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Sat 26th November 2016

Cassie Jaye on The Bolt Report

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Tue 22nd November 2016

Free Speech & Brian Tamaki

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What the media has attempted to do with Brian Tamaki’s sermon on natural disasters should concern people who support this site. Under the ‘Free Speech’ principle Tamaki has a right to give his opinion as much as anyone else. The fact that he bases his theory without empirical evidence is not the point. The fact that his audience think he is correct is also irrelevant. Free speech is the linchpin of our democracy and should be protected unless it can be specifically related to hate speech thereby inciting discrimination or violence, which his sermon did not do. The ignorance of the Press never ceases to amaze me. Tamaki was not speaking for Christians as he was reading from the ‘Old Testament’ which is the Jewish book. St Paul was emphatic that the Torah was not a part of Christianity. If the Press don’t like what Brian says and want to stop him reading from the Torah then perhaps they are anti-Semitic? Tsk! Tsk!

Feminists constantly make derogatory and defamatory statements against males and yet there is deafening silence. Why is that? Across the Universities in the USA (and coming here soon) there is a strong effort to shut down free speech due to female students becoming ‘triggered’ into ‘feeling unsafe’ by hearing something that their belief system finds repellant, particularly when that statement is based on fact with strong empirical evidence.
We need to stand up for free speech even when we disagree with its content but we also need to demand an equal platform to challenge any speech made that we believe has a false premise….Please do something positive and write to the Editor or Producer of any media outlet that gives speech a one sided platform. They will listen…..eventually.

Red Pill screening in Auckland

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An Auckland screening of THE RED PILL – for those of you on Facebook:


[Edit by JohnP] For those of us not on Facebook:

Thur 15th December 2016
6:30 PM – 10:00 PM NZDT

Kelston Community Centre
126 Awaroa Road

Book at Eventbrite


Pussywhipped men please apply!

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Domestic Violence,Events,Gender Politics — MurrayBacon @ 9:36 am

Not sure how much use this is to you weaklings who read menz.org.nz?
Is this meating going to hit any useful spots, or is it just more irrelevancy?
I wonder what the value for money is?
(Sorry for my irreverency.)

Sat 12th November 2016

Trump Vote – A Backlash Against Feminism

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Questions… of law and procedures-Family Courts

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — WrongGender @ 8:52 am

1- Should an ed-psych be writing s133 reports for the Family Courts

I was under the impression one had to be a clinical psychologist??? Any info welcome.

EDIT: Yes the courts can assign whomever they want even counselors to write clinical psychologist reports as in Nelson (30 years

2- Should an ed-psych with a history of International parental abduction be permitted to practice as a psychologist for the courts?

I ask this in light of the public interest, would this not put the courts at risks and or bring the courts into disrepute for having a potential witness with such huge possible credibility issues.

EDIT: Answer- if the psychologist is vetted by the board of psychologist then by all means – courts can do with them as they wish for as long that do not know – what if a complaint is made? The courts investigate.

3- Is it appropriate for a judge to assign her self a case when she is and resides at the opposite end of the country?

Specially a new judge whom had extensive working relationship with L4C in her previous role as lawyer.
And one whom has had an extensive working relationship with the local registry in her former role as lawyer.

4- And if this (3) is so – should it not be made clear to all parties that she is the out-of-town Judge assigned to a case – As part of the order stating an out of town judge is to deal with a particular case?

4- Is it true that that a family court judge has no power or jurisdiction to order a s133 report when there is an application to discharge or vary an existing parenting order and when claims of emotional and psychological abuse are made by the applicant? And specially in a complex case that has been live in the family Courts for over 8 years?

5- Can a judge refuse to order a psych report when concerns of ongoing parental alienation are made and still refuses to consider the evidence (3 previous psych reports) already on file raising concerns of such?

6- Can a judge make a decision that L4c is to act as guardian ad litem (dual roles) when an application is made for counsel for child due to L4C ongoing improprieties and constant breaches of L4c Code of practice and for acting outside his brief and for acting for a child when his appointment has expired due to child age?

7- Is it up to L4C to decide whether there is a conflict of interest between the child views (Which might be influenced) and the child’s best interest and welfare?

Any input welcome – thanks to all

Tue 8th November 2016

Meet the Director of the Red Pill.

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:07 am

This Rubin Report video interviews Cassie Jaye the Writer Director of The documentary ‘The Red Pill’ named after the Reddit forum site This movie is a MUST SEE. It was banned in Melbourne and it will come under criticism here as well. After 10yrs as a feminist Cassie reveals that ‘feminism’ is an ideology and juxtaposes it with her religious upbringing which she managed to throw off. She mentions how this doco has not received the support of the mainstream media like her previous work. We need to give her our support and get everyone you know to go and view it.

Fri 4th November 2016

The Red Pill – Wellington Screening, Let’s make it happen!

Filed under: General — rivercurrents @ 1:55 pm

If you are near Wellington and interested in seeing this important newly released feature documentary film exploring the Men’s Human Rights Movement, here is your opportunity! Join us Thursday December 8th (open to moving to a Sunday evening if more people prefer) for an inspiring evening at Lighthouse Cinema in Petone.

“When feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs.

Jaye had only heard about the Men’s Rights Movement as being a misogynist hate-group aiming to turn back the clock on women’s rights, but when she spends a year filming the leaders and followers within the movement, she learns the various ways men are disadvantaged and discriminated against.”

The crowdfunder page to screen The Red Pill in Wellington has been accepted. Please give generously so Wellington region can get a boost in morale and solidarity to make this world a more compassionate place for boys and men – which will mean a more compassionate place for everyone!

Any donation of $28 or more is your ‘share’ to attend the screening in Petone (this had to get edited from the givealittle page because they can’t be seen to sell tickets), so please message me if December 8th 6:30 doesn’t suit you and you would prefer Sunday 11th.


The Red Pill

Milo Strikes Again

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — triassic @ 4:54 am

In this clip Milo Yiannopoulos Refuses to be intimidated by the BBC and clearly states why Donald Trump is gaining support. His response to the interviewers questions exposes the bias in journalism practiced today.

Wed 2nd November 2016

Response to Radio NZ interview re men thrown out of their homes

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:37 pm

Dear James Kirk

Regarding the interview this morning on Radio NZ’s Nine to Noon, we support the idea that that state provide housing for men thrown out of their homes through Police ‘Safety Orders’. However, many of those men need emotional, legal and practical support to deal with injustice towards them.

You and Ms Robinson failed to mention that many such men are ordered out of their homes only because they are males. The wording of the relevant Act allows police complete discretion over whom they give these Orders to, and many are based on police tendency to pick on the male in the hope of avoiding further call outs to the address regardless of who appeared to be the violent party or the most violent party. Police also tend to believe women’s false allegations even when the male is the only one with visible injuries and there is no sign of violence towards the woman. We agree with your emphasis on respect towards men who have been thrown out of their own homes but surely this includes acknowledging the true picture, that many of those men are the real victims of any family violence and/or the male-abusing system.

Of course, for those men and women who are the perpetrators of violence it’s important for them to be supported in changing their beliefs and behaviour. However, you made no mention of the need for violent women to change; why is this?

We are concerned that you and Ms Robinson would speak about family violence as though only men ever commit it and only women ever suffer from it. Ms Robinson made vague references to ‘the research’ but we would suggest the research base and objective statistics be represented honestly. For example, both of our world-renown longitudinal studies in Dunedin and Christchurch plus numerous international studies have shown clearly that women commit at least as many acts of violence towards their intimate partners as men do, but the men’s violence is, on average, more serious. Nevertheless, a significant albeit smaller proportion of serious violence is committed by women. For example, the most recent NZ family violence deaths statistics show that 24% of the intimate partner killers were women amd 27% of the victims of intimate partner homicides were men.

We hope that you become more honest about the area in which you both work. Condoning or colluding with sexist, anti-male laws, law enforcement and social attitudes is most unlikely to lead to more caring and responsible attitudes in either the men or women who would benefit from such change.

Yours faithfully

Ministry of Men’s Affairs (A community group because successive governments have neglected the voice and welfare of NZ men)

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