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Fri 28th August 2015

Fathers Day at Ambury Farm/Park Sunday 6th Sept

Filed under: Events — realkiwi @ 10:16 am

Father and Child Trust and Family Start Manukau invite you to:

Family fun at Ambury Farm/Park – Mangere Bridge, Auckland – 11am-4pm
Free Bouncy castle, BBQ, drinks, cool music and fun games for families..

All welcome – come and see the cute wee lambs and enjoy the open space…

This event is part of a Fathers Day/Week of events,
including fishing off Mangere Bridge on Saturday 5th Sept, 1-5pm…
Testimonial Wednesday 2nd Sept – Mauri Ora Fathers Circle 6-9pm

Ph 5251690 or email info@fatherandchild.org.nz for more details.

Thu 27th August 2015

Amy Adams’ Consultation is a Sham?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:11 am

FYI, our letter to Hon Amy Adams. For background see (hear) http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/201768136


Tue 25th August 2015

Research exploring the experience of sole fathers caring for their child(ren) and the impacts to you and your family

Filed under: General — Dominic @ 11:35 am

Sole Fathers experiences of accessing social services.

You are invited to take part in research that Jason Rushton a thesis student on the Masters of Social Work programme at Massey University is undertaking in regards to exploring the experience of sole fathers caring for their child(ren) and the impacts to you and your family.

A Grandmother’s Perspective on Family Violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 9:35 am

Hi John, after reading through the family violence discussion document today I sent the following email through and thought you and your subscribers might be interested in the subject.
Regards, SanNan.

Mon 24th August 2015

Boshier To Be Chief Ombudsman

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 6:48 pm

How can the head of the a male-blaming campaign that deliberately excludes concern for male victims be trusted to be an ombudsman? How can a person who has publicly called for more draconian state violence towards men be put in that role? NZ men can now look forward to the same discrimination they routinely experienced in Boshier’s Family Court man-denigration machine. NZ men will now be deprived of fair service from what should be a public watchdog on the behaviour of other state organisations.

Wed 19th August 2015

Convicted Killer living with Children

Filed under: General — goose @ 12:10 am


this guy has been in the media a number of times, my son is the 14 yr old mentioned in this article and the way I was treated when I asked the Police if this man was a risk to my child was awful. I am pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot, i.e I had my son living with me and my new partner was a convicted killer – cyfs would have removed the children from my care, but all I got was ‘this sounds like a custody issue so we will not be getting involved’

Tue 18th August 2015

How shallow are females on tinder?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:27 pm

In response to this article in the Herald I ran my own study. In my first post I added my close up photo and simply said I was looking to form a relationship with a woman to share the good things in life and to love and cherish her. I added that I had lost my home, my job and my children after my previous marriage failed. I then swiped right on the profiles of a hundred women, indicating that I was ‘interested’. After five hours i had received 16 matches from potential dates.
I then replaced my photo with one of me sitting in my lamborghini aventador wearing my Cartier watch and a fist full of $$$$$. After again swiping right on a hundred women, this time my profile attracted 75 matches in the five hour time frame – a 250 per cent increase on my previous post.

The Herald is right….there really are narcissistic people out there that go to these particular sites to satisfy their appetite, but they are a minority of folk and come from both genders…….that is what the Herald is saying, isn’t it?…surely!!

Sign this US petition demanding paternity testing

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:54 am

Although a US petition, changes in international law and approaches will be influential towards changes in NZ. It’s interesting that it’s being done by ‘Women Against Paternity Fraud’. Although it’s hard to avoid feeling suspicious of any women’s group these days, their motivation appears to be social responsibility and it’s important that men’s groups go all out to support any women’s group that is seeing sense, showing support for gender fairness and/or showing understanding concerning men’s issues.

Sign the petition here.

Fri 14th August 2015

Women’s Law on the way for New Zealand

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics — Downunder @ 7:04 am


A new set of harsher standalone offences may come from a comprehensive review of New Zealand’s domestic violence problem, the Justice Ministry announced last week.

This article is more specifically about a father viewing these proposed laws from the perspective of his autistic son’s mental health issues.

Police were working with the Health Ministry and other agencies, including Autism NZ, to improve how they dealt with the issue, which included “enhanced” mental health training given to officers by people who had gone through mental distress and had dealt with police while in crisis.

The irony here of course, is that a woman will be able to have a complete meltdown and her husband or partner will get arrested without any consideration for his mental health, well-being, or personal circumstances.

Creating these specific offences will go exactly were we might expect; justifying the worst side of women.

Women’s Meltdown Law … and that of course is for the benefit and wellbeing of the children of the next generation – Yeah Right.

Thu 13th August 2015

Men Need to ‘Step Up’ to Support Women Into High-Paid Jobs

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:29 pm

We share and comment on an interesting broadcast by Radio NZ on ‘Te Manu Korihi’ (‘the birds singing’) on 7 August 2015. Excerpts from the transcript were as follows:

Presenter: The head of the Federation of Maori Authorities says Maori men need to step up and be more supportive of Maori businesswomen. The Authority runs an annual hui for Maori wahine to support the progression of women in top business leadership roles. Te Manu Korihi’s Alexa Cook reports:

AC: “The chair of the authority, Tracey Haupapa, says wahine face challenges in progressing up the business ladder to senior leadership roles such as chief executive and manager. Ms Haupapa says for women to move forward in business, men need to be more supportive.”


Fri 7th August 2015

Feminist Logic 101

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:06 pm

The Court of Appeal is said to have “reached a new milestone” in having its first all-women bench in its history. This was seen by New Zealand Law Society President Chris Moore as being “another step in a long road to equality”.

Mr Moore has clearly been well trained in feminist logic. ‘Equality’ for feminists means total female dominance. You just need to understand the feminist definitions of words you thought meant something else.

Tue 4th August 2015

Recent Women’s Refuge Poster

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:36 pm

WR poster 0715

So are Women’s Refuge implying that internet trolling and anonymous victimization is something men mainly do to women? All they need to do is visit almost any feminist blog to see the misandrist online violence perpetrated by women, or look through MENZ Issues to read the demeaning, emotionally abusive responses by presumably female feminist trolls to many viewpoints expressed by men.

Revise abuse guidelines – Amy Adams

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 2:47 pm

This news article disturbs me on many fronts. To allow a new or current partner secret access to someone’s historical police record that is sealed will only end in corrupting relationships and could potentially end in male suicide.

Mon 3rd August 2015

Radio NZ informed of error concerning DV statistics

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:41 pm

Dear Morning Report

At 8:28am today 03/08/2015 you broadcast an article entitled ‘Judge says change needed to make protection orders effective’. Your announcer commenced by stating “14 women, 6 men and 10 children are killed by a member of their family every year on average; pretty extraordinary statistics…”. Your web site also states “Fourteen women, six men and ten children are killed by a member of their family every year on average…”. (more…)

More gossip from our leading newspaper

Filed under: General — triassic @ 4:34 pm

This story Was front page news. It is only when one reads the facts that the headline disintegrates. The girl in the bikini was not attacked at all. Her boyfriend was the target of aggression because he took umbrage at the guys being cheeky. Things got out of hand and an object was thrown and hit the girl. This is not happening in NZ, no, this is happening way over in Louisianna USA for God sake. Why the F*** would this WELL SPUN story be of value to readers way down under? Only the Herald knows the answer to that but I’m pretty sure some wanker in the office has an anti-male agenda and the Editor is now happy for the paper to be a gossip piece. What a pathetic newspaper it has become.

Sun 2nd August 2015

The cost of being a NON-custodial parent

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 11:53 pm

So today I was helping a friend of mine work out their entitlements though Winz and IRD, my friend is a Single Parent with a child under 5.

For them renting a 2 bedroom unit in South Auckland for $300 a week, and working 20 hours a week at min wage, their total take home weekly income will be $724 a week, including child support from the Non Custodial Parent who has care of the child 2 nights a week.

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