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Mon 29th May 2017

It’s alright to threaten violence if you’re dressed as a woman

Filed under: Gender Politics — martin @ 4:00 pm

Just found this Ben Shipiro, where about 5 minutes in, he calls this guy dressed as a woman “Sir”, just listen to his response – threatening violence. Now tell me that if he wasn’t in drag, he would get away with such a threat. Enjoy


Filed under: General — martin @ 11:52 am

I was invited to have dinner at my friends place last night, a middle-aged couple with a young daughter. They both (him and her) know of the troubles I have had to endure lately with me ex taking my kids etc (just for your info, I haven’t seen my 15yo and 13yo boys in over 12 months and yet they live only 1 km away – all under a temporary custody order). What surprised me was the wife, whom i believe has watched the Red Pill etc, brought up that she subscribes to a feminist Facebook page which really took me aback. I don’t know why but it did. Presumably she does believe that women earn less than men, that women’s rights are trodden on my people like me. Two-faced comes to mind.

Sun 28th May 2017

I’d like to think that the pendulum has finally begun to swing the other way …

Filed under: General — golfa @ 8:32 pm


Sat 27th May 2017

I’m Glad I’m Not A Pedophile

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — martin @ 2:50 pm

Can anyone explain to me why we are supposed to be liberal open minded people and yet we are anti-pedophile? Now I know you might call this semantics but pedophillia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

This is not something I would chose to have, and I am sure the people who have this condition don’t chose to have it either. I am sure there isn’t a law against it yet?
So what is it that we as society don’t like – well I think that is child sex offenders, which is possibly committed by some people with pedophillia but I am sure it is also committed by others who we would not class as pedophiles.

So my point. I just wanted to put it out there, as it seems to me at least that the word is often used incorrectly, and I would like to think I would have sympathy for someone with a mental disorder rather than condemn them for something that they have little to no control over.

Thu 25th May 2017

Police and Protection Orders

Filed under: General — martin @ 4:26 pm

Last year, after my ex decided that she wanted another pound of flesh took my children from me under the guise of an interim custody order (I’m still fighting this in court). Prior to this (some 7 years ago and I’m sure no surprise to most) she obtained a protection order, which she then supported the removal off after 3 years. So remember “no current orders” other than the interim custody order. (more…)

A Woman (Joanne Harrison) Offends, A Male is Found to Punish

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:12 am

The case of Auditor-General Martin Matthews appears to be another example of men being held responsible when women misbehave. Not much has fundamentally changed in attitudes since the era in which husbands were considered responsible for their wives’ behaviour and debts. (more…)

Tue 23rd May 2017

White Muddled Class Wail

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:55 am

I’m sick of ‘White Middle-Class Male’ arogance. Rohan Lord got the wakeup call he deserved.

Was he that politicaly naive, that socially disconnected, that remotely hopeful, that he could make any change by joining the Labour Party.

He got chucked? (more…)

Mon 22nd May 2017

An island that doesn’t allow women

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:59 pm

Okinoshima, an interesting idea. Perhaps NZ’s two main islands could do the same.

Sun 21st May 2017

Pie in the Fluffy Sky with Diamonds

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:08 am

A kaleidoscope car appears at your door
Waiting to take you away
Climb in the back, with your head in the clouds
And (more…)

Sat 20th May 2017

Exclusion of Males Spreading

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:14 am

A previous post discussed the misuse of a publicly funded swimming pool by banning males and allowing only females at the complex for several prime hours each week. Now we read that a girls’ school netball tournament has been banning men from any presence or role, including the girls’ fathers. (more…)

The Social Graphic of Suicide

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:59 am

I really don’t think people get this, and it pains me to watch the chaos building around both the discussion and the prospective fix, which as I see it, is encouraging the problem, not helping it.

As a young New Zealander (more…)

Fri 19th May 2017

Family Court Costs

Filed under: General — martin @ 6:39 pm

I need some reliable info. I have been crippled for the last year in custody hearings at the FC and my bet is I’m going to come second again! My predicament is that the is to be a final hearing next month and while I am entitled to legal aid I don’t use it as it is merely a loan. My question is this – is there a way for me to bail out before the hearing and avoid paying costs? You see it looks like my ex-wife will ask for costs through her lawyer, so to add insult to injury, I will have to pay for her lawyer, while not being able to afford one of my one – they call that justice! It seems pathetic to me that she has stolen my kids, my health and my job and now intends to cripple me financially. I have a cylinder of helium close by just in case the mood takes me to finish it for good. Wishing you all a very good evening. 🙂

Women Marrying Themselves

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:04 am

This trend is quite something. Apparently it’s somehow related to being a feminist, or single, or something.

Thu 18th May 2017

Police Maintain Routine Sexism

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:38 pm

From a correspondent; we changed place names to respect privacy:

I picked up a hitch-hiker today even though he had no backpack. He told me his essential reason for needing to hitchhike and I encouraged him to share the rest of his story. I have changed the locations to respect privacy, but nothing else.

He had packed in his job in Auckland to move with his girlfriend to Tokoroa where her mother lived. His employer valued him and said he would keep the job open for him for a while in case he wanted to return. Within a short time he found the situation in Tokoroa wasn’t working out. He hadn’t found employment, his girlfriend’s mental health problems were aroused by the move and economic reality, and he found that he was valued mainly for his good car and being a chauffeur for his girlfriend’s and her mother’s frequent transport needs. His car was his only significant asset and his pride and joy.

Colin Craig and Cameron Slater

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:38 pm

If either were my child, I’d definitely want a God to pray to for an explanation.

Apparently they’re both in the Auckland High Court exercising their Christian principals and suing each other for defamation. They deserve each other, they’re a couple of spoilt brats, and equally a waste of good skin.

Colin Craig the former Conservative Party Leader and Cameron Slater better known as Whale Oil the blogger were both warned by Justice Toogood about the judiciary not being an endless expanse of time and money, and to get on with it.

Of course, (more…)

Autobiography of Dean Wickliffe

Filed under: Men's Health — Downunder @ 3:23 pm

At the age of 68 Wickliffe who has been paroled unsuccessfully in the past, has been released again for the 6th time.

He has twice escaped from Paremoremo, during his term of imprisonment for the murder, and has been responsible for significant offending while on parole.

I’m curious to know what is in this book and whether his late in life efforts assist in explaining an often uncanvassed dimension of the men’s experience in New Zealand.

Electronic Bail for Female Offenders

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 1:26 pm

This is something I have wondered about for quite some time – whether electronic bail is applied more liberally for the ‘fairer sex’ for the same crime?

A 29 year old woman, arrested yesterday, appeared in the Blenheim District Court this morning, charged with drug related offending and breaching electronic bail conditions.

The prisoner has been remanded in custody with further charges pending.

In a statement from police today we see:

Marlborough Police will not tolerate the supply and use of illicit drugs and will continue to work to reduce the harm on our community.

Is it the case that further offending and additional police work is caused by the biased application of electronic bail involving female offenders?

Wed 17th May 2017

And if it was an extraordinary guy…would they get a free pass

Filed under: General — pcObelix @ 8:52 am

What the hell…could you imagine a male getting the possible same treatment if the roles were reversed.

Aspiring heart surgeon who stabbed boyfriend in England may avoid jail because she’s ‘extraordinary’

Mon 15th May 2017

Do These Texts Show Partner Abuse?

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:29 pm

This was a weird one. The heading was ‘Husband’s shocking texts reveal reality of domestic violence‘. Well we might have missed something but the texts didn’t seem shocking and there was nothing showing domestic violence happening or having happened. Is it we or they who are irrational? Or is it a cynical production of a false news story to cash in on the feminist fashion and cater to a market of unthinking bigots who will believe, without critical thinking or careful attention to the body of the article, any headline that fits their beliefs. The editor of the NZ Herald must also have fallen into that category. That list of women’s refuge and support groups must get quite good ratings because many opportunities are made to include it. (more…)

Fri 12th May 2017

I Don’t Want it to be a Secret

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 5:10 pm

I can’t get a link up at the moment.

The story is a Stuff news item, about the wife of an Australian doctor who committed suicide.

Wife of Australia doctor writes letter about his suicide to show ‘we’re not ashamed’ (more…)

Margaret Dodds

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,General — Downunder @ 8:19 am

Serial offender.

Child abuser. (more…)

Wed 10th May 2017

Core Values

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:05 am

Can I start by giving ‘core values’ some definition: (more…)

Sat 6th May 2017

Immigration and our future

Filed under: General — rationalist1 @ 8:44 pm

New Zealand, like all Western nations, continues to import some of the worst people and practices that other nations have to offer. The resulting friction between good and bad immigrants, and politicians of every position regarding the matter attracts a significant amount of attention. (more…)

The genital mutilation then fame story of John and Lorena Bobbitt

Filed under: Domestic Violence — rationalist1 @ 8:30 pm

John and Lorena repeatedly partook in unethical actions. They seem to be disgusting characters and I have no interest in joining the majority who have apparently decided that one of them is better. (more…)

Real Estate People Profit From Separations

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:19 am

This article describes a video for property investors etc encouraging them to target ‘divorcees’ among others and to employ tactics such as working together with others to add credibility to low offers. While this is not exclusively a men’s issue, men should be aware of it.
Real estate people, property investors (including anyone looking to buy) and those wanting to get bargain chattels will fly in like vultures when they are alerted to a marital or relationship separation. Others such as tradesmen or workers employed to prepare a property, relatives, and of course lawyers may also seek to exploit the separated couple who will almost always be vulnerable and will have their judgment impaired through grief, anger and other emotions: (more…)

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