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Fri 24th December 2010

Examples of the Pussy Pass in Action

Filed under: Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:56 pm

Here are several incredible examples of the pussy pass, sexist chivalry on display in our criminal justice system. (more…)

Wed 22nd December 2010

The Genderisation of Partner Violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Phil267 @ 5:45 pm

After reading other members’ contributions I thought you might like to read a presentation I gave at work about what I perceive as a bigotted and sexist attitude towards family violence with social service agencies, the media and society in general.


There appears to be a disturbing trend where males are typecast as the perpetrators of family violence and women are typecast as the victim. This typecast is so embedded into the modern culture of western society, and backed up by pop psychology, that people succumb to it without realising. There are several example of this inaccurate typecast. One example is where a Physiotherapist was totally shocked to hear that the incidence of partner violence is equal between men and women. I have heard a comment at a team meeting stating that women in relationships get violent only to defend themselves. I have heard a Social Worker mention that male on female violence is worse than female on male violence. Bob Geldof on the What About Me CD talks about how men are vilified in society and how it is a great shame.

Sun 19th December 2010

Wake Up

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:37 pm

Here is an acoustic version of a song I wrote some years ago and I am just now recording. The mp3 format reduces the sound quality, but anyway, this is the first ever published version of this song.

Fri 17th December 2010

Board of Shame

Filed under: General — Eric @ 6:44 pm

Still battling to see my kids via the Family Court. Not even getting a hearing date. I think the system is on its last legs.

Just had an idea. Has anybody thought about having a Board of Shame on the internet listing all the mothers that prevent fathers from seeing their offspring? I am interested to know if such a thing could be stopped and if so, how. Comments pse.

Sun 12th December 2010

Critics warn on pregnant mother alerts re abuse

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Domestic Violence,General,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 10:35 am

Whilst the public debate about child abuse in NZ has been somewhat distracted by deaths and horrific injuries to a very small number of children, the overall social vandalism of larger numbers of children is perhaps more disabling, in the territory of emotional neglect. Although emotional neglect leaves no bruises or broken bones and a few days of neglect is readily compensated for, months of neglect of babies leaves long lasting social damage, that so far has been extremely difficult to correct later on. Our prison building programme illustrates a small fraction of the total cost. Suicide gravestones illustrates another face of the cost of emotional neglect.

Men’s advocates have been slow to notice this distraction device. In some cases, the fathers would be equally unsatisfactory parents, as humans tend to assortively-mate. In most cases, the father of the emotionally neglected child can offer safer and more effective parenting, rather than remove the child from the parents completely, with all of the hazards and risks that this entails. The CYFs Act already provides for this, but in practice some social workers and “judges” fail to follow through with those clauses, perhaps due to unresolved problems with their own childhoods? Even more worrying, the manner of intervention by CYFs sometimes disables fathers from being able to care for their children, when they would have been capable if the intervention was appropriately sensitive to the situation. Pure vandalism.

Due to the apparent impossibility to rectify the damage done to babies and young children by sustained emotional neglect, rather draconian looking measures are required – to be sure that all children are being protected from this hazard. (Future research might discover methods of helping to correct for effects of childhood emotional neglect, but thus far this seems to be very elusive, Prevention is presently far more effective than trying to later cure.)

Sat 11th December 2010

More Misandrist Justice

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:38 am

A couple of interesting recent Court examples of minimization of women’s offending. Firstly, associated with the Murapara gangster murder of a teenager four additional people, three men and one woman were convicted of participating in a criminal group. (more…)

Mon 6th December 2010

Breach of justice as a Suicide Trigger

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 9:42 pm

Breach of justice as a Suicide Trigger
Please note that I am using justice in the sense of police investigation plus caught hearings.
Betrayal of trust can also be seen as being your own worst enemy, by misplacing your trust. Be streetwise!

Massive miscarriage of justice

By Louise Shorter, from insidetime issue November 2010

Legal action set to take place in the Court of Appeal in London could pave the way for hundreds of child pornography convictions, secured during Operation Ore, to be overturned in what is being described by campaigners as a massive miscarriage of justice.

Operation Ore, the codename for the police investigation which began in 2002, was launched after information supplied by US law enforcement agencies purported to show that more than 7,000 UK men used their credit cards to access online child pornography sites. It netted high profile figures such as The Who guitarist Pete Townshend and fed the nation’s fear that paedophilia is endemic throughout modern cyber-savvy society.

But the police operation which ran for more than five years is steeped in controversy, with critics claiming the computer database of users’ names and credit card details was riddled with fraud. Defence experts say the fraud being perpetuated was simple and effective: owners of websites including legal adult pornography re-used credit card details supplied to them to sign up for their illegal services, child pornography. Chris Saltrese, the solicitor representing Anthony O’Shea whose case will be heard at the Appeal Court this month, says: “there are hundreds of people who’ve been convicted of one of the worst crimes imaginable. Lives and families have been destroyed. But the evidence now shows that many of those convicted weren’t paedophiles at all. They were victims of straightforward online credit card fraud.”

Sun 5th December 2010

Survey on “Prenuptual” Agreements

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:52 am

I am conducting a survey on use and experience of “prenuptual” or relationship property agreements. I would be grateful if you could complete the survey and also if you would pass on the link to other people or groups so that I can get a meaningful sample. I welcome any comments about the survey itself, the questions etc, keeping in mind that the free version of the survey only allows 10 questions. You can access the survey here. Thanks all!

Thu 2nd December 2010

Should gender studies be scrapped?

I went back to school as an adult student to study business, with an accounting major in the hope of starting my own business a number of years back. While studying the last papers I phoned my tutor and said I was disappointed because I felt the amount of compulsory social papers took up time I could have been studying actual accounting in this fast evolving field.

I thought about complaining to the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) but came across either their site or another national accounting site that had already noticed what I had and from 2010 you only have 2 compulsory social papers.

Now don’t get me wrong, ……I have no problem learning about social issues. It’s just the WAY I have to learn them. Instead of a discussion or really thinking for myself, I had to write papers agreeing with theories already in place. That’s very frightening for gender studies IMO, and based on my experience, I’d scrap gender studies in a heartbeat because it’s built on ‘Feminist theories‘. In fact, it’s very devious to change women’s studies to gender studies and make out it’s for men too.

Amanda Fisher of The Dominion Post has an article titled ‘Axing gender studies ‘setback to rights” that has an opinion poll asking, “Is there still a place for gender studies at universities?” – And there’s quite a number of interesting comments with men being mostly concerned men’s study should be things that concern men like work deaths instead of how they can serve women’s wants and needs.

It’s great to see men sticking up for themselves these days, yet they’re not alone.

Back in September 2010, German’s Family Minister Kristina Schröder in charge of women’s issues slammed feminists and their theories.

Wed 1st December 2010

Suicide awareness and prevention presentation

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 3:49 pm

I thought I’d put this up here because it’s become a big event and men’s representative Jim Bagnall is presenting something special about fathers plight and suicide and by the looks of it Murray will be video taping the event. Also, I chased up a teenager who left a comment on a post by Mike in May 2008 and then met up with the mother the article was about. She [Maria Bradshaw] is remarkable and already changes are taking place in New Zealand regarding suicide awareness.

We’d love for men and women who read this site to come along and support as well as learn some.

ORGANISATIONS are banding together in the battle against suicide, which claims more Kiwi lives per year than the road toll and you are invited to come listen to speakers sensitive to the subject and the latest unfortunate events in Papakura.

Debbie Swanwick, of the Auckland Single Parents Trust, says East Auckland has the highest rate of suicide of men aged 40-60 in the western world.

Suicide prevention group Casper and the trust are holding a public meeting to share personal stories, current practices and other options to try reduce the number of people who take their own lives.

The meeting will take place on Sunday, December 5, from 3-6pm at the Senior Citizens Hall, 8 East Street, Papakura.

Casper, which stands for Community Action on Suicide Prevention Education and Research, was co-founded by Maria Bradshaw, who has been campaigning for suicide awareness and change since the death of her son, Toran Henry, at the age of 17 in 2008.

Jim Bagnall, of Project Reunion, who has worked with more than 10,000 fathers and mothers dealing with separations over the past 12 years, will present “The Black Hole”, a place people reach prior to taking their own lives. “People naturally revert to their instinctual level where self harm or harm to others can take place”, he says. “The system to some degree is not coping and experiences can fill in the gaps”.

Other speakers include representatives of Counties Manukau Mental Health and a secondary school student who has experienced depression.

The meeting will coincide with the opening of the South Auckland division of Auckland Single Parents Trust, and will start with a performance by dance group The Geeks.
For enquiries, email info@singleparents.org.nz

Tue 23rd November 2010

Pike River Mine Disaster

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:41 am

Although a minority of news reports use the term “men” to refer to the miners, I have not come across one discussion of men’s roles in maintaining the infrastructure of our privileged lifestyle, or the fact that men have always comprised very close to 100% of workplace deaths in NZ.

Today I sent the following note to the acting minister of Women’s Affairs: (more…)

Sun 21st November 2010

Cutting access to jury trials

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 5:42 pm

Simon Power has tried to cultivate an image of being an active Minister of Justice.

Jury trials ruled out for smacking

He is in stark contrast to previous Ministers of Justice, such as Phil-(Peter Ellis)-Goff (who was inconsequential and seemed to follow official’s advice and contribute no initiatives himself) and The-Right-Honourable-Douglas-Graham [legal-worker] (who introduced the Domestic Violence Act — which has contributed $100s of millions to legal-worker’s incomes, driven so many men’s suicides and probably saved under 10 women’s and children’s lives).


Simon Power’s knee jerk reactions might look good to voters who don’t stop to think about the long term consequences, in terms of reducing the quality of “justice: in NZ.

Certainly, I perceive the caught system in general as being more closely related to public blood sport entertainment, than delivery of good quality justice, first time round.

Similarly, I suggest that Simon Power’s contributions are more cosmetic than substantial.

Simply cutting out the right to access a jury trial will save — in the short term — considerable cost. In the longer term, I suspect that it will significantly increase costs to Government, in terms of payouts for wrongful imprisonment, for example David Dougherty and Arthur Allan Thomas.

On top of these financial costs to Government, are the larger costs imposed onto innocent citizens, by slandering of their name and years lost to wrongful imprisonment, after defective investigations and trials.

Requesting “judges” to follow existing laws?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 9:41 am

Trust in “judges”

The USA Government provides lowest tolerable level benefits for returning war veterans. Although these “benefits” are provided, to pay for ongoing more essential and basic medical needs for the war damaged veteran, wives who Ex-ed after they became aware of the degree of damage, have been awarded half of the veteran benefit, in divorce settlements.

For better or for worse……

Although the “judges” can only legally divide assets and not income received after the divorce and the benefit is not income, they have been including the Government veteran benefits as assets in the division calculation.

This then leaves the veteran with barely half of the minimum tolerable level of Government support and thus not able to pay for legal defense of their situation.

The Arizona Governor (a woman!) has passed an additional law, to require State “judges” to follow the Federal laws on division of assets and income, in divorce cases.

What would these “judges” give to the second ex-wife and what would the veteran be left with after a second asset division?
In equity, should the veteran be able to claim from his ex-wife, to the degree that his ongoing needs are not met by Government benefits?
There really is a need, for sensible, simple as possible, workable legislation….

How realistic is it, to pass an additional law “requesting” “judges” to follow existing laws?

2 Governors Sign F & F-Inspired Bills to Protect Disabled Parents from Family Court Abuses

My suggestion is that the time has come to dismiss the more erratic “judges” and recruit people who are able and willing to follow legislation.

Sat 20th November 2010

Competently addressing men’s suicide as well as women’s

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 9:56 pm

I and other contributors on MENZ have criticised NZ suicide researchers for showing relatively scant interest or care in younger middle aged men’s suicides, particularly if not coloured. This criticism seems to apply to all NZ suicide research published in the last 20 years. Although some commentators put this down to callous disregard for men, I see it as being controlled by successive Government’s funding manipulation, rather than the personal proclivities of the researchers.

Similarly, although “judge boshier” has publicly acknowledged a small part of familycaught “judge’s” roles in triggering parental suicides, it really looked more like a partial admission to allay public suspicion about the history, scale and extent of this problem for children. Killing by “kindness” and plunder, as a substitute for helping? From a consumer’s perspective, this process may be viewed as “service failure”.

I recently attended a World Suicide Day at Auckland University Tamaki Campus.

The main focus was on women’s attempted suicide and maori men’s suicide. The only person who spoke of having any interest in younger middle aged men’s suicide issues, was another attendee, who (like me) does not work in the qualified medical field.

They sounded to me to be interested in attempted suicide presentations at hospital ie what puts itself down on a bed in front of them, and totally ignoring those being ceaselessly buried down the road, around the bend!

To my very pleasant surprise, recent UK publications DO show a working and energetic interest in all of the groups showing up larger than life in suicide and unexplained death statistics, including weakly coloured younger middle aged men!

Protection Order

Filed under: General — ngapuhistylz2010 @ 4:23 pm

What can you do if what she says are lies

Fri 19th November 2010

Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith Inaugural Lecture

Filed under: Men's Health,Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 10:28 am

On 23rd September my wife Felicity delivered her Inaugural Lecture at Auckland University’s Tamaki Campus. This is now available on video.

In parts one and two she talks about how her career has developed and the projects she is currently working on, which will mostly be of interest to those of you who have met her, or have a specific interest in primary healthcare research.

MENZ readers with limited time or attention spans should skip directly to part three, where she talks about her troubled relationship with DSAC – Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care.

Part One


Tue 16th November 2010

False Memories

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:57 pm

The intense scientific and courtroom debates in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, referred to as “the memory wars”, have largely settled now because of the large amount of research demonstrating beyond doubt that, through a variety of simple influences, children and adults can easily develop memories for events that never happened and that existing memories are vulnerable to distortion (Newman & Lindsay, 2009). A number of models and mechanisms for false memory creation have been explored. The “backward causal inference error” (e.g. Lyons et al, 2010) is especially relevant to recent discussions on MENZ about “recovered memories”. (more…)

Tue 9th November 2010

Peter Hodgson’s Misandry

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:10 pm

Peter Hodgson, Labour Party Defence Spokesman yesterday showed how well he was trained in misandry under Helen Clark’s tutorship. He was interviewed on National Radio Morning Report about the SAS doing a training day for a group of businessmen in order to raise money for a trust fund helping soldiers’ families. Here is an excerpt from his comments (words in italics were emphasized by him in a sarcastic tone):

…there is no benefit on taking grown up boys on a day’s tour through rifle shooting and target shooting and being locked in a darkened room whilst people are silently removed from that room because they might be suspected terrorists and all this sort of (pause) boys own day. I mean that is simply grown up boys with a little more money than sense…

Whether or not one agrees with Mr Hodgson’s criticisms of the Defence Force, I took exception to his implication that men’s activities deserve scorn simply because they are of interest to males. (more…)

Wed 3rd November 2010

Big Buddies for boys with ‘violent’ fathers

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 12:57 pm

Dear John Potter

In February last year you wrote a comment supporting the Big Buddy organisation, in which you said that buddies would not be assigned to boys with a father present, but excluded by the Family Court.

That’s certainly what I believed when I became involved.

But now I hear on the grapevine that this may not be the case – that boys may be given buddies because their father is deemed “violent” or “abusive”.

I haven’t seen anything official about this yet, but I am deeply concerned that what I believed was a core principle of the organisation may not always be upheld.

Please don’t use my name if you make this public.

Empty Pushchair Attacks Whitehall – again

Filed under: Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 9:27 am

Fathers Need Families UK are organising a march on Whitehall, to support shared parenting and a less profit driven family law (ie less adversarial) approach in UK.

Such an approach would improve the situation of children, rather than financially pilfering and socially damaging families, as familycaughts in UK and NZ are currently operating.

This brings to mind the empty wheelchair image used effectively by Wayne Pruden, a few years ago, on his march from Hamilton to Wellington. Wayne’s march and the UK march are both midwinter!

Have a look at Fathers Need Families website, there is a lot of good parenting and political information on it.
Families Need Fathers

Beside, Wayne’s call for an enquiry into the operation of familycaught in NZ is just as necessary today, as when Wayne made the call previously.

In fact, the entire caught system in NZ is desperate for remedial work, on cost, quality, timeliness and performance.

This is a big ask, as the largest single job group in Parliament, are legal-workers.
Wayne’s call was asking them to act against their own financial interests and they refused absolutely!
Their refusal was effected in several separate small pieces, so as to attract the minimum of public attention. Wayne’s petition was finally scuttled by National, shortly after they took power. The initial refusal, well really doing no without actually saying no directly and honestly, was done by the dying Labour administration.
This type of situation is called “conflict of interest”.

Are un-managed conflicts of interest hazardous to our children and our wealth?

There are many other articles on MENZ, covering conflict of interest situations. You can find them by entering conflict of interest into the search field, at the top right of this page.

It seems that the public must put a large amount of pressure onto our politicians, to protect our families interests, from the voracious money appetites of legal-workers and their families.

Fri 29th October 2010

Important Radio Broadcast

Filed under: General — amfortas @ 2:10 am

Our good friend James Williams in the UK has a radio program in Portsmouth, called “Men’s Matters”.

Online at expressfm.com

His current broadcast is exceptional. Please listen to it via the link above and email your supportive comments to the radio station.

Thu 28th October 2010

MY LIE: A True Story of False Memory by Meredith Maran

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 10:03 am

Hello, I’m the author of a new book about my false accusation against my father, and thought you might like to know about it/post it on your site.
MY LIE cover

Here’s the page on Amazon.uk

And here’s my website page with details about the book: meredithmaran.com

Meredith Maran lived a daughter’s nightmare. At age 37, she accused her father of sexual abuse. Eight years later she realized, nearly too late, that he was innocent.

Maran wasn’t alone. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, a sex-abuse panic spread across the country, beginning with the infamous McMartin preschool trial. Tens of thousands of Americans became convinced that they’d repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, and then recovered those memories in therapy. Hundreds were falsely accused. Families were destroyed.

MY LIE is the story of this modern-day witch-hunt as it played out in one woman’s life and family. It’s also a tightly wound psychological, cultural, and neuroscientific portrait of a shameful time in recent American history.

Wed 27th October 2010

CSAct Impact onto Separated Parenting Relationships

Filed under: Child Support — MurrayBacon @ 6:30 pm

Economics versus Parenting Values

To care for children, at the lowest cost, favours larger family groups and specialising in the provision of services and earning. As separation will incur large additional housing costs, there will be increased pressure to cut other spending, especially on the children.

By contrast, good quality parenting requires that both parents make a fairly large contribution of their time and personal skills to the upbringing of their children. Although specialisation improve economic efficiency, the children benefit from the redundancy in personality and skills of their parents (and wider family too).

Thus, separation increases the conflict between economic pressure and the resources needed for the best development of the children.

The solution which best protects children’s interests, is to facilitate honest, well informed negotiation on parenting issues between the parents, on as equal basis as is reasonably possible. One aspect of this is to have a rebuttable assumption of shared parenting.

Child Support Act – Accountability Between Parents

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 11:45 am

The Child Support Act was ostensibly passed into legislation, to try to stem the rapid increase in the cost of the Domestic Purposes benefit (DPB), by trying to pass on this cost to the fathers of the children.

Rather than directly address the people making the decisions, that led to the DBP being drawn, the Government generalised the tax target to all Non Custodial Parents (NCP), whether in fact they were currently making reasonable financial provision for their ex-spouse and children, or not. The Child Support Act (CSA) mixed together two distinct groups, one where the Custodial Parent (CP) was drawing DPB and the other where the CP was not drawing the DPB.

Mon 25th October 2010

Anti-Feminist Meeting in Switzerland

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:50 am

Around the world men are waking up to the fraud of feminism and a gathering snowball of activism is rolling. This European meeting is supported by conscious men in Sweden, long recognized as a leading cesspit of female privilege and male enslavement. The translation is poor but you will get the picture.

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