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Domestic Violence in New Zealand - A Masculinist Perspective

"Domestic violence programs provide a gravy train of government funding that empowers the divorce industry to seize control of more children, with predictable results: more divorce, more single-mother homes, more abused children."
Stephen Baskerville, Professor of Political Science, Howard University. Washington Times 9th December 2001.

News and discussion about Domestic Violence in NZ

Information Kit for People Experiencing Female Violence.

According to the original lesbian authors of this kit: "Female violence is: any behaviour which is adopted by a woman to control you, which causes physical, sexual or psychological damage or causes you to live in fear."

Contents of this section:

Men's Centre Experiences with Domestic Violence Trying to help a male victim in 1995, co-ordinator of New Zealand's first Men's Centre Martin Lewis faced a wall of disbelief.

Hitting Home Report Winner of the NZ Skeptics Society 'Bent Spoon Award', this is a classic example of advocacy research designed to produce a pre-determined outcome.

NZ Domestic Violence Act 1995 The definition of violence is extended and Protection Orders made easier to obtain.

Battered Woman Syndrome An attempt to have this discredited construct entered into NZ legislation 'through the back door' of the Social Security Amendment Act is foiled.

Positive Partners, Strong Families - an intervention which supports New Zealand families is developed by Men's Centre, but repeated attacks by pro-feminist organisations make the project unviable.

Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care One of the promoters of Recovered Memories in NZ jumps on the domestic violence gravy train. They change their rules to allow expulsion of members who question the party line.

North Harbour Family Violence Prevention Project Our local 'Living Without Violence' course providers are funded to educate and network with community groups, but only feminists are allowed. Clients who feel abused by facilitators turn to Men's Centre for support.

National Network of Stopping Violence Services Three member groups are expelled and others sidelined in the exercise of power and control, feminist style.

Panel breaches Bill of Rights over the dumping of male antiviolence group An antiviolence counselling service has won a court battle against a government-funded quango that tried to run it out of business. The High Court at Auckland ruled that the Northern Region Domestic Violence Approval Panel breached the Inner City Group for Men's right to natural justice.

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Noteworthy Research and Papers on domestic violence.

Books and reviews on domestic violence.

Lesbian and Gay Domestic Violence

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Links to other pro-male Domestic Violence websites

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