against it they engineer a psychology one.

A couple who had a trouble coping together, ended in one in a grave and the other in prison and a poor child made orphan by the Will of the Family Court.

Meanwhile lawyers, psychologists and judges will tonight sip a Pint at our health.  A pint of blood that is.

Fatal attack had been brewing for years

International Men’s Health Week

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 1:31 pm

In June each year International Men’s Health Week is held. Age Concern New Zealand joins with College of Nurses (Aotearoa) NZ to lead celebrations in New Zealand. Men’s Health Week is a chance for New Zealand men to make a difference to their health for themselves and their families.

Why have an International Men’s Health Week:

  • Male life expectancy is unnecessarily low.
  • Reported male-specific diseases are increasing (especially prostate and testicular cancers)
  • Men have higher risk of suicide and yet male depression remains under-diagnosed and under-treated
  • Health services have been slow to respond to men’s health needs and little has been done to encourage and enable men to access services faster and more efficiently

For more information on International Men’s Health Week you can go to Age Concern New Zealand; Men’s Health Week Australia; Men’s Health Forum UK or the What’s New Page to see what Age Concern Councils have planned to celebrate this event.

Gifted girls conceal their talents

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education — Darryl Ward @ 12:27 pm
I would question this, given the tendency to “put down” males.
From: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/2436607/Gifted-girls-conceal-their-talents

Gifted girls conceal their talents

By CATHERINE WOULFE – Sunday Star Times
Parents need to watch their daughters closely to work out whether they might be “gifted”, experts say, because girls are far more likely than boys to deliberately “dumb down” to fit in with their friends.

Worse still, says Chris Herbert, head of the assessment team at the Gifted Education Centre (GEC), girls who hide their talents are likely to become bored and frustrated, setting them up for failure at secondary school because they lose all motivation.

“Gifted” children are defined as those who achieve, or have the potential to achieve, at a level far above most other children their age. If they make an effort at school, their marks are likely to be in the top 5% of their class.

A child can be gifted in one area such as mathematics or music or many, and there are different levels of giftedness.

Research suggests that about half of all gifted kids are never identified. But Sheryl Burns, assistant director of the GEC, says gifted boys are much more likely to be identified than girls.

“Little boys, when they get bored, tend to act up and become the class clown so they get picked up [as gifted]. Little girls tend to just become quiet and sit in the corner and don’t say very much so they are never picked up.

“As they get older, the desire to fit in becomes greater… Girls dumb down, they comply, and they become the teacher’s pet.”

Sue Breen, GEC lead teacher, says her gifted daughter (now an adult) deliberately kept her marks to 80% throughout school. This tactic kept the teachers happy, and also meant she didn’t stand out too much from her friends.

Now Breen sees other girls using the same cover-up strategy.

“Eighty percent is a good mark to get. That’s fine, as long as they remember they’re doing it. But sometimes they forget they think of themselves as an 80%-er.”

Breen says she has to work hard to get girls to take risks with their answers, to try new ways of thinking and stop simply delivering what they know the teacher wants. ‘

Education psychologist and head of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, Rose Blackett, says it can take just one comment to push a gifted child into covering their talents.

“They will feel it. It will cut to the bone rather than be like water off a duck’s back.”

Parents who think their daughter may be gifted can have her tested by private psychologists or the GEC, which has branches around the country. Once a child is identified as gifted they gain access to the GEC’s special classes, and the acknowledgment can also help parents, and the child’s school, to better understand and work with them.

The GEC centres will hold open days in the third week of June, which is Gifted Awareness Week.

Sat 23rd May 2009

The rape culture of feminism

Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:33 pm

Do you remember these feminist quotes?

“All men are rapists and that’s all they are.”
Author; (later, advisor to Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign.) – Marilyn French

“I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.”

Ms. Magazine Editor. – Robin Morgan

Read more

No-one stopped to think this nonsense/theory might be a bad idea to throw tax paid money at. We have certainly come to a stage where 60-85% of rape claims are false by police statistics yet we keep hearing from rape crisis that less than a third of their callers have been to the police to lay charges.

And we have just had ‘rape week’ with the message that rape is preventable and people can do something positive about it.

Fri 22nd May 2009

Family First News

Fairer child deal sought
The Press 21 May 2009

Child-support payments may be changed to reflect the income of a parent’s new partner. The proposal is part of Revenue Minister Peter Dunne’s call for a review of the child-support scheme. Dunne said yesterday that he wanted to make the scheme “as even-handed as possible”. He said current payments did not take into account the financial situation of the new partner of the parent usually the mother with custody of the children. Payments were based on a percentage of the liable parent’s income.

“At the moment we take into account the non-custodial parent’s income but we don’t take into account the changed circumstances of the custodial parent, so if they’ve married a millionaire, for instance, we don’t take that into account,” Dunne said. “If on one side of the ledger everyone’s standard of living has significantly improved, then that clearly impacts what the non-custodial parent should be paying by way of support. You take a poor, struggling guy in the suburbs with three kids whose partner has run off with a millionaire. You can certainly say it’s a bit anomalous in a way for him to be paying a high level of child support to kids where the money is being used to pay for the upkeep of the kids’ ponies.”

While any changes would primarily affect men, there was a growing number of women who were non-custodial parents, he said. The Union of Fathers group said Dunne’s proposals did not go far enough. “Equal shared custody is the answer where everything to do with the child is shared equally time with them, contact with schools, financial support to provide for the child,” spokesman Darrell Carlin said.

Anti-Smacking Postal Referendum: July 31 – August 21 2009

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 4:11 pm

We need your help!
From Family First

In the first three weeks of August, NZ’ers will finally have a chance to have their say on Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking law.

It’s taken two years , the booting out of the previous government (which many commentators – even within the Labour party – attribute to this law), more than 300,000 signatures , and far too many good families who have been investigated, children disrupted and traumatised, and some parents even prosecuted because of the law.

This law treats a smack on the bottom from a loving parent equal to child abuse of the worst kind, and has put good parents raising law-abiding and responsible kids in the same category as rotten abusive parents.

Green MP Sue Bradford admitted that the law was never intended to solve the problem of child abuse. Only yesterday, the Law Society admitted that the anti-smacking law has made no difference to NZ’s unacceptable rate of child abuse.

Well, I want the problem of child abuse tackled — and I’m sure you do too .

Thu 21st May 2009

“How would you get your child back if he/she turns against you through PAS?”

Filed under: General — Mikey @ 10:09 am

 (Please do not list your past experiences or any criticisms, unless they are relevant to the point that is being made.) This is a guide written by dads that have suffered.

Wed 20th May 2009

Removing Children From Marital Home

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 8:28 pm

Removing Children From Marital Home (Shared Parenting)

When you consider this issue, starting from children’s needs, I believe that most married couples who might separate, are in the situation that their mental health and parenting skills aren’t so good that both could make a valid claim for sole custody.

Therefore, they would have to either arrange closely cooperating shared care, to be allowed to separate, or seriously risk having the children removed from them by CYFs.

Conversely, almost all of the happily married couples could separate, with either of them being fully capable of sole care of their children, as they are both in good mental health. (Would any of these people want to do this to their children or themself – NO!)

Children have been observed to select who they will model themselves on, this is not just set by who spends the most time with the child. In cases where both parents have poor parenting skills, but the children have significant ongoing contact with either family friends or wider family, the children may tend to model on these other adults. All of these relationships may be quite important to the children. Tearing up these relationships, at the whim of one parent (or familycaught “judge”) may be quite damaging.

Risk assessment in familycaught!!!!!!!!!!

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 9:09 am

Risk assessment is challenging, but is fast being put onto a reasonably scientific basis, in the real world, based on learning from past examples.

This is NOT rocket science, just common sense!!!!

Put the other way – there are none so blind, as will not see!

Assessing the risk, of a parent absconding with children, or retaining them in an overseas country has several well known risk factors:

1. psychiatric problems – in particular personality disorder (ie: poor parent skills)
2. mother 85% father 15% of such abductors
3. low commitment to the country the children are taken from
4. better family support in another country

Tue 19th May 2009

PAS yeah right!

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Mikey @ 8:47 pm

 PAS…yeah right? is this for real?

My child hates me. “I dont love you and I dont want you to be a part of my life I dont want to have anything to do with you, uncle, xxxx, xxxx and anyone who takes your side you ARE an unfit parent so stay away from me you CREEP leave me alone this is harassement. Leave me alone your you WILL be sorry”.

When I ask my ex wife when I can see my daughter she replies “she does not want to see you and I will not force her”.
Anyone familiar with this?

Jim Bagnall but not a Republican ??

Filed under: General — allan harvey @ 6:20 pm

I see Jim is a candidate for Mt Albert by election. However he is not flying a Republican banner, what gives?

In The News to Week 20, 2009 (Part Two)

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:52 pm

Yes Now Means No
The NRL sex scandal just keeps on going, essentially gossip that is creating real victims who are losing their careers and having their reputations associated with allegations no matter how unsupported by evidence. We are expected to believe that at least 17 top league players stood around or joined in raping a woman, then all colluded subsequently in a consistent lie depicting the sexual activity that evening as consensual. The NZ police investigated the complaint at the time and did not take it further. Why? Because the evidence did not support the rape claim. Yet Kim McGregor from Rape Crisis discusses the incident using terms such as sexual assault and rape as if it has been established that a rape happened. Her words are propaganda of the most insidious and dangerous kind. (more…)

In The News To Week 20, 2009 (Part One)

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:07 pm

You never have to wait long for news stories that highlight the misandry that has infected our belief system after decades of feminist propaganda. Although I only come across a small proportion of media sources, I need to break this week’s exposé into two posts and that doesn’t even include other glaring examples already submitted here by others. It’s a positive sign that journalists are drawing attention to some of these examples even though they seldom highlight the underlying gender issues. For this lot though I’ll start with some celebrations of men’s qualities.

Tue 12th May 2009

Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem

Filed under: General — Vman @ 6:13 pm

Fatherless America:
Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem
by David Blankenhorn

The United States is becoming an increasingly fatherless society. A generation ago, an American child could reasonably expect to grow up with his or her father. Today, an American child  can reasonably expect not to. Fatherlessness is now approaching a rough parity with fatherhood as a defining feature of American childhood.

This astonishing fact is reflected in many statistics, but here are the two most important. Tonight, about 40 percent of American children will go to sleep in homes in which their fathers do not  live. Before they reach the age of eighteen, more than half of our nation’s children are likely to spend at least a significant portion of their childhood living apart from their fathers. Never  before in this country have so many children been voluntarily abandoned by their fathers. Never before have so many children grown up without knowing what it means to have a father.

Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation.

Cabinet hotly debated Ms Rankin’s appointment.

Filed under: General — Vman @ 4:13 pm

Christine Rankin says she is “really surprised” by the reaction to her controversial appointment as a Families Commissioner.

United Future leader Peter Dunne, architect of the Families Commission, today lambasted the appointment as “a mistake” and called on Ms Rankin to reject the position.

Ms Rankin, who recently remarried for the fourth time, said today she had not expected the furore over her appointment.

Fri 8th May 2009

Whakatane peodophile given 9 months home detention.

Filed under: General — Vman @ 3:48 pm

A Whakatane woman who engaged in sexual acts with a troubled 13-year-old boy placed in her care by Child, Youth and Family Services felt so guilty she handed herself in to police.

The 31-year-old unemployed woman, whose name is suppressed, sobbed quietly in the dock as the case against her was heard in Whakatane District Court on Wednesday.

She was sentenced to nine months home detention.

Wed 6th May 2009

In The NZ News, Week 19, 2009

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:29 pm

Two 15-year-old schoolboys commit suicide within a week of each other, and police are investigating whether text or internet bullying contributed to their deaths. Why don’t they investigate the more likely stressors leading young men to commit suicide at epidemic rates that are much higher than those for women? I would suggest they start with: feminist male-denigration that is spread deliberately by most media, low social value placed on men’s lives as they die on their jobs, are thrown out of their homes at women’s behest and are thrown into prison for waving at their children, and male-blaming and male-denigrating domestic violence campaigns that are allowed to perpetrate gender discrimination when similar discrimination based on race would never be tolerated because it would be clearly recognized as unfairly damaging most of those it targets.

A NZ naval officer with almost 20 years’ experience and numerous good conduct badges and service medals has essentially lost his job on the basis of convictions entered by court-martial. (more…)

Family First newsletter (6/5/09)

Filed under: General — Julie @ 1:44 pm

Marriage Up, Divorce Down, Civil Unions Irrelevant
Family First Media Release 5 May 09

Family First NZ is welcoming the latest statistics on marriage, civil unions and divorce showing a declining rate of divorce, and an increasing number of marriages over the past decade. While the marriage rate has retained its demand and relevance, the demand for civil unions has been negligible. “The civil unions legislation has proved to be a complete white elephant,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ, “despite the claims by the previous government that it would supposedly strengthen human rights and support the choices of apparently 300,000 people who were not married but lived in stable relationships.” According to Statistics NZ data released today, there has been only 1,646 civil unions registered between April 2005 and March 2009 . These comprised 1,330 same-sex unions (594 male and 736 female) (80%), 312 opposite-sex unions and just four transfers from marriage. READ MORE
More Kiwis opting for marriage Stuff.co.nz READ MORE

Fathers’ depression ‘harms young’
BBC News 3 May 09

Children whose fathers have mental health disorders are likely to have psychiatric or behavioural disorders themselves, researchers warn. University of Oxford experts reviewed existing evidence and said, in the Lancet, there had been too much focus on mothers’ mental health issues. They said boys in particular could be affected if their father had depression or was an alcoholic. READ MORE

For more stories read Family First newsletter

Tue 5th May 2009

Dads and Sons

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 9:28 am

Raising a son is a big responsibility. No one can help a boy become a man more than his Dad.

The Parenting Place is offering an enjoyable night with speaker Ian Grant who will share lots of ways for you as a father to build ‘camaraderie’ and respect with your son. Fathers may know many of these but Ian has a wonderful way of presenting them and encouraging you as a parent as well as showing the funny side to parent and child relationships.

Address: The Parenting Place, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane. Auckland
Contact Info: The Parenting Place – 09 524 1387
Email: bookings@parentsinc.org.nz

Single Ticket Price: $10.00 (Admits one person)

Ian Grant: Founder and seminar speaker for Parents Inc., Ian is a highly sought after speaker. He is well known for his creativity and innovation in programming to young people and it is this freshness that comes through in his approach to parenting. Over the years Ian has developed and fronted both radio and television programmes and has written several books, including Fathers Who Dare Win, Parenting Teenagers-The White Water Rafting Years, Growing Great Boys, and Communicate.

Sun 3rd May 2009

Awareness-Raising Stickers

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:57 pm

I am planning to obtain some stickers to put on anti-male campaign posters etc. The stickers will be round and boldly say something like “THIS IS A MALE-BASHING CAMPAIGN”. For example, the White Ribbon Campaign posters, “Say No to Domestic Violence” posters, Women’s Refuge (break up your family as soon as you feel unhappy) propaganda pamphlets etc.

At the local hospital the other day there were various such posters up, including Women’s Refuge posters showing the Duluth “Power and Control Wheels”, highly discredited anti-male and anti-family propaganda. I also went into a shop recently that sold gifts and novelties and saw that a lot of their fridge magnets etc were highly denigrating of men, their intelligence and abilities, even advocating violence against men by women, in contrast to the ones about women that were all light-hearted and humourously complimentary.

A sticker or two on shops like that (including the Body Shop – see this MENZ post and others ) might also be helpful.

Wedlock Again – Biology rules over eternal pain

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 11:46 am


5:50am Saturday 2nd May 2009

THE founder of Fathers 4 Justice will wed his partner of four years today after vowing “never again” to get married.

Matt O’Connor, from Winchester, will marry Nadine Taylor, pictured, from Romsey, at Romsey Abbey.

They will wear handcuffs as a sign of their campaigning past and their commitment to each other.

Sat 2nd May 2009

Family Court Protest

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 6:22 pm

Thanks to Jim Bailey over at rationshed for the details of this events. I beleive Paul Catton from East Auckland Men’s Refuge has also helped organise it.

Citizens who have been shafted by the NZ Court are chaining themselves in front of the Auckland High Court on Thursday, 7 May, 9-11 am. It is a “Access to Justice is a fundamental right” protest to get press coverage in conjunction with the meeting that day on New Zealand’s submissions to the U.N. on its human rights record. Peaceful protest designed not to impede business but make a big visual impact.

Are you in the area and interested in participating?

Vince Siemer, MBA
Spartan News Limited
on-line NZ news: www.kiwisfirst.co.nz

Phone: 027 444 1218
Facsimile: 64 9 428-2521

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