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Thu 30th June 2016

Father, Estranged, Homeless…..and dead

Filed under: General — Bruce S @ 1:50 pm

Stuff story here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/81607939/mans-body-found-in-parts-in-cardboard-bales–reports
…and reprinted, in part, below as Stuff have a history of letting material “expire” or just disappear.

Probably no big surprise to many of the readers of MENZ that we have yet another dead father, Daniel Binder, in the news. Too early to draw any factual conclusions as to the reasons why this father was out on the streets; suffice to say had there been any serious criminal charges against him, he would have been locked up, and presumably safe.

The questions I have are quite simple; did this father have no family or friends who were prepared to house him temporarily until other more permanent arrangements were made? Was there no agency or support available in Te Awamutu to at least give the man shelter for the night?

Condolences to those who were close to Daniel.

Bale body identified as homeless Te Awamutu father

Last updated 13:23, June 30 2016

The man whose body was found in a cardboard bale in Hamilton has been identified as 40-year-old Daniel Bindner, a homeless father of three. Detective Inspector Hywel Jones revealed details of the grisly discovery at a media briefing on Thursday. The body was found at a Hamilton recycling factory.​

Daniel Bindner was last seen at McDonald’s in Te Awamutu on June 21 where his image was captured on CCTV. His body was later found in a cardboard recycling bale in Hamilton.
He was reported missing on Monday- just 24 hours before his body was discovered.

He was understood to be homeless. “We believe he was sleeping rough in the Te Awamutu area…certainly in the days leading up to his death,” Jones said.

Police were focusing on building a picture of Bindner’s movements after he was seen at the McDonald’s in Sloane Street. “From that point we are trying to establish what his movements were,” he said. He wanted to hear from anyone who could help police track Bindner’s movements before and after that date.

Jones said the cardboard Bindner was found in appeared to have come from the Te Awamutu area and they were tracking trucks that worked that route to establish exactly where Bindner was picked up.

​Bindner was described at a European man, about 176 cm tall, of medium build and with dark brown medium length hair.

He was recently estranged from his wife and had three children aged 16, 7 and 5.

Jones said they were receiving support from Victim Support. “They seem to be holding up okay at this time,” he said. Jones said the cause of death continued to be unexplained. “A post mortem was conducted yesterday and concluded yesterday.

“But at this time the results of that are inconclusive. We await further results over further weeks to pinpoint the cause of his death. “We’ve followed numerous lines of enquiry in the Te Awamutu area. “We believe at this point that Mr Bindner was picked up in a reclycling truck and deliver to OJI solutions in Hamilton.” Police scene examinations at the OJI Fibre Solutions recycling plant have now been completed.

Wed 29th June 2016

Would an E-legal book help you to represent yourself in NZ Family court, is this enough ?

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 8:36 pm

E-legal book will help you to represent yourself in NZ Family court, is this enough ?

I think when a father representing himself, will need more emotional support by being abused psychologically by the Family court and police process , not only the legal part .

Stuff news Link

Ebooks on How to Represent Yourself

Tue 28th June 2016

Human Factors involved in working as a judge

Filed under: Gender Politics,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 9:50 pm

(This theme arose from incisive comments made by MoMA, in the post about Child Neglect Bomb in the Brain. I thought that this issue is one of the critical issues that would need to be addressed, if the familycaught$ was to be successfully functional and serve NZers.)

MurrayBacon says:
Wed 15th June 2016 at 11:46 am (Edit)
Brutalisation in familycaught$

About 12 years ago I was sailing across Cook Straight. I was chatting to the lady next to me… Somehow in conversation it came up that she had been a social worker for CYFs.

She told me about how her work as liaison with familycaught$ led to hearing many stories of violence, some believable and some not. She enjoyed the work, trying to resolve family issues. But she found that after a few years she would slip into treating her husband harshly, competitively and at times even cruelly. She would vow to snap out of it. She felt that she could stop it and could, for a few months.
Wider topic – psychological trauma

What scared her was that when she noticed that she had started again, she would realise that she had actually been behaving like that for some time, days, a few weeks, perhaps even over a month. Her husband hadn’t complained as such, but he was responding by retreating into his shell, away from her. She did not want him to see her in that way and considered that her job was threatening her marriage.

She looked around for other jobs, but nothing she could find came near to matching her existing pay. After nearly two years of this and seeing the problem only getting slowly worse, she decided that her marriage was worth far more than the last few dollars of salary. She cut her pay expectations and soon had a different job.

Her other comment intrigued me. Along the way, she had noticed that in the informal times at familycaught$, the judges especially spoke of fathers mainly in deprecating terms, even nonhuman. She felt it was quite unbalanced and surprising in that many were men themselves. The sames was less true for lawyers, who in the main were younger.

Mon 27th June 2016

Suicidal Men are Martyrs

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:49 pm

Huge numbers of men are evicted from their families and homes, lied about, had their hard-earned assets legally stolen from them, deprived of meaningful involvement with their own children, and exploited to contribute ongoing to the lifestyles of the women who, with the encouragement and facilitation of government policies, laws and agencies, brought about these terrible things.

Men have an option of ‘adjusting’ to this, moving on to try to build a new future severely hamstrung by having about 35% of their after-tax earnings stolen from them to be channeled through their ex-partners who often don’t inform children where the money came from. These men put up with their ex-partners taking it upon themselves to judge the adequacy of whatever hovel the fathers were left with and to decide whether they should see their children or not. These men find that WINZ, IRD, Housing NZ etc are much less caring toward them and their needs than towards women’s needs. These men often spend what financial resource they were left with on lawyers’ fees in an effort to get the Family Court to protect their relationships with their children, only to find that the women can make false affidavits about them, committing perjury with impunity and are allowed to ignore and breach any parenting order that might result if the man is lucky and has paid enough. These men are at high risk of facing sudden accusations of spousal violence and child abuse, and having those accusations treated as credible even though there is no evidence to support them. These men have to watch their children being turned into people they did not raise, and these men often have to experience the distress of watching their children suffer serious emotional, mental and/or behavioural problems due to the family separation and its sequelae. A proportion of these men end up feeling so worthless and unhappy that they commit suicide.

Other men refuse to adjust cooperatively. They remain angry and refuse to accept the family-wrecking reality thrust upon them. They don’t play ball with the immoral system. They are treated as badly or worse than the other men by organizations their taxes pay for. A proportion of these men commit suicide and this is often done through self-destructive behaviour.

We pay our respects to the male martyrs who have died in the war against men. Adjusting to our feminist dystopia amounts to collusion with it.

One Ombudsman Resigns Early

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:16 pm

There must be an interesting back story to this. White Knight Boshier takes office as Chief Ombudsman and within a short time existing Ombudsman Ron Paterson resigns the position two years before the end of his term.

With Boshier in charge of protecting the rights of NZers in dealings with the state, men may well be deprived of one avenue of possible support previously available to them. Boshier has made a goal to speed up decisions on complaints and it seems likely that his intended methods for doing so have not met Paterson’s approval. We might expect that men’s official complaints about poor treatment in so-called ‘child support’ reviews, Family Court and other government agencies that believe it’s ok to discriminate against those with a penis will be dismissed in more cursory fashion. That should get the Ombudsman case clearance rate up! Of course, women’s official complaints can be expected to achieve considerably greater support. Esteemed law professors who uphold the law as faithfully as possible may well have no place in the new order.

We have previously expressed our opinion that it’s highly inappropriate to appoint to Ombudsman a person who has a demonstrated history of discrimination against men, as Boshier does both in his refusal to meet with fathers’ groups when Principal Family Court Judge and then even more blatantly by heading the White Fibbin’ ‘anti-violence’ Campaign that deliberately excludes concern for men, the most frequent victims of violence.

Wed 22nd June 2016

The Duluth model for DV is well out of date and holds many fallacies.

Filed under: General — triassic @ 3:37 pm

All views of DV are derived from this DULUTH model and it is lazy and wrong that NZ universities are still pushing this crap. All social services and courts are influenced by this as well. In its early days it may have had a positive purpose but not in today’s world where we KNOW MUCH MUCH MORE about the causes of DV.

This experimental program, conducted in Duluth University, Minnesota in 1981, coordinated the actions of a variety of agencies dealing with domestic conflict. The Duluth model curriculum was developed by a “small group of activists in the battered women’s movement” with 5 battered women and 4 men as subjects. The program has become a model for programs in other jurisdictions seeking to deal more effectively with domestic violence.

For an in-depth understanding of DV in THIS CENTURY please read this entire paper below and digest it……

Dr Jane Wangmann
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney. VIOLENCE – AN EXPLORATION OF THE LITERATURE

Whilst it is now 5 years old it is much more relevant and unbiased as the DELUTH model.

The next time you hear from some half witted person rabbiting on about a subject they know little about you will be in a position to educate them with the TRUTH.

Tue 21st June 2016

The worst feminist submission that i have ever read !

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 2:28 am

Not sure if anyone had read this family violence review/ submission? Every statement is all “her” “she” and it’s absolutley rubbish ! Link below from the NZ psychological society website. Their submission and review of the DV act 1995.

PDF link: Family violence Law Review Submission .

Sat 18th June 2016

“Without notice” Family Court judicial time – every application takes 16 minutes & 48 seconds

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 11:28 am

Just thought sharing this,

Every Without notice aplication will take on average 16 mins for a judge to decide ? Of course everytime new judge and they don’t have any background of the manipulations and alienation history.

13,543 applications for the year and numbers increasing.


“Without notice” Family Court judicial time 316 hours/month

15 June 2016

Judges together spent an average of 316 hours a month dealing with “without notice” applications in the Family Court in the year to 30 April 2016.

With a total of 13,543 such applications over the year, this means that Family Court Judges spent an average of 16 minutes and 48 seconds on each application.

Justice Minister Amy Adams has released information on judicial time spent on “without notice” applications in response to a parliamentary question from Labour MP Louisa Wall.

Releasing the information, Ms Adams said judicial time dealing with “without notice” applications has been interpreted as the hours spent on e-Duty events by Judges.

Judicial time spent dealing with “without notice” applications in Family Court

Event Month Guardianship (Care of Children Act) All Family Court case types
Judicial time (hours) Events Judicial time (hours) Events
May 2015 172 687 297 1193
June 2015 149 580 263 1008
July 2015 177 663 311 1131
August 2015 164 621 297 1110
September 2015 189 695 374 1183
October 2015 174 659 298 1150
November 2015 160 646 273 1107
December 2015 169 653 293 1136
January 2016 165 576 259 918
February 2016 332 760 465 1235
March 2016 208 755 376 1283
April 2016 164 630 286 1089
Total 2223 7925 3792 13543
Average/Month 185.3 660.4 316.0 1128.6

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 9:29 am

This NZ Herald story headline question must be rehtorical because everyone knows that there are no ‘good men’. If the reporter were to ask me why I am absent from groups where women frequent then I would answer that I avoid them like the plague. During my 50’s my brain trajectory headed upward nearly a meter and now sits in a place where evolutionary pressures no longer have influence.

Hence, I don’t mix with people who annoy me with their mundane chitter chatter about how lovely it is to share their life with their children whom they most probably brought up to disrespect the father. I don’t want to hear how they are shopping for lovely things knowing that the chances are they are squandering money that they acquired off the ex by stealth. I discovered that most women are narcissistic predators with men being the predominant victim.

Sound like a misogynist talking? Well that depends on your definition. The etymology is such that if you speak the truth about what most women have become today you get that label attached to you as a way of silencing your opinion. However, if you are looking for an answer to the question then my answer comes from my life experience and where women’s attitudes have taken me thus far. Give me a bunch of blokes keen on a motor bike ride any day….life is beautiful (without women) 🙂

Thu 16th June 2016

Media Will Now Be Able to Mention the S-(uicide) Word

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:38 pm

This new provision has come into law through the Coroners Amendment Act passed today. It may be positive in drawing the public’s attention to the high suicide rate, and it may improve the public’s recognition of the plight of so many men in particular who feel so hated and worthless in the feminist era that they kill themselves at almost four times the rate that women do. However, there is a good chance that news media will continue to cover up this gender issue in the same way that they cover up men’s sacrifice in work roles, by failing to mention the gender of victims unless female. It’s important that editors and journalists are challenged strongly whenever they do this.

Administrative Review – Grounds 8 Capacity to Earn

Filed under: General — @@@ @ 8:20 pm

We have an administrative review next week and I was looking for some information/case file evidence if anyone can help? The review is under Ground 8 and based on “Capacity to Earn” instead of true financial earnings. Has anyone had any experience with this in the past and would you mind sharing the situation and outcome? The more prepared we are before we go in the better I feel! I really don’t trust admin reviews and have had them turn ugly in the past. Any support, guidance or past experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Wed 15th June 2016

IRD Amendment to Assessments

Filed under: General — pcObelix @ 4:37 pm

I do not understand it…..but someone else may be interested and understand it. The one thing that got me was…”This includes assessments the Commissioner makes as a result of a voluntary agreement entered into by parties.”

IRD Child Support Reviews

Tue 14th June 2016


Filed under: General — sharingiscaring @ 10:31 am


To all those trying to bring peace, please don’t give up. In the end the victory of peace over conflict is assured. Many who have heard of the recent events have said I should post them here to encourage others.

After over a thousand days in Court the Supreme Court agreed with the proposal to grant custody of our son to his father, and custody of our daughter to the her mother. Immediately an offer of peace was sent to the other side. It went unanswered. The next morning, when I finally had my son at school, I got a sudden call from the Court saying I must come to Court in an hour for an Urgent hearing as their lawyer has said he served documents on me. Their lawyer had not served the documents on me. He had simply lied to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu to get money from my ex-wife and her rich boyfriend. I was forced into Court again in just a t-shirt and pair of shorts with no documents and had to face down their lawyer, my-exwife’s boyfriend who sat next to and advised their lawyer, and my ex-wife. It was like a lamb to the slaughter . . . yet through it all, through all the clamor and confusion the light of Justice shone and their attempt that day failed. My son was allowed by the Court to remain in my custody.

Our son was then taken back home to his Santo home, school and Church. The next week was our sons birthday. An draft access agreement was sent to the other side, who again declined to reply. As another offer of peace our son was flown down to spend his birthday with his sister and mother. I had no money for the flights and my friend Mark Fielding very kindly lent the money for the return tickets to fly our son down so his mother and sister could spend time with him on his birthday. During the handover of our son in the Church carpark unfortunately the other party served four new Court papers to rehear their Stay Application with a new lawyer.

So again a few days later I again had to borrow money to fly down to Court in Vila. While up in Santo waiting to fly down to Vila for the Court hearing the private investigator employed over many years to follow my friends and I by their lawyer and the Japanese boyfriend assaulted me in the airport carpark.

Then I flew down to Vila and had a lovely two hours in Court again facing their lawyer, the Japanese boyfriend and Japanese ex-wife. Again the smoke and confusion, the pain and the hurt was hurled in a small room where so many peoples fates have been determined. Again the Court stood strong against the raging and my son was allowed to remain with me.

After the Court battle while talking to another lawyer in the Court carpark about his injured foot, their lawyer drove by, slammed on the brakes of her car in front of the very Supreme Court House of Vanuatu, and screamed out, to the shock of myself and the other lawyers who witnessed her behavior “Trying to get your 8th lawyer? hahahahahaha” and drove off.

So there you have it, custody struggles in Vanuatu, lying lawyers, assaulting private investigators, insulting lawyers, and fortunes to be made if you can tap into rich foreigners in family pain.

Please let us all remember that sharing is caring,
and children have the International Human Rights to both their Parents.

When all the ravaging winds of war are all blown out,
that which is always in front of us all will remain,
Peace and Love.

Top judge says mothers should have children taken away if they don’t let fathers see them

Filed under: General — sharingiscaring @ 9:35 am

Well done this Judge!


Mon 13th June 2016


Filed under: General — Hugin @ 8:21 pm

Currently under New Zealand law section 128 which deals with sexual violation there are two options. Rape and unlawful sexual connection. Of the two only men can be charged with rape as it is defined as
“(2) Person A rapes person B if person A has sexual connection with person B, effected by the penetration of person B’s genitalia by person A’s penis,—
(a) without person B’s consent to the connection; and
(b) without believing on reasonable grounds that person B consents to the connection.” (crimes act 1961)
The requirement of penetration by a penis excludes all women as rapists. We believe this is an unnecessary distinction and is inherently sexist. We would like to see the gender specific language, (penis), removed from this definition so that all rapists, regardless of gender can be charged with rape. (more…)

Alleged Sexism in University Promotions

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:54 am

Today news that ‘among top researchers’ (whatever that means), men at NZ universities are three times more likely to be promoted to professor. Unfortunately there was no indication of this study on the web page of Ann Brower from Lincoln University who was interviewed as someone involved in the research, so it wasn’t possible to evaluate it. If this news release was done before the study was peer reviewed and published, that seems a bit irresponsible. (more…)

Sun 12th June 2016

Still an Endless Stream of Misandry

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:23 pm

Although the tide is turning we are still bombarded by feminist propaganda through both commission and omission. Every time the pussy pass is given to a female offender this is an incident of misandry because it reflects greater punishment for men than for women for the same crimes.

This one is old but doesn’t seem to have been covered on MENZ Issues and definitely deserves to be. Sayonara Fa’amausili was centre manager of a preschool from which, over a four-year period, she stole almost $90,000. She claimed this was her boyfriend’s fault because he ‘persuaded’ her to offend, i.e. to commit the numerous acts of fraud over her long period of stealing. The judge (was it a female judge or a white-knight male?) was happy to accept this implausible story and to let Ms Fa’amausili shift blame for her behaviour on to a man. After all, that’s what men are for huh? So she was sentenced to 40 hours community work!

The Teachers’ Council swallowed the same tale and found her quite fit and proper enough to continue teaching and indeed being in control of yet another preschool centre. Simply beyond belief.

Justice Karen Louise Clark Keen to Allow Women to Kill Men

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:44 pm

This case received little attention in media but it is quite momentous as a development in the erosion of men’s basic human right to life and the elevation of women to an even more privileged class.

When her mother’s boyfriend Mr Watkins, apparently an unpleasant man with a propensity towards violence, became angry and ordered everyone out of the house while threatening them with a meat cleaver, Ms Daryl Kirk ran back into the house, up the stairs, grabbed a rifle and returned to fire six times at him, killing him with three hits. The woman judge decided this murder was good enough to be called ‘self-defence’ even though Ms Kirk could easily have escaped the place to keep herself safe, and her actions in getting the gun were almost certainly out of vengeful anger rather than self-preservation. So Ms Kirk was convicted of manslaughter, and slaughter him she had, for which she was sentenced to 12 months home detention. The learned judge was said to make reference to the Law Commission’s recommendation to legalize homicide of males by females, and apparently she decided that feminism was so important she she may as well apply this as if it were already law even though parliament has not yet passed it. Yeah, go girls!

Men’s lives, already treated as so disposable in employment, war and suicide, are in the process of becoming even more disposable. Don’t dare frighten any woman because she will then be allowed to murder you with minimal or no consequences. But unfortunately the same privilege won’t be given to frightened men. You can be sure that if you shot to death a woman threatening you with a lesser weapon, you won’t be allowed to attribute this to self-defence. Especially if you fire the gun six times and one of the bullets is in her back.

Sat 11th June 2016

When are we going to speak up loud about NZ fathers’ suffering? and the institutional psychological abuse and torture done by the courts ?

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 1:27 am

When are we going to speak up loud about NZ fathers’ suffering? and the institutional psychological abuse and torture done by the courts ?

i have been stuck in the family court since 10 years and still going and many like me, who are just good fathers ……… the same process starting again with protection order > parenting order > psychologists > counselors > mediation > breach of protection orders > parenting order variation > criminal court. Its a never-ending drama and once this dark cloud stuck over your head then your life will turn up like hell. Dealing with the courts is like TORTURE.

All Judges, lawyers and politicians are ignoring the brainwashing and parental alienation for the sake of keeping the gravy train going. We have fathers who are committing suicide, hurting themselves, losing their jobs and careers, going mental, not seeing their children and their children are brainwashed and programmed against them …..etc. We hear everyday horrible heartbreaking stories about so many fathers who are victims of the corrupt family court.

What are we doing about it ?

Would love to hear from the MENZ website group members, what are they up to ? Any plans ? We have a powerful digital tools, like social media, websites and internet. Old days they the marketing options were very limited, so thats why it was really hard to get good numbers of people to protest.

We are a group of serious fathers/Men working on a organizing a peaceful protest at Auckland District Court soon and we need fathers who got balls to speak up loud and want really to be part of it. We are targeting 100+ members for the protest. It will happen in the next couple of months, we will market the protest all over the social media.

Also we looking for a team of fathers from NZ nationwide, to help raising the awareness of Men abuse in NZ over the social media by commenting and posting on some Facebook pages, also help in collecting some data over the internet from specific websites related to men and fathers rights. The media and all the government DV marketing campaigns are targeting men and blaming them for the family violence in NZ. Its only an hour everyday, but an hour everyday will make a difference.

Please email me with your details at zayne@thesecretcourt.co.nz, we have a closed group on Facebook and feel free to join.




Wed 8th June 2016

The feminisation of society

Filed under: General — triassic @ 7:06 pm

This Bill Maher video knows how to package up a stinging subject with great humour……

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