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Sun 29th January 2017

Dishonest Promotion of Prostitution

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:54 am

Did anyone notice this article in the NZ Herald with the title ‘Kiwis reveal experiences with sex workers’? The title suggested the article might provide us with some tales of warning and insights about keeping ourselves, our wallets, savings, health, marriages and reputations safe should we ever become customers of the prostitute industry. However, the article instead is simply a blatant sales promotion tool. One wonders whether its a paid infomercial, an industry piece accepted by a newspaper that always seems keen to publish anything promoting femaleism, or the product of a journalist wanting to promote prostitution as a general support for femaleism and women’s wealth. News article it certainly isn’t.

The article was based on a thread on Reddit and one wonders whether that internet company had any role in having it published. The responses in the Reddit thread included various angles but the article only mentioned those positive about becoming a customer of prostitution. Some of the positive responses in the Reddit thread may well have come from prostitutes or brothel owners keen to normalize prostitution, to encourage men to think positively about paying women professional rates for uneducated and untrained work. Why didn’t the article include the following kinds of responses that were in the Reddit thread? (more…)

Sat 28th January 2017

Journalist tries to defend Feminism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:47 pm

Dawn Picken in the Bay of Plenty Times wrote an article called ‘The F word’ (another version exists also with a longer title). Here is our response to her:

Dear Dawn

We were interested in your article about ‘the F word’ published 27/01/17 and we believe a number of your assertions deserve critique. It would appear that you haven’t come across any of the substantial body of sound, rational consideration of your feminist claims, or if you have then you have chosen to disregard it and to maintain your allegiance to feminism, in which case the following will be a futile exercise other than as a catharsis for the writers.

“I subscribe to the definition of feminism that says everyone, male and female, should have equal political, economic and social rights.” (more…)

Wed 25th January 2017

The Success of Feminism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:40 pm

Feminism is really succeeding at having men treated as worthless. This man was injured in an assault by a group of vicious, thieving females and onlookers stood by watching without intervening. The story reflects a number of things.

1. Some women are seriously violent just as some men are seriously violent.

2. Contemptuous, uncaring and hating attitudes towards men have been fostered by feminists permeating society to the extent that people find it entertaining to see a man being terrorized and injured by women.

3. Police found the group and arrested one female? What about the others? Oh yes, we forgot, they’re female.

4. The one female police have arrested is much less likely to be charged than a male would be. If she is charged she is much more likely to get diversion, to be referred for psychiatric assessment, and/or to be discharged. In the unlikely event she is convicted of anything her sentence is much more likely to be a ‘helping’ rather than a punitive sentence and will certainly be much more lenient than any male would get for the same violence.

NZ first in anti corruption….Yeah Right

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:13 pm

The organisation “Transparency International” has just voted NZ first equal for the least corrupt nation through perception , alas without scrutiny of the Family Court. One of the great things about having a secret court system is that no corruption can be detected by society. I may have had a more honest out come in my battle to father my children had I been born in Somalia. Oh well, never mind, I just need to man-up and accept that family court judges just do their best for the good of the children…… oh shit, sorry, I just vomited.

Sun 15th January 2017

Alice Williams, male-basher

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:01 pm

This article, ‘Things I’d do if I wasn’t afraid of appearing masculine’ by Australian intellectual lightweight Alice Williams is a piece of destructive, sarcastic male bashing. We sent the following response but we don’t expect any reasoned reply. Why the NZ Herald would choose this rubbish from what must be a vast array of good, newsworthy and socially responsible articles on offer from around the world is difficult to understand, but can only reflect the editors’ wish to promote feminist ideology, to cause harm to men and to damage social cohesion. Note also that the NZ Herald did not provide any facility for readers to respond; this has become a common ploy by the Herald to ensure that critics of feminist b.s. are given no opportunity to be heard.

Our reply sent through Ms Williams’ own web page was as follows: (more…)

Thu 12th January 2017

Special Treatment for Women

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:32 pm

Special privileged treatment of women by our judiciary and media continues as normal.

In one case this week, the Coroner found that a woman killed an innocent person by driving into the victim’s car in a suicide attempt. The killer refused to cooperate with the police investigation claiming she couldn’t remember, she refused to give evidence at her trial for manslaughter and it appears that the Court also disallowed relevant evidence, so the jury didn’t have enough evidence to find her guilty. However, the Coroner was able to consider all relevant evidence and the truth was clear. The killer woman had a history of suicidal thoughts and her father had previously called police to report she was suicidal, telling police that “there is also a chance she might just drive into someone and kill herself or someone else”. Yet even the Coroner tried to downplay her culpability by expressing a belief that she made a ‘snap decision’ to drive into the victim’s car and that she didn’t mean to cause any harm to the victim. WTF? These just seem to be convenient ways for a white knight to reduce a woman’s blame. The Coroner also ordered name suppression for this selfish killer. Are women to be protected from all accountability for their wrongdoing? She’s probably out driving again as we speak.

In another case, teenage woman Lana Tutty is wanted by police who have issued a mugshot and appeal for information. However, the police refused to state what crime she is alleged to have committed. Why? This doesn’t seem typical for males wanted by police. An article on Stuff reported she faces charges for Assault with Intent to Injure and Wilful Trespass. This is serious stuff and surely the police owe the public a warning that she is dangerous. Also, without knowing the nature of the charges against her the public are less likely to feel motivated to assist police. Note also that the NZ White-Knight Herald’s story on this case attempts to turn this violent offender into a folk hero. It states nothing about her alleged crimes or dangerousness but focuses only on her ‘thumbs up’ response to the police release, how many ‘likes’ her response received and what a successful fugitive she is. Ho ho ho, what fun when a woman commits serious violence and tries to evade police.

Mon 9th January 2017


Filed under: General — mopardad @ 2:14 pm

I will use this post to keep people up to date.

First port of call, a letter to Chief Justice, not expecting it to achieve any results although it will send a clear message I am coming for them.

Tue 3rd January 2017

Contempt of Court

Filed under: General — mopardad @ 9:11 pm

So as part of addressing the failings of the FC I did inform PFCJ Ryan that he is racist along with Von Dadelszen, Boshier and Callinicos. Ive been researching contempt of Court in readiness for them should they get their knickers in a further knot, and was just wondering if anyone has used a term in a formal letter to a Judge or in Court documents that may have constituted an act of contempt of Court??!!


Filed under: General — mopardad @ 6:32 am

Hi all,

Im after copies of the rulings that are mentioned on the “NZ Family Court Precedents (Case Law)” page if anyone has these, I am collecting evidence to take on the Crown and need evidence to show that the FC has been inconsistent.

Cheers folks.

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