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Wed 29th September 2010

Getting things into perspective

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — Barbara Faithfull @ 3:33 pm

An analysis of the New Zealand sex abuse industry’s witch-hunt against Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith

In June 2010 I wrote an article entitled Rape activism and the undermining of culture, which was published on the MENZ Issues website on 8th September last. I sought to demonstrate there, by documented examples, “where radical rape activism is at today in New Zealand, with all its intimidating tactics and general news media posturing”.

I concluded by suggesting that the NZ police “should be ever on guard against too-readily kowtowing to the raucous demands of such crafty, manipulative activists and their equally manipulative news media sympathisers, as more and more social problems become politicized for the revolutionary cause”.

I was led to write the article following the release of a report from the Commission of Enquiry into police conduct regarding the handling of the Louise Nicholas rape case and other matters, and the ensuing highly contentious media coverage.

As I asserted in that article, political rape activism indeed has much to answer for. Take the current highly controversial case of Auckland University Medical and Health Sciences Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith who for many years now has been the target of what I can only conclude to be a malicious and orchestrated witch-hunt to discredit her and her academic reputation.

Sun 26th September 2010

The father must not criticise the mother

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 10:28 am

When familycaught personnel utter these words, they are really refusing to look at the parental competence of the mother.

Although perhaps well meaning, for many cases where both parents are sufficiently competent in parental skills and mental health, their do-gooder approach completely fails to address the job entrusted to them by Parliament, for a significant and fairly large minority of cases where one or both parents are dangerous or hazardous.

Even if the couple were effective as together-parents, through complementing each others skills, this is only a very weak guarantee?? that each can be effective as separated-parents. In fact, many will not be sufficiently skilled as separated-parents and our society must protect children from hazardous or dangerous parents, whether dangerous by attitudes, mental health issues or outright physical violence.

Fri 24th September 2010

An unusual death row case?

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Vman @ 12:47 pm

Virginia is due to execute a woman, the first in the US state since 1912 and the first anywhere in the country for five years. But why is the execution of a woman such a significant event?

Is Teresa Lewis an unusual death row case?

Smear Campaign against Dr Goodyear-Smith continues

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 10:40 am

Journalist Tim Hume must deserve an award for services to radical feminism. [Edit Aug 2013: Yep sure enough, the story was Highly commended: best investigation, Canon Media Awards 2011.]

His fabricated story in the SST at the end of August claiming that my wife, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith was contracted by ACC to advise on recent changes to the Sexual Abuse Counseling Pathway, is now being quoted as an authoritative source of information all over the Internet. [Edit Aug 2013: Here is Felicity Goodyear-Smith‘s response to this attack.]

History repeats, unless we learn

Smear campaigns and dishonesty are standard modus operandi for the NZ sex abuse industry. (more…)

Tue 21st September 2010

The Head of the Medusa

Filed under: General — MAX @ 9:15 pm

Of course this is old news…to some…for the rest, it’s time to become aware…so we can kick some ass together…for our children (‘s children…) sake…because that is also part of our responsibility as fathers…


Free tickets for Pinocchio family live show

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 8:25 pm

Southern Star Charitable Trust presents a “Kids In Show Seats” benefit in aid of ‘worthy charities’ and have kindly given Auckland Single Parent’s Trust free tickets to give out to separated families. (more…)

Sun 12th September 2010

Exposure of Prostitution

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:26 pm

This article entitled “Why Do (Some) Men Cheat?” seemed worth some comment.

In the article, three prostitutes asked customers about their experience of and reasons for using their services. The title of the article was noteworthy to begin with. Putting the “some” in brackets served to imply that it may be not some but all men who cheat. And why would the man be the one being seen to cheat when visiting a prostitute? Isn’t the prostitute also cheating a customer’s wife and family, not to mention any social obligation to respect boundaries around marriage?

The men’s answers provide insight into prostitution and contradict the “poor exploited women” picture. (more…)

Sex Teacher Back in Class

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:03 pm

A female principal has hired a female teacher who previously, when aged 23, “had an affair with” her 16yo pupil (and who had been teaching illegally without legitimate qualifications at the time). Feminists have long bemoaned the “old boys club” that they accused of showing favouritism to men. Of course, feminists would never do anything like that! (more…)

Sat 11th September 2010

Evidence that women are interested mainly in rich men

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:13 am

I came across this research done on a US dating site called OkCupid. Of particular interest was the graph with the title “How Many Messages a Man Gets, By Age & Income”. The authors sum up the situation:

…if you’re a young guy and don’t make much money, cool. If you’re 23 or older and don’t make much money, go die in a fire.

This of course was a US population, but I doubt it would be significantly different in NZ. Men seem to be in a double bind: on the one hand they are despised for earning a bit more for the kinds of jobs they tend to do while on the other hand they are valued and selected for earning more. (The only significant remaining justification now put forward for maintaining the NZ Ministry of Women’s Affairs is the mission to correct the sickening outrage that men earn around 20% more for the jobs they do, jobs that place men at about 100 times the risk of being killed or maimed relative to the jobs preferred by women).

Wed 8th September 2010

Police claim earthquake increased domestic violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:13 pm

This piece of propaganda today deserves mention. It’s typical of domestic violence claims: vague, unaccountable and misleading.

Vague, because the article gives no indication of what the claimed “increase of 53% in family violence offences since Saturday morning” was based on, how this figure was measured, exactly what it was measuring, or what the number of “offences since Saturday morning” was being compared to (Friday morning? Average for the year? Number for the corresponding period last year?). (more…)

Rape activism and the undermining of culture

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — Barbara Faithfull @ 2:04 pm

It was Radio N.Z. news, with political correctness at its most blatant. On 23rd June 2010 Morning Report was covering a report by the Commission of Enquiry into police conduct, investigating the handling of the Louise Nicholas case and other matters. Of 47 recommendations in the report, so far only seven had been fully acted upon and Radio N.Z. and certain others were indignantly asking “Why?”

Tue 7th September 2010

Men are Heros

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:50 pm

Hail men! Here’s one who put his life at risk to save his neighbour from a burning house. When such heroic rescues are made, it’s nearly always men who did them and from time to time the man gives his own life in the process. (more…)

Sun 5th September 2010

Happy fathers’ day

Filed under: General — Darryl Ward @ 8:20 pm

Many of you who read this will be fathers and you will be spending some or all of fathers’ day with your children. This is a day to celebrate your role, a role that all too often is not only overlooked and underestimated, but undermined and maligned.

This is a day for all of you to be thanked for all that you have done for your children, whether it was sacrificing precious time (that you would rather have spent with them) working to ensure that there was bread on the table, or spending a weekend building a doll’s house. (more…)

WHO-based Studies Extend Feminist Propaganda

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:47 pm

Dr Janet Fanslow at University of Auckland’s medical school has again been given extensive publicity for ongoing findings in her study on violence against women in NZ, e.g.
1. “Ten per cent of pregnant women victims of violence” NZ Herald 13/08/2008
2. “We all need to be aware of how to protect our country’s young” NZ Herald 29/10/2007
3. “Violence linked to abortion rate” NZ Herald 14/08/2008

More Light Justice for Women

Filed under: Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:22 am

The MENZ site owner has suggested that new matters be contributed by way of new posts rather than being included as comments on historical posts. This for various reasons including that new posts include titles for search engines to find, and comments will only stay on the “new comments” list briefly so won’t be seen by many visitors. My previous idea of a “Rolling News” post was not such a good idea! Therefore I am presenting several of my recent comments as new posts, and I apologize to those who have read them before.

Further to Scrap’s expose “Women’s Refuge defends violent murderer”, we see constant examples of women’s violence being excused or minimized. (more…)

Thu 2nd September 2010

Child Support Changes Announced

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 5:10 pm

I just caught a glimpse of the advance news summary on TV3.

There was a shot of Peter Dunne taking a seat in front of microphones, a fat report in his hand and the commentary ‘the big plan for child support and how it affects you’ (or something like that).

This could be the plan he hinted at a week or two ago as being close. That’s all I’ve got – you’ll need to keep an eye out to get the rest: TV3 6pm.

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