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Sat 19th August 2017

Are all kiwi men castrated?

Filed under: General — WrongGender @ 7:46 am

I keep reading about the feminist movement on this site and it amazes me that men give it more power than they should.
We all know the DVA Act of 95 is a sham, is bias and is essentially the instrument of mass social disruption that is used mainly to split families and turn men into Ghosts.
WE all know the courts will do nothing about it since parliament makes the laws and the courts act on it and basically enforce it.!
Those two above are what need changing. And unless we do, we are thoroughly @#$cked.
The first goes against human right and is gender discrimination and the second goes against common sense, common law should not be a matter of politic.
If laws are apart of government policies, who is to say what is right vs wrong?
I read so much about Feminists, I am surprised that it is actually the men that give it power.
So many men on this board do nothing but bitch about them and have a very unhealthy focus on this movement. Even to the point of publicizing their most inane achievements.
What amazes me most is that men in this country talk more than women… so much more that if I was in a room alone and could overhear a conversation outside, from the topic and the quality of conversation, I would not be able to tell whether these are men talking or women.
I go to the pub and same. Men sitting around their drinks bitching and moaning about their wives and partners. IN fact, it seems kiwi men biggest assets is not the size of their balls but rather, how fast they run their mouths. Are we competing with women?

33 Responses to “Are all kiwi men castrated?”

  1. Downunder says:

    Yes, its (it is) men who give Feminism POWER

    I don’t support your statement, Jerry.

    Feminists give themselves power. Some men support that. Some stupid-men justify its existence and necessity when Feminists are not manufacturing their own justifications for its necessity.

    Only stupid people would give an ‘ism’ power.

  2. Downunder says:

    @Don’t stuff us around @Jerry … did you see what I did there?

  3. Downunder says:

    If you are a man, ask yourself these questions:

    Do you personally know a media person (someone associated with the news) or even know someone who knows one of these people?

    Do you personally know a women who knows a media person (someone associated with the news) or has a friend who knows someone?

  4. Evan Myers says:

    Some may be agitated, some frustrated, some even circumcised, but I don’t believe any are castrated.

    I would suggest though, that if a strident Feminist was passing by, she’d be launching her tits off.

  5. george says:

    It is getting there unfortunately

  6. Downunder says:


    Headlines like that probably don’t make friends, but when it comes to influencing people, a smart Feminist might actually read it, and say;

    “Girls, I think we have a problem.”

  7. Evan Myers says:

    Men sitting around their drinks bitching and moaning about their wives and partners.

    Good point. What came after that, bothers me though.

    When the mouth gets ahead of the mind.

  8. voices back from the bush says:

    I dont agree with much of this post.
    There would be too much irony to detail why, I would be no better a man bitching about a man bitching about men bitching.
    These pages are frequntly used as a platform for men to share their deepest frustrations, In 2014 I was having the most difficult time of my life, accused of domestic violence and the officials wanted to put me in prison for two years.
    I was very upset, I was very angry, I was tempted to actually show them what might result if I really had harmed someone, I stayed away from people and I would walk on the edge of the footpath for fear that if someone even bumped into me, I might overreact.
    Advice I got through these pages helped me keep my composure and defend myself without violence.
    Men helped me realise that I wasn’t the only one who has felt this way.
    So I don’t begruge or belittle any man that feels desperate, angiushed or disparing.
    I dont call them names.
    You are correct about the 95′ DV act, Its profitable for those lawyers and bottom feeders in the domestic violence industry, the deluth model in patricular should be exposed, deposed and riddiculed and any government supported group using it deserves condemnation in my view.

    I live near Auckland and I’m free on weekends to join any protest you suggest might be worthwhile but you’ve made no such suggestion in this post.

  9. Downunder says:

    Thank you voices for your candid approach to this post.

    The history of ‘Feminism’ is 200 hundred years old. It took 100 years to get from, Europe to England, and to New Zealand (like the DVA) from America.

    That’s the size of the problem.

  10. Evan Myers says:

    Cut yourself off at the knees could have been a better way to say it – and follow the money might be a better way to think about it.

  11. DJ Ward says:

    I think the term ball and chain is relevant as well.
    It really does stay attached after the relationship ends.
    Comparing the male experience vs female experience.
    Don’t worry women do lots of bitching and moaning about men when they get together.
    I’ve walked into a few conversations, told them some statistics, added ‘women have to take ownership for that’, then walked off leaving them with shocked looks on their faces.
    If a women said I’m going to a women’s meeting about equal pay, male partners will probably have no issue with that. If a male said he was going to a men’s meeting about paternity fraud, or 50:50 shared care etc etc then there would be hell to pay as the women would see it as a attack on her credibility and a desire to leave the relationship.
    So men in safe spaces are all talk but it’s from my experience trivial stuff. The ball and chian quite simply holds them back from taking the step further into actually engaging in men’s issues.
    When that ball and chian is removed and they experience harm then those males are free to engage. Often with the ball and chain of child support.
    I do sometimes with our male politicians think to myself, “No you idiot, grow some balls and stop being a puppet” so at the very least male entry to parliament involves a flash, male only dress code suit, and docking rings.

    That’s probably a good idea. All letters to parliament should include a docking ring.

  12. Downunder says:

    Child support is the ball and chain:


  13. DJ Ward says:

    For people who are paying child support it feels like a ball and chain to the ex. There is a relief, a feeling that the locks undone and you have freedom when it stops.
    The ball and chain is an emotional description of that debt to the crown.

    A woman who targets a male specifically for child support payments is not the crown. Without doubt the crown is the mechanism that enables and protects the predatory behaviour. The woman’s behaviour is the manesfestation of the crowns policy on supporting children. One may not exist or be encouraged without the other.

    I realise you have written on Child Support is a debt to the Crown before. Can you give the links.

  14. voices back from the bush says:

    Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.
    George Orwell

  15. Downunder says:

    @ voices.

    Way back when I came across an interesting guy in the American fray. I sent him a not too long letter/email.

    I got a one sentence reply.

    I knew immediately what he had done. Didn’t discuss with me what I already knew, just told me what I didn’t know and needed to know, at that point.

    About two years later … Intelligence is a variable!

  16. Downunder says:

    1997 was my entry point. Menz website didn’t exist.

    I arrived at the MCNS and there were all sorts there. I listened. There was one guy spoke more about our problem, rather than his case.

    Afterwards we had a chat and I asked in a few more words but essentially; “What’s our problem?”

    He had a one line answer to that.

    “The goalposts keep moving.”

    He wasn’t wrong.

  17. Downunder says:

    It’s been a long and winding road, and various people have tried different things, including one time Principal Family Court Judge, PM, leading the sheep astray. He knows who I am.

    So, I turn around in the street one day, and here’s Sir Patrick the knight in shining white armour, and he absolutely shit himself – started running on the spot, the best the fat little POS could – looking like a little boy who thought he was about to die.

    I looked behind him, knowing he’d have a minder, and smiled at her. She burst out laughing, waited for his legs to gain some composure, so he could start walking again.

    This guy walks the streets petrified, and he’s one man whose balls, may have dropped off all by themselves that day.

  18. WrongGender says:

    Just a general reply –
    WE can change the DVA ACT
    We can change the Law and
    we can give the judiciary the lost right to criticize parliament.
    Laws cannot be unjust and if they are, they need changing.
    So rather than bitching about Feminazis and giving history lessons, should we not be going to the Source? Give the Judiciary the power to veto parliament and tell them to stop voting with their D!&KS.

    Every Principal judge interview I have read simply states the same over and over and over.
    Our hands are tied – we can only pass unfair judgment – stop criticizing us – we are not the bad guys – why don’t you take it upstairs?

  19. WrongGender says:

    And What really bothers me is that
    Women are fighting to take men’s right.
    Men are fighting to reclaim these rights
    whose lives are destroyed?

    NZ is turning into a nation of orphans with both parents alive.

    With the immigration policy that we have and the cultural difference of family ties and bonds of the newcomers,
    before long the only people emotionally healthy and fit to run this country will be form overseas.

    Just a thought.

    So yeah as someone suggested march and protest – I say sure?

    What are we changing?

    Are we fighting women and their wars
    are we changing the law?

  20. Downunder says:

    Gene Roddenberry was one of our great forward thinkers. The original series existed in the childhood of TV in NZ.

    In one episode Kirk and Spock beam down to a pristine planet for some necessary encounter with the inhabitants.

    They are about to be ‘beamed up’ again and Kirk says to Spock.

    “There’s someting that troubles me about this planet”
    [Spock raises an eyebrow]
    “Where are all the men?”

    Just a passing thought.

  21. DJ Ward says:

    He was definately a visionary.
    He predicted personal communication devices.
    Replicators. Generation 1 is 3D printing.
    Celebrated for his portrayal of race and gender neutral workplaces.
    Even his ideas on the future of medicine is coming true.

  22. voices back from the bush says:

    WrongGender @ 19,
    You said

    WE can change the DVA ACT
    We can change the Law and
    we can give the judiciary the lost right to criticize parliament.

    I have written to parliamentarians and my emails have been usually ignored.

    How Do you suggest this will be achieved?

  23. Downunder says:

    Good question voices.

    There was a significant meeting between the NZ Law Society and a team of UOF and OTHERS at the Law Society Building in Central Auckland for those that might remember the occasion.


    Just in case you didn’t know about that.

  24. Downunder says:

    That’s not to say there were no agreements, but of course an honourable man should not walk the streets of life in fear of his, nor should he make a knighthood look like a tin of shit.

  25. Voices back from the bush says:

    What about a dame-hood?
    Our governor general is same Patsy Reddy, Is she worth a try or is it obvious which hip she carries her gun?

  26. Downunder says:

    That avenue has been explored, and obviously without success, although if you read various speeches, it was not a voice that wasn’t heard.

    That said, constitutionaly, what one might expect is a different debate.

  27. Voices back from the bush says:

    Constitutionally you say ?

    Waitangi agreement has a lot about constitutional individual rights also?

    There’s no need to tell me I’m clutching at straws.

  28. Downunder says:

    Now, for something completely different, how did we get there from the DVA?

  29. Voices back from the bush says:

    Well the DV act clearly discriminates against Men, the Duluth model and it’s sexist assumptions is one example but there are many others ie no such crime as female assaults male.
    The Waitangi agreement promised equal individual rights for all of us.

  30. Downunder says:

    I would like you … to sit down … and have a good think … about what you just wrote.

  31. WrongGender says:

    @ 23
    Thank you for reading before – like most men here, – orally menstruating (Lol, no pun intended). In your case you have done well in assessing the gist of my earlier post and have summed up the call to action. Much respect:-)

    I might be wrong but I think that is the essence of our problem.

    let’s Go for something completely crazy like bring back the Waitangi agreement promises over what we have right NOw.

    That is the obvious which of course medias will be orally menstruating all over.

    But within that same claim, go for the jugular (indvidual rights – equal rights for men and women but from a men’s perspective. )

    Men wanting equal rights rather than the feminist approach which is the same but from the wrong gender.

    OF Course feminist will take the bait which is good because then we can SHINE THE LIGHT on the DVA.

    Incidentally shine it on how backwards our laws are whereby the judiciary has its hands tied. And have no choice but to favor female over men. Whereby all laws must be measured against the Bill Of Right and the Waitangi agreement.

    Don’t meant to be racist but we can focalize three groups (Maori and abused males in general (through Waitangi)+ Judiciary vs Feminazis).

    You might be surprised as to what results we might get.

    Or course we will not win this little battle but we may be setting the stage for the next generation.

  32. WrongGender says:

    No I am not racist… But the Waitangi or anything Waitangi echoes with Maori. And we need every man woman or child of this country.

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