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Wed 8th January 2014

Journalist of the Year 2014, 1st nomination.

Filed under: General — Paul Catton @ 10:01 pm

Dear Readers,

Any superfluous comment to this post will be deleted,

Rachel Rolston.
Roast Busters outrage ‘open season on men’

This article was relegated back room in short thrift.

Please add your nominations with links that depict any stance against misandry by the MSM.

Please, all e-mail recognition if able, to said journalist if agreeable on topic.
Also provide comment on the article if accessible.

Perhaps and the end of 2014, a poll could be cast by the MENZ readership and provide a noteworthy award to the journalist being an ally and metaphorically with the largest testicles regardless of gender.

Kind Regards

4 Responses to “Journalist of the Year 2014, 1st nomination.”

  1. Paul Catton says:

    2nd nominee, Inadvertently, Bradley Goudie, who has exposed a significant underbelly of NZ. Drunk boys sparks CYF probe. Comments into the hundreds of this shame, an unsuccessful father wanting custody merged to sideline within this discourse.

    Kind Regards

  2. Would much rather this guy…

    Ken Clearwater is the national manager of the group Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. He has posted in stuff.co.nz on the issue of male victims of sexual violence on 13/01/2014. Please make sure you support him there, and help to bring the issue forward.

    There is an audience – now we just need to find non-emotive, clear, cohesive ways to bring it to them.

    One step at a time…


  3. Paul Catton says:

    Dear Rachel,

    Agreement that Ken is clearly a nominee, hopefully readers will be proactive and provide comment on his posting.

    Kind Regards

  4. JohnPotter says:

    I don’t think Ken Clearwater qualifies as a journalist. He is a lobbyist for a specific cause and his article is intended to increase funding for his organisation.

    If the intention of this award is to encourage professional journalists to pay attention to men’s issues, then this nomination is ineffective.

    I do think Ken makes a good point when he writes:

    There has never been any research done on the sexual victimisation of men and boys in New Zealand.

    I personally think that this is where any new funding should be directed.

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