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Sat 24th December 2011

New Male Studies: An International Journal

This brand new publication by a group of Australian, Canadian, European and American scholars contains research essays, opinion pieces, and book reviews on all aspects of the male experience.

Sat 17th December 2011

More “Hysteria”

Filed under: Gender Politics — Bruce S @ 10:22 am

Full story here:

NZ Herald: One in five US women raped

Seems our brothers in the USA have been extremely busy defiling their womenfolk – one in five woman now claiming to have been raped. Can this really be true or are we just being exposed to more dribblings from the hystera?

Wed 14th December 2011

Emily Jane Toner, Crown Prosecutor and Thief

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:11 pm

I have made a new post about this because it’s the heading that will come up in internet search engines.

Tue 13th December 2011

Crown Prosecutor Tries to Avoid Conviction for Theft

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:03 pm

The New Zealand Herald has continued its habit of White Knight chivalry by refusing to name the female Crown Prosecutor who was caught deliberately stealing almost $200 worth of groceries by putting them in her own bag, covering them up, then paying for just $11 worth of items that she placed in the supermarket basket. (more…)

Tue 6th December 2011

Some Real Analysis of the Jamie Ginns Story

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:49 pm

The violent rampage and suicide of Jamie Ginns over the weekend was extensively covered in the media, but coverage was generally trite and failed to highlight the important issues. Bystanders were asked to desribe the various scenes of mayhem and police were repeatedly challenged about why it took them so long to identify Ginns as a suspect in the first assault on the night of Friday 2nd December. Media probed whether Ginns had a criminal history and when they eventually found out that he did they became very excited.

The fact that there was a protection order in place against Ginns wasn’t mentioned anywhere until on Monday morning the head of Women’s Refuge, Heather Henare, referred to it on Radio New Zealand. (more…)

Sat 3rd December 2011

mum was found breastfeeding her baby while high on P

Filed under: General — Vman @ 11:25 am

I don’t know why anyone would be shocked by this.

We spend over $1.7 billion dollars on the DPB which we know leads to these outcomes. Why all of a sudden pretend to be shocked?

Tue 29th November 2011

6 Year Old Boy on felony sex charges

Filed under: Gender Politics — Bruce S @ 9:08 pm

My initial reaction to this headline was to burst out laughing; and then I read the article. Whilst not in New Zealand, with globalization and “trickle down” effects; it could well be a sign of things to come. (more…)

Fri 25th November 2011

Impact of abortion on men

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,General,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 7:58 am

This topic is not discussed sufficiently. Although men are sometimes derided, for getting women into the situation where an abortion may be “needed”, men may experience strong feelings of loss and hurt. If these are not understood, they may come back as psychological problems….

This difficult topic is well covered, in my opinion, on Life Trust website. This website covers many contentious topics, very well.

How Abortion Affects American Men

Thu 24th November 2011

White Ribbon Campaign misrepresents the facts

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 8:13 am

Today’s Herald has one of the best articles about domestic violence that I’ve ever seen published there.

Tomorrow is White Ribbon Day. This campaign is the public face of the NZ Families Commission’s shameful support of the radical feminist campaign to demonise and discriminate against men.

The only useful function the white ribbon serves is to demonstrate visibly which agencies and social service providers base their work on ideology and covert political agendas rather than evidence-based best practice. (more…)

Tue 22nd November 2011

The Ministry of Men’s Affairs

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:40 am

Kerry Bevin with Craig Jackson set up a pretend ‘Ministry of Men’s Affairs’ in the grounds of parliament about two years ago to highlight male suicide rates. Kerry, Craig and I have now decided to form a group under the banner ‘Ministry of Men’s Affairs’ to distribute press releases etc. We think the title will have impact and will show up the ongoing sexism inherent in the existence of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

I will endeavour to publish on MENZ any press releases, submissions etc after they have gone through their intended process.

The proposed Ministry may develop into a political party in the future, but certainly will aim to advise all other parties on men’s issues and perspectives, something seriously lacking in NZ at present.

We are looking for staff to occupy positions in the Ministry. The positions will be unpaid at the present time (but you never know what the future may bring…). However, motivated applicants will find reward aplenty through contributing to an important and now fast developing social movement. Positions currently available are: (more…)

Thu 17th November 2011

Woman’s Refuge for Men

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 9:25 am

I’ve never quite understood why attempts to open a men’s refuge in Auckland a few years ago ran into so much official opposition.

It’s never made sense that the taxpayers pump millions of dollars a year into providing temporary accomodation for women victims of domestic violence when overwhelmingly it is men who get removed from the family home if the Police are called out.

Male vicitims of domestic violence often end up sleeping in cars, or if they are lucky on a mate’s couch. (more…)

Tue 15th November 2011

‘Half of women’ tell of emotional violence

Filed under: Gender Politics — Bruce S @ 7:18 am

Full story here:

NZ Herald: Half of women tell of emotional violence

Just another small step for feminism and a giant leap backward for men.

“A family violence expert is calling for a national discussion about relationships after finding that more than half of New Zealand women have suffered psychological and emotional violence from their partners.” (more…)

Tue 8th November 2011

Angry father smashes up CYF office

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — Bruce S @ 7:07 pm

Full story here:

NZ Herald: Angry father smashes up CYF office

It amazes me we don’t see more incidents like this. Whilst none of us condone violent and intrusive actions such as these; it is not difficult to comprehend the aggravation and despair that drove this man to remonstrate against the high handed, totally non-empathetic attitude of CYFS staff when dealing with the complex issue of tearing families apart.

Sun 6th November 2011

A Personal Experience of Police Sexism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:42 am

I attended a protest on Friday in Auckland outside the Family Court, in the hope that it would encourage people to make submissions for the current government review of the Family Court. This review is a very rare opportunity to encourage change.

When I arrived at the protest I met another protester there for the first time in person. I made it clear to him what I thought of his unnecessary and dishonest attacks against me here on MENZ previously. He must not have liked the honest feedback and suddenly he physically assaulted me, ripping my shirt and attempting to punch me. I was not prepared to descend to his thuggery so I moved away from him and called the police about his assault. (more…)

Tue 25th October 2011

The Pussy Pass: An offensive delusion or an accurate term?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:14 pm

Feminism originally claimed to seek equality but it has long been clear that equality is of little real interest to feminists. We seldom hear a single feminist voice acknowledging inequality when it favours women, or even acknowledging the many ways in which men are exploited and discriminated against. It often seems as though feminists see it all as a game, seeing how much privilege and special treatment they can get away with. Although feminists initially claimed to want a status for women as fully responsible citizens, we seldom hear a single feminist voice calling for a woman to be held responsible for her actions. (more…)

Sun 23rd October 2011

Children gone?

Filed under: General — Mikey @ 5:53 pm

Need some advice. I live in Aus, children with their mum in NZ. Mother has shifted and refuses to give me any contact details for my children. Children have been told not to give me any information.

Mother’s motive is that I am abusive and she wants to protect herself and the kids.

What can I do?

Thu 20th October 2011

Ideas for Review of familycaught

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 9:34 am

Review of familycaught – Ideas for Submissions

Although Simon Power’s Review of familycaught was triggered by the need to cut excessive wastage in Government spending, it also opens up the topics of the cost effectiveness and quality of service by familycaught.

Many of the issues in familycaught are subtle and based on values that we take for granted. Thus we are inexperienced at articulating them, let alone being able to suggest constructive changes. (more…)

Thu 6th October 2011

What has he Dunne?

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:16 pm

Dunne: Bill to improve Child Support introduced

This is it folks. Read Dunnes spin, there is a link to the bill and supporting documents at the bottom.

Then lets analyze it.

Focus is on analysing the bill and the policy that drives the taxman : increasing the Child Tax take.



Fri 30th September 2011

Gender Inequality in Work Roles

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:05 am

Seldom a day passes without examples of ‘equality’, feminist style. In fact, it’s GENDER INEQUALITY but feminist voices remain silent about it or actively support it, suggesting that equality was never really their goal.

For example, look at inequality in men’s sacrifice in their their work roles and more generally in their roles as providers and protectors. Year after year 100% or almost 100% of workplace deaths are suffered by men, as are the vast majority of serious workplace injuries. Yet year after year we see no analysis of the gender implications of this, not even some mark of respect or gratitude towards the male gender for men’s sacrifices. Instead, we hear endless complaints that men earn, on average, about 12% more than women do in their employed roles. A whole government ministry only for women, with no comparable service for men, is maintained to close the claimed earnings gap even though we know that the 12% figure greatly underestimates wealth acquisition by women. And feminists, when confronted with the much greater gender disparity in workplace deaths and injuries, refuse to acknowledge that such sacrifice may justify slightly more recompense. In a recent conversation with me, one feminist claimed that male:female workplace death ratios only persisted because men kept or forced women out of the dangerous jobs. Yeah right, we can see the queues of women clamouring to risk their lives in mines, sewers, and all the other dirty, body-damaging and dangerous jobs men continue to undertake. Those queues are easily detected if you look for the little fairy pigs flying above them.

Here then we honour the following men who have recently suffered significant injury or ultimate sacrifice in their roles. These examples are all from the last six weeks or so. Should any of the links be broken by the time you read this, I have a copy of the full articles. (more…)

Fri 23rd September 2011

Your child relocated to another city – stories requested

Filed under: Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 4:09 pm

A NZ journalist would like to her hear from any men who might be willing to discuss publicly their experiences of having their wife and children relocate to another city or country.

If you can help, please contact me and I will pass on your details.

If you don’t feel able to share your experience publicly, feel free to do so anonymously in the comments below.

Wed 14th September 2011

I seek a referal to a good lawyer?

Filed under: General — Mikey @ 11:27 am

Referal is needed for a good lawyer that gets the job done quickly without the usual lengthy drawnout crap and expense.
The job: 1. I live in Australia and am seeking contact orders to have my children in Australia during the holidays. 2. I seek to overturn the CAPS order on their passports.

Family court advice sought

Filed under: Law & Courts — pedro1690 @ 12:28 am

Scuse the long-winded post but I’m basically looking for advice regarding the Family court but quite frankly any advice about my current circumstances would be appreciated.

I live in Auckland. My ex-partner of 11 years left home unexpectedly in March 2011 taking our two young children (3 and 7 years old). She said when she left that she had not loved me for years and has never provided an explanation although I did find out one month before she left that she is bisexual and has been so for at least 6 years but she could always have been this way. I was devastated and tried everything to save our family, all to no avail and with much frustration. Our separation has been unamicable and she has always been difficult about my seeing the children amongst other things. (more…)

Sun 11th September 2011

Feminist Bias in New Zealand Media

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:11 am

Western populations may well be starting to realize that they have been manipulated and misled by feminist lies, rubbish research, distorted accounts of history and often unjustified demands to maintain endless victim status. However, a review of news articles any week of the year shows that NZ is still heavily captured by feminist propaganda and happy to promote inequality as long as men are on the losing side.

One positive spur towards fairness to men will almost certainly come from the decision by RADAR to expand its focus from exposing falsehhood regarding domestic violence to exposing misandry in the media. RADAR has achieved considerable success informing both public opinion and legislators in the US concerning facts rather than false propaganda about DV.

We can turn our own radar on recent misandry, male denigration and gender inequality in the news media of NZ. (more…)

Wed 7th September 2011

Feminist News in New Zealand

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:41 pm

Let’s start with a look at Fran O’Sullivan’s muddled contribution to the Strauss-Kahn affair. What appeared to be her main argument was a valid one but came out only in her closing paragraphs: Strauss-Kahn, one of the most influential people in world finances, had been calling to replace the US dollar as the world currency standard. That threatened many forces in the US and elsewhere and gave them huge motive to set up Ms Diallo to entrap him and then to make false allegations of sexual abuse. But before O’Sullivan allowed herself to utter such sensible considerations, she first felt it necessary to spout out irrational feminist ideas, perhaps to avoid being seen as betraying feminist ideology. (more…)

Tue 30th August 2011

Child Support Changes A Response.

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:29 pm

Peter Dunne, Revenue Minister in a National Government has proposed changes to the Child Support Act. These changes have been the subject of much comment on MENZ.

To assist making submissions the Select Committee that reviews this bill, over the next couple of weeks I will post an analysis of the changes and the reason for them.

According to Dunne’s Speech, what is changing?

The changes included:
“¢ The number of nights a year used to determine shared care being reduced from 40 percent to 28 percent of nights;
“¢ Having child support payments deducted directly from the paying parent’s pay-packet; and
“¢ Changing the penalty rules for parents defaulting on their payments so they are not so punitive as to discourage parents from resuming payments……..
– be based on more up-to-date estimated expenditures for raising a child;
“¢ recognise shared care of a child at lower levels than the current 40 percent of nights test – instead, shared care will be recognised using a tiered system starting at 28 percent of nights; and
“¢ take the income of both parents into account, rather that just the paying parent’s income….
“¢ changing the definition of “income” for child support purposes so that it excludes tax losses and includes certain trust income;
“¢ making it compulsory for child support payments to be automatically deducted from salary and wages;
“¢ changing the late payment penalty rates for child support; and
“¢ relaxing the circumstances in which penalties can be written off (for example, when a payment arrangement is entered into).

To understand the driving source of the changes I will start with;
“¢ making it compulsory for child support payments to be automatically deducted from salary and wages;

What is the explanation (Spin) for this change? (Taken from Dunne’s Speech)

Mr Dunne said parents who believed the system was fundamentally fair would be more likely to comply with their obligations, but in the end, all parents were responsible for their children and society has a right to expect children to be supported by their parents.
Paying parents will have their payments automatically deducted from their salary to ensure that as many child support payments as possible are made, and made on time.

Is it fair that all salary and wage earners must have compulsory automatic deductions?

It is recognised that some paying parents will have concerns with this, for example about their employers knowing that they are making child support contributions, however the public interest in operating an effective child support scheme should outweigh these individual concerns.

The Analysis

The proposed changes came from an “IRD Officials Review” of the Child Support Act (CSA) and its hardly surprising that tax officials would suggest taxing at source. Deduction at source is the ultimate compliance tool for a Tax Collector, an administrative dream that makes non compliance virtually impossible. Compliance and collection are the driving force behind these changes, that’s what has always driven tax collectors.

Ironically IRD already has the power to remove Child Tax from your wages, within clear predefined boundaries and many of you will have experienced this. This changes the ballgame and puts Child Tax in place as a soft revenue target. By soft I mean Politicians will overtime continue to increase the assessments because they can, because we let them get away with it. When deduction at source is embedded this will see the unchanged fundamental flaws of this type of child tax system embedded in law for the next 30 years. No government wants to give up revenue and remember most Child Tax goes to State Coffers, for benifit recovery, not the children.

Lets not forget we all pay tax already, that tax is supposed to cover the costs of Government services and benifits, Peter Dunne is enshrining double taxation for seperated parents. Lets not forget to be grateful.

That’s enough to start a discussion.


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