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Tue 24th December 2013

Coping with Christmas when you are divorced or separated

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:24 am

I am thinking of the men and children who are facing Christmas day as separated or divorced. More so if it’s your first. It can be daunting and awkward and ofden nasty.

My heartfelt sorrow and support to all those in this position. All I can say is treat the matter as a transitional period of your life and start making plans to change the situation in the future.

There are many in this site who can provide advice on how to get through.

I found this on a UK site that has suggestions on how to cope and do things.


Thu 19th December 2013

First International Conference on Men’s Issues

Filed under: Events,Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 4:49 pm

A Voice for Men will be hosting the First International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 27 and 28 of 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.


Presenters include: Dr. Warren Farrell, Erin Pizzey, Robert Franklin, Dr. Miles Groth, Barbara Kay, Karen Straughan, Carnell Smith, Paul Elam, Sen. Anne Cools, Dr. Paul Nathanson, Dr. Tara Palmatier, and Tom Golden.

As one of the commenters says:

What a line-up!! It’s like a men’s human rights Woodstock.

New Zealand’s Black Widow

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:06 pm

This is one hell of a story; the sort of story you’d hope to only find in a book.

Helen Milner (aged 50) who has become known as the Black Widow during the course of her trial, was today found guilty by a jury at the High Court in Christchurch for the murder of her husband.

NZ Forestry Industry out of control?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:10 am

If you have any information about unsafe logging procedures that are likely to cause death or injury to workers email me at downunder@outlook.co.nz

Out of the 100 serious forestry incidents for 2013, 10% have been fatal.

In November this year (2013) New Zealand saw two forestry deaths in one week bringing the total to nine for the year.

Story here

A 28-year-old man was killed in a logging accident in Nelson – the ninth forestry death this year and the second this week.

The death follows that of 63-year-old Murupara man David Charles Beamsley, who was killed in a forestry incident on Tuesday.

“It is an outrage that three men have been killed at work this week, two of them forestry workers.”

The forestry industry would face some tough questions from health and safety regulators following the death of a man in a logging accident today, Labour Minister Simon Bridges says.

Days before Xmas – New forestry fatality takes 2013 death toll to 10

A man aged in his 20s was killed by a falling tree while working on a forestry block in rural Horowhenua this morning.

“A tree has come down on top of him.”

Men are overwhelmingly represented in workplace deaths. Our right to life, a safe work environment, a reasonable living and to return home to our families at the end of the day is a basic requirement – it’s not negotiable – again and again this is not being respected.

Forestry Worker Deaths for 2012 (5)

27/11/2012 Forestry 24 M Pahiatua
Attempted to fell a tree, it has become hung up on another tree; the initial tree has come free and fallen on him.

26/06/2012 Forestry 49 M Bay of Plenty
Hauler logging clear-fell operation, tree felling, Tree feller struck by a large falling branch during a tree felling operation.

26/06/2012 Forestry 44 M Whareongaonga Forest
Deceased and three other workers were breaking out from a stack of logs when the logs rolled crushing deceased.

11/04/2012 Forestry 33 M Wanganui
Felling tree, tree split in half, bottom section slid back onto feller.

6/03/2012 Forestry 38 M Atiamuri
Deceased hit in the neck area with hauler rope whilst freeing snag.

Source: http://www.business.govt.nz/worksafe/research/health-and-safety-data/workplace-fatalities-2012 (Last updated 13 December 2013)

As the year draws to a close with 10 work place deaths in the forestry industry for 2013 – that is double last year – surely we must be asking how and why this could be happening?

Compare this to the death of a woman

“There’s a mother not home for Christmas.”

Prison for farm worker who broke cows’ tails

2014 update

First forestry worker killed 16 days into the new year

The year has started disastrously for the forestry industry with a worker killed in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, and another seriously injured near Whakatane.

News from WorkSafe tasked with cleaning up the industry

“We have identified an alarming rate of safety non-compliance amongst cable logging operators – nearly half of the 162 we’ve visited weren’t operating in compliance with the industry code and we had to take 203 enforcement actions to force those operators to comply,” de Rooy said.

“We had to shut 15 of them down they were so dangerous.

“We are so concerned at this level of unsafe practice that we have sought meetings with individual forest owners to make very clear to them that they have significant responsibilities,” de Rooy said.

“We will want to see their safety plans for the contractor crews demonstrate active management of safety standards. If they are deficient, we will be holding them to account.

“The issues that are becoming apparent lead us to conclude that there are deeply ingrained systemic issues in this industry.

Wed 18th December 2013

Politicising the New Zealand Police continues

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:27 pm

Sixty-seven new constables will graduate from The Royal New Zealand Police College in Wing 281 on Thursday. Their wing patron is retired Police Commissioner Howard Broad.

Story here.

What strikes me as rather extraordinary is that the Police Training College would involve itself in a political campaign.

The wing was the first to wear White Ribbon supporter t-shirts during the running of the cross country in November. For future wings, wearing these t-shirts is to become a regular feature of the cross country.

I have noticed this on other occasions with officers appearing for TV interviews with white ribbons attached to their uniforms. There is no place for Police overtly or otherwise supporting political or commercial causes. It would be equally unacceptable if Police were training in gay marriage t-shirts with Lion Red sunhats.

The shame for Howard Broad being, patron of the first wing to advertise their scruples.

Anti-male violence counselling

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:43 pm

Stopping male violence is on all of us

Preventing male violence against women starts in the cradle.

Despite the often deadly effects of male violence, it still remains hard to grasp the bigger picture. Why does this violence happen despite all we know? Do women have a part to play in this?

We know that no-one but the individual is responsible for a man’s violence – there are no justifications for verbal, physical or sexual abuse.

Here we go with another ‘holier than thou, innocence of women’ lecture from the media – found on Stuff Life and Style.

It is written by, as stated –

Helen Mounsey is co-director of Sex Therapy NZ.


Welcome to Sex Therapy New Zealand, which is a nationwide counselling service for anyone seeking help with intimacy and sexuality concerns. It is also a referral network for clinicians seeking expert help for their patients and clients.

Our team of psychologists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists and highly trained counsellors, includes Helen Mounsey who writes a column in the Christchurch Press, Dr Ally Waite who writes a feaure in Oh Baby! magazine, Mary Hodson who writes an occasional column in the ‘Good Health’ magazine and is our media spokesperson and Robyn Salisbury, a clinical psychologist and author, who writes a regular sex feature in the Sunday Star Times. Click here to read about the qualifications and experience of our therapists.

Our mission is to provide best practice assessment and treatment, delivery of education programmes, participate in research and to raise public awareness through the media by promoting life enhancing intimacy and sexuality.

Anyone know these people?

Why would New Zealand mainstream media give free advertising to a man-hating article like this?

Real professionals and clowns dressed up?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 2:52 pm

Real professionals work under the Fair Trading Act and have a professional complaints process, that pro-actively investigates complaints
and clowns work under the Judicial Complaints Hider.

Tue 17th December 2013

And now for some breaking news ….

Filed under: General — golfa @ 4:14 pm

New rules around child support have been postponed for a year because Inland Revenue says they’re complicated and can’t be implemented on the date set by Parliament.

The legislation was passed in April with an implementation date of April 1 next year.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay says IRD couldn’t give him an assurance it could implement the changes “to the high standard the Government expects” and he’s put them off until April 1, 2015.

“I’m not willing to implement these changes until I am assured that they can be made smoothly and that parents will not be adversely affected,” he said today.

Former revenue minister Peter Dunne brought the legislation to Parliament, saying it was the first major child support reform in 20 years.

It set up a new way to calculate how much money an absent parent should pay for child support, giving greater recognition to shared parenting.

It also changed the way IRD administered the scheme.

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Child-support-changes-put-off-for-a-year/tabid/1607/articleID/325513/Default.aspx#ixzz2nhafF2Kl

Christmases yet to come

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:27 pm

Many men all over the world have been unwillingly separated from their children. Some have no idea where those children are or even what they might look like today. Some may meet again, others will not.

Some people do go looking, and those that successfully find each other are occasionally reported in the media. At least, with the power of the internet it is becoming easier to find people, they can be more visible. Not every search ends in success.

A mother at 19, Carol King Eckersley put her new born son, Kenneth Bissett, up for adoption. This year, she discovered that her son was one of the Syracuse University students killed when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/oregon-mom-search-long-lost-son-ends-heartbreak-article-1.1548127#ixzz2ngdARC1A

We never know when our time is up. I am sure that Christmas is a time a father thinks more of their missing children and perhaps you would like to leave a message, write something down for them, just in case your children come looking for you, but you’ve already gone.

If you put your name and their names in one comment it will make it possible for search engines to link these names together and return a search find to anyone who is looking via the internet.

So, if you want to leave your missing children or your missing father a Christmas message for 2013, write a message in the comments section below.

Mon 16th December 2013

Not a Dan Carter add

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:58 pm

I just happened to be at the Doctor’s today, and as you do picked up a magazine (I was actually reading it, not just looking at the pictures) – it was a Metro – and as they do, can turn just about anything into a story; in this case it was the Dan Carter underpants legend and the rise of Jockey. They fly the man all other the world to promote their product and he says “he’s loyal to the brand” and only has his sponsor’s product in his underpants’ drawer.

Then tonight I find Dan has some competition: (more…)

Sun 15th December 2013

The female condom rises again

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:21 pm

BBC article – the return of the female condom

Interesting how this came about.

Then one day in 1995, Leeper received a telephone call from a woman called Daisy, responsible for Zimbabwe’s HIV and Aids programme.

“She said, ‘I have a petition here on my desk signed by 30,000 women demanding that we bring in the female condom.'”

There’s always humour outside of sex,

In the early years, Chartex’s successor, the Female Health Company, considered folding, but instead it set about developing an education programme.

To be fair, the FC1 had something of a design flaw. Made of polyurethane, it was a bit noisy during sex, and it was inevitable that comic stories of rustling under the bedclothes would be told and re-told.

‘Putin’ things back the way they were

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:01 am

This is an article from Russia which I found interesting for two reasons. Firstly it talks about some of the issues that confront us, and secondly it is a comparison to the campaign Colin Craig is running.

Russia’s power is moral and military says Putin is based on a state of the nation address given this week by Putin, but looking past his comments directed at the West there are interesting aspects raised in respect of the internal battle over their social contract.

He [Putin] used the occasion to reinforce his image as a champion of conservative values, intended to appeal to his traditional supporters in working-class areas outside big cities …


Thu 12th December 2013

Free (State Funded) Lawyers aiding Benefit Bludging Mothers to keep Good Fathers away from their Children

Filed under: Child Support,Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Had_Enough @ 8:30 pm

I just thought I’d let you guys know that your hard earned tax dollars are being used to help benefit defrauding bludging mothers keep good fathers away from their children. The mother of my children is trying to have me removed as legal guardian of my 2 younger children whilst at the same time is attempting to take them to Canada to live permanently and, to add insult to injury, is trying to get the FC to force me to pay her lots of money in Child Support once they move to Canada. SO it seems that it’s me against her AND her State funded lawyer when the case is heard just before Christmas. How is it that an aggressive applicant, who is clearly trying to deprive my kids of any paternal involvement in their lives, gets a state funded lawyer? If I was abusive toward her, a bad father, or just generally a bad bloke, I wouldn’t mind her getting a free lawyer. But she’s the aggressor here and has a history of breaching Parenting Orders, not sending our daughter to school and CYF getting involved with her due to her brilliant parenting skills. Why the F*** is this allowed to happen and why is it that I have to face both her AND her state funded lawyer. This situation is stressful enough for me as it is. I can’t afford a lawyer, they all want about $400 an hour. Anyway I just thought I’d let you know how your tax dollars are being spent.

Australian research gets its teeth into the real world DV


Latest ABS Personal Safety Survey shows one in three victims of domestic violence is male

Tue 10th December 2013

A Learning Organisation?

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 3:57 pm

Hunt on for reformed ex-prisoners
SHANE COWLISHAW Last updated 05:00 09/12/2013

It might be the last thing a reformed criminal wants to hear – the Corrections Department is on your trail.
It’s keen to track down young former prisoners who have successfully turned their lives around, in the hope that they can help others to follow the straight and narrow.

Sun 8th December 2013

Do mental health services endanger men?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:58 pm

I am looking at this recent news article – Son paid for negligence with his life, say parents.

Geoffrey Tampin, a long-term psychiatric patient with a history of occasionally aggressive behaviour, had been skipping medication, drinking excessively and taking recreational drugs in the months before he killed his flatmate Dean Clark in Balmoral, Auckland, in June last year.

This has happened before, does anyone remember the Malcolm Beggs story – Killer had murder branded on his leg.

Mental health services knew that axe killer Lachlan Jones was thinking about murder weeks before he took his flatmate’s life – he had burned the word into his flesh.

When you put this along side stories like …


Are Mooloo women more violent?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:32 pm

Recently there was an horrific incident in Hamilton where a woman drove on to a suburban footpath and attempted to run down her partner with a car. She has since been charged with attempted murder. The original post was submitted here – Domestic violence caught on cctv

What are they putting in the water in Hamilton? This is not the first time this has happened.

A report here – Woman runs over man four times.


Sat 7th December 2013

The Disappearances – Request for Explanation?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 5:44 pm

The post: menz.org.nz/2013/suicide-following-inappropriate-relationship/

seems to have disappeared. If allowable, please explain?


Thu 5th December 2013

Feeling horny – have a wank

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 5:07 pm

In a rare move, the Court of Appeal in October 2012 overturned the acquittal, finding the act criminal because the man had “actively encouraged” the boys to masturbate.

This is how it is …

A man accused of turning his garage into a den for child abuse appealed his charges today at the Supreme Court, in a case that will go on to frame the boundaries of child sex offending in New Zealand.

Now, the courts of New Zealand are debating wanking.

The issue raised by this case is consideration of the word “with” and, in particular, whether an “indecent act” can be done by a person who does not commit an indecent act himself but watches another perform it.

Who wants to start the comments on this one?

Story here.

Tue 3rd December 2013

Bitches are gender neutral

Filed under: General — triassic @ 3:49 am

Helen Milner’s alleged poisoning of her Husband is an interesting story of how women display their violence toward their partners. There are 2 points of interest to me.

1. Poisoning does appears initially as a non violent act. ie there are no visual physical signs of the resultant action apart from death. Violence as a concept is usually associated with spontaneous acts of aggression.

2. It is such a devious way of punishing or disposing of someone.

It is a bitchy way of expressing anger and is no less violent than being beaten to death with a weapon. I don’t use the word bitchy with any gender in mind. In prison culture the physically weak male also acts in this way. Their strength lies in their ability to beguile, manipulate and control the physically stronger in a more subtle and covert way.

The difference is in the outcome for the offender. They are less likely to be caught for a start. In Milner’s case her partner was initially determined to have committed suicide.

Knowing the system as I do I am of the opinion that many male partners have suffered death or worse by violent female partners who have never been brought to justice. Is my opinion an isolated one?

Fri 29th November 2013

MoMA: Letter to Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:12 am

We will no longer participate in ‘debate’ here because it is not safe to do so given some participants’ tendency to respond with personal attacks, insults and rudeness. We regret this but still see MENZ Issues as an important repository for men’s movement and gender political news, so we will post our significant correspondence and news FYI. Trash our efforts and opinions to your heart’s content, delete our posts if you want. Happy bickering, name-calling and insulting!

We have written to the Children’s Commissioner following his ‘open letter to NZ men’ in support of White Ribbon (also see here). (more…)

Wed 27th November 2013

Revealing the Face of Modern Feminisim

Filed under: General — triassic @ 1:28 am

Warning: not suitable for work or the psychologically vulnerable!

Mon 25th November 2013

Men’s Liberation Art Theory

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 10:58 pm

Masculist Art

Petition to stop International Violence Against Women Act

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 8:33 pm

This past Thursday a radical member of the United States Congress introduced the International Violence Against Women Act. Yes, I-VAWA has all the shameful biases!

Help us put a stop to I-VAWA and sign the petition:

Judges finding it tough with extended free time.

Filed under: General — triassic @ 1:48 pm

With the long holidays being forced on judges they now say they are finding it difficult to cope with their free time.

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