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Sun 30th May 2010

Maintaining Proportional Representation in NZ

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 10:40 am

Men are a significant minority of citizens in NZ. Due to fragmentation in the way that they perceive their interests, they don’t lobby effectively, to protect their own interests. This bill could have positive or negative effects on men’s influence on legislation and also on the supervision of the caughts.

Wed 26th May 2010

Holocaust in Hollow Court or ‘How the Nelson Family Court and Nelson Law Society cover up crimes committed by their own’.

Filed under: General — MAX @ 2:54 pm

Part 2

When I first applied for contact a Counsel for Child (CfC) was appointed and straight away his first report was so biased that I had to put a complaint to the Court about it.

CfC realized I was new to the FC game and among other things he first tried to tell me that I shouldn’t apply for guardianship, it wasn’t important, I should just concentrate on contact.

On another day he tried to tell me that I could only have one Mediation Conference (I ended up having 3) and then we would have to go to a Hearing and file affidavits…. (Scare tactic, other party having lawyer, not me).

Then on another occasion I heard him talk to the other party and her lawyer in Court behind a partition wall and the other party complaining about me wanting more contact and CfC saying:

‘…. he would see what he could do….’(now it started clicking…).

A few month later (more…)

Father’s protests over Child, Youth and Family

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 10:37 am

Over the past few months there have been fathers protesting outside Family Courts, CYFS offices (child, youth and family) on both North and South islands, Prime Minister John Key’s home and MP Paula Bennett’s office.

It’s a group led by a father going through a terrible ordeal to save his daughter’s life in a CYFS case with the support of his sister who cares very dearly not just for her niece but that CYFS policies are anti fathers. They’ve gained the support from both radical and moderate father’s advocates and activists as well as extended their own support to include other fathers (and mothers) going through similar ordeals in custody battles.

Tue 25th May 2010

The Greens want to increase child tax and they admit it.

Filed under: Child Support — Vman @ 4:06 pm

The NZ Green Party is a far left socialist party first, a feminist party second and only then is it a green party. This is why they are mostly vocal about socialist policies rather than environmental ones.

A word of advice when divorcing… “stuff”.

Filed under: General — Vman @ 2:40 pm

When we separated my ex-wife moved out of the house. There was a lot of “stuff” in the house. I decided right from when we first agreed to separate that she could have any “stuff” she wanted, except my CDs and tools.

Mon 24th May 2010


Filed under: General — MAX @ 2:17 pm

Part 1

Fact sheet:  Cover up by 3 Judges, Law Society, Judicial Complaints Commissioner, of serious crime committed by 2 Counsel for Child. Illegal Specialist Report Writer, corrupt 2.report writer, deceiving of report writer by Counsel for Child, blackmailing of parent by Counsel for Child with contact to child, sanctioning by Court of unlawful action by Counsel for Child, Court deceiving the public for at least 9 years, Judge violating Law of Court…. and more

  1. Lets start with the most clear-cut violation by the Family Court in Nelson:

An illegal Specialist Report Writer who has been writing S133 reports for the Family Court for 30 years. (more…)

Wed 19th May 2010

The cost of raising children

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 2:20 pm

Peter Dunne has acknowledged that a formula assessment based on gross income to calculate Child Support (Tax) is unfair and can  produce crippling payment levels.

He intends to replace it with a formula based on the findings his departmental researchers have concocted on the cost of raising children. (more…)

Thu 13th May 2010

Dunne will be on NewsTalkZB Shortly

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:21 am

Peter Dunne will be talking about child support changes on the Wellington NewstalkZB morning show with Justin DeFresene.

Listen live here (select Wellington feed) http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/streaming/listenlivewindow/

Listen and call if you can.



Wed 12th May 2010

s133 Reporting

Filed under: General — jamestuts @ 1:51 pm

This is my first posting to this site. My post is anonymous, solely to protect the identities of my family. I am a father/grandfather, and shall respect the aims of this site, at all times.

Some background. I have 3 adult children, one son has a current case with the Family Court. The situation he faces is complicated by a s133 report that appears at variance with the actual experiences of our family and other supporting affidavits. (more…)

Dunne’s Platitudes on Child Support

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 1:42 pm


Dunne’s Platitudes on Child Support offer no relief to parents and children.

“Despite repeated promises Revenue Minister Peter Dunne has failed to bring about change to the Child Support Act 1991, which Dunne himself describes as unfair, inflexible and resulting in financially crippling payments. Nothing changes and mums and dads have had enough.” Says Jim Nicolle spokesperson for Fair and Reasonable.

“Let’s be blunt. Parents have had enough of the broken promises to fix the mess that is the Child Support Act 1991. Despite years of reasoned lobbying the fundamental issues remain and the stage is rapidly approaching where the only solution that a growing number of mums and dads can see is non violent direct action against the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers to encourage them to bring about a fair and reasonable child support scheme. Responded Nicolle when asked how Fair and Reasonable plans to effect change.

“All struggling parents hear is rhetoric, broken promises from Peter Dunne and delaying tactics from the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The fundamental issues with the current Child Support Act are well documented and it appears that paralysis by analysis grips the Government. Fair and Reasonable encourages all Parents impacted by Child Support to write to the Prime Minister and Cabinet demanding change now. The response from John Key and his Cabinet over the next two months will decide if we need to escalate to non violent direct action.“ Responded Nicolle when asked what action Parents could take.

“It’s in the hands of those the Prime Minister and Cabinet to take action now or to face an escalating campaign of non violent direct action until they deliver a fair and reasonable child support scheme. Concluded Nicolle.

Contact Details

Jim Nicolle



Peter Dunne all talk and no action

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:28 am

Thanks to Allan Harvey and the UOF for responding to Radio New Zealand – who I understand  picked up  the story from the  MENZ website posts (Act 1 and Act 2)

The story aired on Morning Report this morning .

Dunne is still doing nothing – 7 years of broken promises and an intransigent Cabinet that appears to ignore him and is more interested in collecting debt than the impact of this unworkable, unfair and unreasonable scheme.

Please email your reasoned comments and stories  ON CHILD SUPPORT LAW REFORM to morningreport@radionz.co.nz

We have a small start in bringing pressure for reform on Cabinet lets maximise the oppurtunity.



Mother Prostitutes Daughter. What Sentence?

Filed under: General — amfortas @ 2:19 am

A MOTHER prostituted her 12-year-old daughter so she could pay off her home loan and buy a couple of Commodores, a court has heard.

The mother, of Glenorchy in Tasmania, who cannot be named for legal reasons, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Hobart Supreme Court to unlawfully procuring sex with a child, being the commercial operator of a sex business and receiving a fee derived directly from sexual services provided by a child, The Mercury reports.

Crown Prosecutor Daryl Coates told the court the 41-year-old woman and Gary John Devine had decided to prostitute the girl when the woman complained she was short of money.

Devine has been jailed for 10 years after he admitted his part in selling the girl for sex to more than 100 men over a four-week period in August and September last year.

At the time the girl and another younger sister were under protective orders. The order was due to end in October but she was allowed to return to her mother’s care in June.

The court heard that the mother complained to Devine and her daughter that she did not have enough money and that someone had stolen cash out of her purse.

Mr Coates said Devine then suggested the 12 year old could become a prostitute which the pair agreed to.

After an advertisement was placed in The Mercury the next day offering the girl as “Angela, 18, new in town”.

A room at the Midcity Hotel was then booked by the mother and a key was given to Devine.

Mr Coates said the mother then went and bought two packets of condoms for her daughter to use during her two-day dealing in the hotel where she was sold for $100 for half-an-hour and an extra $50 for men who did not want to use a condom.The court heard the girl made $2000 a day.

The court also heard that Devine remained with the girl during the two-days, knocking on the door to advise the men their time was up.

While he waited he also drank all of the mini-bar in the room, a matter the mother later complained of because she did not receive her room deposit back as a consequence.

Mr Coates said the mother was asked by her older 15-year daughter where the 12-year-old was.

“I can’t say, I’ll get into trouble, no one is meant to know,” the woman replied at the time.

She said: “It doesn’t matter, we’re going to get money out of it and we’re going to get two Commodores, one for you and one for your sister.”

When questioned about the matter again by the older daughter the mother confessed saying: “she’s lying on her back working for money in the city … we’ll be able to pay off the house and get the car window fixed.”

The court heard the woman was paying $180 per fortnight off her home loan that she had received from the Commonwealth Bank.
However the mother had re-drawn on the loan about five years earlier during a period of heavy drug use, to complete renovations on her home.

However, the money was instead used to buy drugs.

Mr Coates said the money made through the prostitution was split between Devine, the woman and the girl, who spent her share on drugs.

The sex business then continued at Devine’s home where the mother would bring supplies of personal lubricant and condoms for her weekly work from Thursdays and Sundays.

Read more on this story at The Mercury.

He said the girl had since been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases including genital warts and chlamydia.

The mother initially denied knowledge of the business in two separate police interviews.

She finally admitted her role in the crime when she was charged in February this year.

The woman’s defence lawyer Rochelle Mainwaring said the crimes were “horrendous” and her client was struggling to comprehend what she had done.

However, Ms Mannering said her client had been struggling with drug abuse and depression at the time of the offences.

The woman sobbed in the dock throughout the hearing as the details of her crimes were read to the court.

Justice Peter Evans adjourned the sentencing until Friday.

Now, one has to ask. What sort of sentence would be appropriate for this excuse for a mother?

The man was given ten years but he was hired by her and she was the instigator. She was the child’s mother.

And what of the Minister? The child was ‘in care’, a Ward of the State. The Minister, who washed hands and sent the child back to the mother ‘early’, was neglectful at the least and culpably negligent at the best – and possibly an accessory to sexual abuse and procurement.

But ‘wrong’ Minister, of course. A ‘church’ minister would have been dragged through the press by now.

Tue 11th May 2010

IRD demanded money from man in a coma

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:06 am

The wife of a Taranaki man left with brain damage after a vicious attack says Inland Revenue continued to demand child support payments from him as he lay in a coma.Brendan Hareb and his neighbour, Duncan Transom, were beaten after they confronted a group of young people smashing letterboxes in Eltham in 2006.

Along with a fractured skull and brain damage, Mr Hareb lost an eye, his hearing in one ear, the use of an arm and his short-term memory.Yesterday, Mr Hareb’s wife, Sarah, said Inland Revenue continued to charge her husband child support and late payment penalties as he lay unconscious in hospital.

“I was fighting it while he was unconscious but there was no compassion from them,” she said. “They told me he still had to pay. It was up to his ex-partner to decide if she didn’t want to apply for it.”Mrs Hareb, who contacted the Taranaki Daily News after reading of another couple’s wrangle with red tape yesterday, said repeated calls to Inland Revenue to plead her unconscious husband’s case all had the same result.

“They didn’t want to listen.

Mon 10th May 2010

Child Support IRD Errors

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 4:18 pm

Despite claiming they are improving IRD still stuffs it up.

A New Plymouth couple emerging from an expensive 18-month battle with the tax man over child support payments are wondering how many others are in the same boat.

To get to the start of Shaun and Megan Dymond’s costly story you have to go back to their wedding day on December 15, 2008 and then the birth of their son in October 2009.With Mr Dymond already paying child support for two children from a previous relationship, the couple knew they had to notify Inland Revenue of their changes in circumstance.

The couple said Mr Dymond telephoned Inland Revenue on various occasions to tell them about both of these events.However, his child support payments continued to be assessed as a single man without a child because the Inland Revenue had not received notice of the changes in writing.

But IRD seem confused as :  “They called to say they had found my family support application from December 2008 which my husband had signed and they could use that as written notification. They said it was a bit unusual but if it’s deemed to be written notification by them I don’t see why it’s unusual,” she said.

 I’m sure there are many of these cases.



Does Respect Deliver Dividends?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 1:48 pm

I have enjoyed watching MENZ recently become more positively oriented and a big drop in destructive criticism. I value this greatly, as the destructive fights that have occurred deter many knowledgeable people from taking part in debates and offering their experience.

Purely destructive fights also tend to devalue the material on this site, to casual readers. The destructive fights have often occurred between people, who are substantially in agreement, but will fight for mutual image annihilation, over trivial points and misunderstandings. A private EMAIL can defuse such potential disputes, rather than washing dirty linen in public.

What do people want, to move forward, or to destroy their own mates reputations?

I am not sure if this improvement is due to more active and stringent moderation, or to a lift in the spirits of people who contribute?

I don’t deny that a pressure cooker style steam release valve is valuable for many people. I have needed it many times.

However, if we hope to have a collective voice with a little public influence, then respect being given is a necessary foundation.

If we cannot help solve the other guy’s problem, then the other guy isn’t going to allow our problem to be solved.

I applaud Dave, Hans Laven, Scrap and the other creative, active contributors!

best regards, MurrayBacon.

Sun 9th May 2010

Was she even charged?

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Vman @ 3:24 pm

This woman turned a man’s life upside down with her false rape complaint. A truely hideoous crime in our society.

Predictably the news paper report critises the victim for being unwilling to face his tormentor. At no point are we even told that the criminal was even charged with anything let alone sentanced.

Then there is this case currently before the courts. What’s the bet she gets slaped with a wet bus ticket?
What sort of justice system is this?

Like all serious crimes it is an international problem. It is just much more common in western feminised countries where there are little if any consequences.

Where are all the feminists who claim feminism is about equality? Predictably slient.
Feminism is not about equality.

Falsely accused men have their lives ruined even after they are proven not guilty. Take Clint Rickards for example.

I digress.

This woman not only made a false complaint but also fabricated evidence to try to make it stick.

Flase rape claims are an increasing trend and they almost destroy men’s lives. They are also another good reason to join the marriage strike.

We need a special crime of making a knowingly false rape complaint. This is a serious crime. Until we get it – we must treat rape allegations with very serious sceptisim. According to one feminists own data, only 2% of rape complaints are proven. Clearly then the vast majority are false allegations. In fact rape statistics have become so politically twisted you can’t believe hardly any of them. We do know that at least 40% are false. That is far too high for a crime that ruins men’s lives. There must be a consequences for the accused. Talk about power and control!

For more information start with these pages:



There is a host of other reasources and discussion out there.

Fri 7th May 2010

Human Rights Commission Determined to Spread Misandry

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:48 am

I wrote a letter recently to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and I have now received their reply, as follows. Below that I offer my thoughts and encourage men to join me in challenging the HRC.

Thu 6th May 2010

pauls-news is now on Facebook

Filed under: General — Darryl Ward @ 9:23 pm

We are all here to offer support to each other through the difficult times many of us face through the family court system.

Some may be having problems with CYP’s, IRD and need support.

This group is open to all males and female within New Zealand and worldwide.


Please visit if you area Facebook member.

The law

Filed under: General — Vman @ 2:30 pm

Some people think that:

– Citizens should not be torn from their homes and children in the middle of the night based on nothing more than hearsay.

– Men and women should not be presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence.

– A secret tribunal should not have the power to force a man from his home without notice or hearing.

– Police should not have the right to enter and search a citizen’s home without a warrant.

– Citizens should not be imprisoned based only on hearsay.

– Citizens should not be more afraid of the police than they are of criminals.

– A legal system that tolerates perjury and the subornation of perjury can not produce justice.

– Men should not be censured by public officials for crimes they have not committed.

– Men and women should not be made to work as indentured servants or held in thrall to others for acts they have not committed.

NZ ranks 6th.

Filed under: General — Vman @ 2:08 pm

According to this source, New Zealand has the 6th highest divorce rate in the world.

In several countries the overall numbers of divorces are slightly reducing just recently. However this is primarily because the number of marriages are reducing.

At the same time the amount of traffic on the internet shows that men are discussing the sexist injustices of divorce more and more.

Here is one such article:
“Consider this: statistically, the first person to file for divorce usually wins. While 70% of all divorces are initiated by women, 85 to 90% of custody awards go to the women. The numbers alone reveal the ugly truth when it comes to men: marriage has become a gamble in which the odds are heavily against us.

Family courts have become synonymous with tragedy and injustice. Once made to protect women from deadbeat dads, these courts are making a mockery of fairness by being instruments of disgrace for men and families.”

Tue 4th May 2010

Child Support and the Key Cabinet (Act 2)

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 7:50 pm

If your a liable or custodial parent  and want change to the Child Tax Act 1991 you are at the right page to start.

Read Child Support and the Key Cabinet (Act 1 )first this will help you understand why we must begin a campaign to get Cabinet to take action to reform child support law so that it is fair and reasonable.

The first part of achieving change is to take a straight forward easy action and encourage every one you can think of – friends, families, workmates, your parents …. to take that action.

That action is the beginning of  campaign for reform. It is very important that the action is consistent. We don’t want everyone spouting off on their own agenda and diluting the message. Diluting the message diminishes the value of the action.

Now is the time to send a message to John Key and his Cabinet. This message needs to be sent by snail mail. No postage is required to send letters to Cabinet Ministers.

The message is simple.

(Your address here) 

 (Insert Cabinet Minister Name)

(Insert Cabinet Minister Portfolio)

C/O Parliament Buildings
Freepost Parliament
P O Box 18888
Wellington 6160

 (Today’s Date)

 Dear Minister,

 My family and I have been waiting for a considerable time for reform of the fundamentally flawed Child Support Act 1991.

 Peter Dunne advises:

 “I can tell you that substantial work has recently been undertaken on aspects of the child support system, such as considering the income of both parents and the costs of raising children in New Zealand.  However, Cabinet for the time being has decided to defer further consideration of the issues. In light of that decision I am currently giving further consideration to the matter and hope to be in a position to submit  fresh proposals to the Cabinet in the next little while.”  Hon Peter Dunne

 This letter is to advise you that my family and I are appalled at your failure act upon the advice you have received.

 We urge you to ask cabinet to reconsider changes to the child support scheme to rectify the fundamental flaws.

 We have waited a long time for promised reform that addresses the fundamental flaws  of the Child Support Act 1991and failure by Cabinet to act leaves us with little option but to consider non-violent direct action against the Prime Minister and Cabinet members until Cabinet changes its mind.

 I hope you understand our frustration with the National Government and its failure to act in this matter.

 Yours sincerely

 (Your Name and Signature Here)

DONT DILUTE THE MESSAGE  – type or print your letters, put them in an envelope, address them and send them.

Once you have done this send an email to fairandresonable@gmail.com listing the Ministers who you sent the letters to, the date sent.  This email address will be used to manage the campaign going forward.

This is a first step. In  good faith we are asking John Key and his Cabinet to reconsider their position. Lets aim to get liable and custodial parents, their partners, families and friends to send letters.



A list of the Cabinet can be found here.

News Update

Filed under: General — Vman @ 3:56 pm

USA: CLEVELAND Officers received a call before dawn Thursday from a 15-year-old boy, who said his mother makes his sister tie his brother up every night or she gets beaten.

They say they found the younger boy on the floor with his hands and feet bound behind his back with tape and a shoelace around his neck. They say his feet were tied to the table.

Police say the boy’s discolored hands indicate he may have been tied up for some time.

The mother and a man were asleep. They were taken into custody. No charges have been filed. Nine children have been placed in county custody.

A woman facing 21 charges of assault against five children has admitted she smacked them.

Tafailagi Su’a, 30, pleaded not guilty in Auckland District Court today to 13 charges of assault with a weapon and eight of assault on the children when they were in her care in 2008 and 2009.

Opening the case for the Crown, prosecutor Anna Longdill said Su’a regularly assaulted five children in her care with kicks, slaps and pinches.

She also assaulted them with various weapons, including a shoe, a belt, a vacuum cleaner pipe and a roll of plastic wrap, a jury was told.

All the children were under 14 when the alleged offences occurred between July 2008 and May 2009.

The children had been put into the accused’s care in July 2008, after their mother seriously assaulted them on numerous occasions. They were removed from the accused’s care a year later.


Meanwhile the inquest into the torture and murder of Nia Glassie
still hasn’t even mentioned the fact that Nia Glassie’s father was shut out of the picture and this was a crucial factor in the outcome.

Apparently in feminist New Zealand it is up to 15 year old sons to stop their own mothers from drink driving.

On a more positive note we finally have a case where a woman has been jailed for falsely accusing a mentally impaired man of rape. She talked her own daughter into making the false allegation. Ironically the man’s mental disability probably saved him in the end. He was probably seen by the police as more vulnerable than some ordinary man.

Mon 3rd May 2010

Child support and the Key Cabinet (Act 1)

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:48 pm

Peter Dunne advises:

 “I can tell you that substantial work has recently been undertaken on aspects of the child support system, such as considering the income of both parents and the costs of raising children in New Zealand.  However, Cabinet for the time being has decided to defer further consideration of the issues. In light of that decision I am currently giving further consideration to the matter and hope to be in a position to submit  fresh proposals to the Cabinet in the next little while.”  Hon Peter Dunne

Its important you understand what the Cabinet is:

Cabinet is the central decision making body of executive government. It reconciles Ministers’ individual responsibilities with their collective responsibility and is the ultimate arbiter of all government policy.

 Or as the Cabinet Manual States

Cabinet is the central decision-making body of executive government. It is a collective forum for Ministers to decide significant government issues and to keep colleagues informed of matters of public interest and controversy.

 We know that Cabinet for the time being has decided to defer further consideration of the issues.  Put bluntly after years of dicking us around Dunne has failed, despite repeated promises, to deliver a fair and reasonable Child Support system.

It is safe to assume that for the Cabinet needs motivation to  “consider the issues”.

As the old saying goes don’t bother with the monkey go to the organ grinder. The Cabinet need motivating and I have a plan……

We have patiently waited and nothing has been done. If Cabinet is ignoring Child Support – doesn’t matter if your a liable or custodial parent – the status quo will prevail. The current scheme is fundamentally flawed and does not produce a fair and reasonable outcome.

What would you do to encourage Cabinet to do something?

I will post Act two tomorrow evening.



Sat 1st May 2010

Single fathers raising daughters

Filed under: General — Vman @ 8:17 pm

Single fathers are discriminated against in many ways. However from my own expereince fathers raising daughters get it worse. Often this is subtle but it is felt by single fathers. This is a tradegy because a single father raising a daughter needs the most support from the community of any family.

There is a greater awareness of boys needing fathers. The lack of understanding of the importance of fathers to daughters is rather overwhelming in my view.

This article attempts to make suggestions helpful hints for single fathers raising daughters.

I’d love to hear from other single fathers raising daughters. I know there are plenty of them but their voices are rarely heard.

Dads Pay More Under Aussie Changes

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:23 am

MOST single mothers are better off after the Howard government overhauled the child support system, although nearly 7000 have been left out of pocket by up to $60 a week.

The Rudd government yesterday released two reports on the child support changes. When they were introduced in July 2008, it was thought most divorced fathers would pay less, undercutting payments for single mothers.

But the analysis of 198,000 parents who receive payments, mainly women, and 207,300 child support payers, mainly men, revealed that most of those receiving payments — 59 per cent — were getting more child support and family tax benefit. About 61 per cent of “paying parents” contributed more child support.

New reports on the impact of the child support reforms are available here.

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