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Sun 1st June 2014

Evaluation of Child Support Act for Children and Parents

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4 Objects
See: www.legislation.co.nz

• The objects of this Act are—
o (a)to affirm the right of children to be maintained by their parents:
o (b)to affirm the obligation of parents to maintain their children:
o (c)to affirm the right of caregivers of children to receive financial support in respect of those children from non-custodial parents of the children:
o (d)to provide that the level of financial support to be provided by parents for their children is to be determined according to their capacity to provide financial support:

Sat 31st May 2014

Child Neglect – The Bomb in the Brain

As a country, NZ does need to address the protection of several hundreds of thousands of children. Their happiness is seriously being disadvantaged, their ability to manage and organise their lives is compromised and their ability to take up education is being wasted by missing the opportunity to have a proper developing upbringing.

Thu 15th May 2014

Budget 2014

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Budget 2014

The Government has fairly successfully managed the costs and social upheaval associated with Christchurch Earthquake.

The budget has addressed large tax cuts to the top end of earners and generally not addressed tax evasion, particularly by corporations and wealthy individuals. These problems pervade the western world, as a result of ownership of political parties right across the spectrum, by extremely wealthy individuals. This conflict of interest can only be addressed, by tracking back all major donations to political parties and publishing them, after each election. This budget has not addressed these conflicts of interest. One example of such influence, is the Sky City “gambling deal”.

The budget has constructively addressed housing costs, supply and quality.

The budget has assisted parents, by subsidising costs of medical treatment, for children under 13 years.

Thu 1st May 2014

Consciousness raising?

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 11:47 am

Recently, Downunder was discussing whether menz.org.nz had any persuasive power at all. Other people had suggested that it is a waste of time, as nothing ever comes out of these discussions (they were taking an unrealistic short term, focus).

Downunder suggested that apart from the people taking part in the discussions, many other people kept a silent watch on the site and there is quite a bit of communication and educating going on.

Fri 11th April 2014

Keep Your Eye on the Ball?

Every now and then, it is necessary to push aside all of the distractions and make sure that the main energy is focussed onto the most important issues.
It is necessary to identify actions that should have been taken place but didn’t, as much as the actions that did take place.
But what are they?

Thu 3rd April 2014

Women research sexual coercion of men

This story was brought to us by Family First:

Posted by Editor on Monday, March 31, 2014
FoxNews 27 March 2014
A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances—and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the aggressor, according to new research.

Sun 23rd March 2014

Males Failing in a Woman’s World

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 7:09 am

Interesting to see this on the front page of the Stuff website on a Sunday morning.

Men Failing in a Woman’s World

What’s even more interesting, is that a reporter sought the opinion of a masculist crusader.

comments were sparked by new research showing New Zealand blokes get a “raw deal” in education, health and wellbeing.

Men are more likely to fail at school, ditch university, end up in prison and commit suicide than women, according to the AUT study.

Meanwhile, females are racing ahead in education, commanding flexible working conditions and have longer life expectancy.

Self-described masculist Kerry Bevin said the women’s rights movement went too far and men are paying the price in the “feminist aftermath”.

We should not however, (more…)

Thu 6th February 2014

Sexualisation of Girls – impacts on boys?

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,General,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 10:38 pm

There has been discussion about commercial forces using sexualisation of girls for manipulation to increase sales of low intrinsic value products.

Melinda Tankard Reist has given public presentations at Forum on the Family, her book Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls and a Sydney Morning Herald article Sex sells, but we’re selling out our children.

Wed 20th November 2013

Men’s Identities – seen through their spending patterns?

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 8:47 pm

Social science may have largely ignored men as individuals, but there is money to be had by listening to men……

Men’s Health Australia announce release by Saachi and Saachi:

The Modern (Aussie) Man White Paper

Thu 31st October 2013

Deputy Principal won’t give me my sons school report

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My son is a Year 12 student at a large college in Hamilton. He was formerly in my custody but has been in his mother’s custody since 2008. The mother and I don’t get on and as a result of this she is quite obstructive and won’t send me copies of my sons school reports.

Thu 3rd October 2013

October Protests

Representatives of the Ministry of Men’s Affairs (a community group because successive governments have failed to respect the voice and welfare of men) will be present at protests each Saturday in October to coincide with the male-denigrating White Ribbon Campaign. The protests will will encourage people to wear a black ribbon instead to show they oppose violence against women, men and chidren regardless of who commits it. Other men’s issues will also be aired at the protests, e.g. the lack of any government commitment towards men’s welfare while the Ministry of Women’s Affairs has already cost the country well over $100 million, and the scandalous refusal to address male suicide and to provide male-tailored interventions in relation to our suicide problem that kills more men than road accidents do and almost four times as many men as women. Please join us for a while, sing a song with us or at least come by for a quick visit and some moral support if you can.

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 5th October, 11am to 2pm: TAURANGA, close to the Red Square (the exact position depending on wind, weather and welcome).

Saturday 12th October, 11am to 2pm: MANUREWA shopping centre, Gt South Road, near the police station.

Saturday 19th October, 10am to 2pm: HAMILTON, including the Frankton Market in the morning, and the town square (opposite the casino) from about lunchtime.

Saturday 26th October, 11am to 2pm: AUCKLAND, outside St Kevin’s Arcade, Karangahape Road.

We hope to see a few friendly faces!

Contact numbers: (09)4247762 or (0274)799745

Sun 18th August 2013

Father’s Day 1st September Sydney

Greg Andresen of Men’s Health Australia has set up a March for Father’s Day, 1st September Sunday, at Hyde Park Corner, Sydney.

The Theme is A Voice for Children and is against all of the commercial forms of Parental Alienation.

These issues are even more of a problem in New Zealand than in Australia, where the caught$ do give children some protection from parental abduction by mothers.

The failings start with the police who process Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVO) on the basis of personal statements, (more…)

Mon 10th June 2013

Plight of Emotionally Neglected Children in NZ

Emotional neglect is a silent destroyer of lives, many, many lives. Most suffer is silence, sometimes under suicide gravestones, sometimes in psychiatric units doped or electrocuted to silence.

The early damage was done by failure to respond, to smile, to talk back as often as needed by the baby. Doesn’t sound dramatic, but the long term consequences are dramatic, if the connection can be seen at all.

Few want to tell their stories in public. Few understand their own situation and the drivers that caused it, so how could they complain even if they tried?
The most severe and hardest to cure layers of the problem, were laid down before they could talk and well before adult memories start to be laid down.

Sat 13th April 2013

Time’s up for familycaught$ secret bullies

Times up for familycaught$ secret bullies by Judith Collins Minister of Justice

Judith Collins – some details lost in translation, some gained.
1 APRIL, 2013

Justice Minister Judith Collins has announced a raft of new proposals to hold familycaught$ bullies to account for their bullying and harmful behaviour.

Tue 18th December 2012

Offender Anita Killeen Gets Special Treatment

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:39 pm

You might have come across this case last week in which a former Chief Prosecutor for the Serious Fraud Office was nicely discharged without conviction after pleading guilty to forgery charges for which she could have been jailed for up to 10 years. (more…)

Sun 16th December 2012

The Connecticut school serial killer moved to live with his mum after the divorce, 3 years ago

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Domestic Violence,General — Divorced_Man @ 7:29 pm

Am I the only person NOT surprised to find that Adam Lanzra, who killed his mum and then killed 26 other victims (20 young children), experienced divorce 3 years ago, then moved to live with his mum that took him out from school for home-schooling. They were financially stable after the divorce, read the article it may give you a clue “why”!

Fri 26th October 2012

International Day of the Girl Child

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:08 am

Last Thursday was the first International Day of the Girl Child, started by the UN to “recognise girls’ rights and the unique challenges that girls face around the world”. (From this Herald article)

The UN also strongly promotes International Women’s Day. But the UN runs no International Day of the Boy Child or International Men’s Day. A search of its web site shows that its attention to men consists mostly of criticizing them and seeking to repress and change them. (more…)

Sun 23rd September 2012

He’s Just Swapped His Fists For The System

Cartwright Seminar

Concerns that Family Court failing women and children


Sun 1st July 2012

Safe Cognitive Thought Processes?

It is scary, how men and women can be warned about some hazard, for example the familycaught$, yet they will sail on into it with a high degree of trust. Sure, the Government advertises the quality and fit-for-purpose of the familycaught$, despite the steady stream of complaints that they receive and ignore about it. This malicious disinformation makes it much harder for the public to gain a fair appraisal of familycaught$ operations, before it is too late for them.

In many cases, the warning comes horribly true and they are then surprised by what has hit on them and their wallet.

Tue 26th June 2012

Male Suicide and the social determinants of health

The Tip of the Iceberg: Male Suicide and the social determinants of health

Keynote presentation by Professor John Macdonald
President, Australasian Men’s Health Forum. Co-Director MHIRC UWS

The tip of the iceberg theme will be used to suggest that we need to look beneath the surface of things, in many areas of life: often we have preconceived ideas, sometimes formed by the media or prejudices in our culture. In men’s health, there is a particular need to look beneath the surface, especially of received wisdom, as I will suggest.

The tip of the iceberg will be used in this presentation in three ways:

· As an image of the state of research into men’s health in Australia: the focus is on only a little of the reality
· To suggest that the issue of male suicide in our society is a phenomenon which needs to be examined more closely to see more clearly what lies beneath the surface if we wish to help prevent tragic deaths and the anguish they bring to many.
· To suggest that the research into the social determinants of health allows us to look beneath the surface of all population health, in this case, men’s, in order to ask, in a more profound way than is generally the case, what must we do to promote a society which sustains the health of boys and men?

Suicide, the tip of the iceberg

Mon 25th June 2012

Suicide Prevention Conference 2012

Dr. Annette Beautrais has returned to NZ and is now employed at
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Auckland University, at the Middlemore Hospital Complex.

Friday 28th September 2012
She has organised a Suicide Prevention Conference, to follow on from a World Injury Conference, a few days earlier in Wellington.
(As quite a lot of suicides are hidden among injury deaths, this coincidence is useful towards a coordinated and fuller response to suicide issues.)

Tue 19th June 2012

How courts and the culture disrespect dad Barbara Kay

A Father’s Day downer

How courts and the culture disrespect dad

16th June 2012


From the loving, engaged portrayals of fathers featured in recent popular movies like “The Descendants,” “Moneyball” and “A Better Life” — all three performances were nominated for Academy Awards — one might conclude American dads are culturally valued.

Look again. The mothers in these films are comatose, divorced or dead. It’s no coincidence. From Atticus Finch to today, there’s an unspoken Hollywood rule that fathers can’t shine too brightly in the face of active mothering. Dads are more likely to be accorded respect when the y are “coping” — in effect, when they are surrogate mothers.

Sadly, it is not only in Hollywood where fathers get the short end of the stick. The culture reflects a painful and pervasive social reality: For all we talk about the value of fathers, we have been devaluing and discarding them for decades.

We must first diagnose this cancer. Then we must systematically work to cure it.

Thu 12th April 2012

Court Value and Quality

Now 23, Young Woman Says She Made Up Testimony That Put Her Dad in Prison in 2002
Posted Apr 2, 2012 5:40 PM CDT
By Martha Neil

Cassandra Ann Kennedy was 11 years old in 2001, when, she now says, she made up a story that put her father in a Washington state prison from 2002 until last week.

Disappointed in her father, who, she felt, didn’t love her enough, she falsely told authorities he had raped her, wanting him out of her life to ease the pain that she felt, Kennedy told detectives in January. Her parents had divorced a decade or so earlier, and, she says, she got the idea of making up the story from the case of a friend whose stepfather was convicted of a similar crime, reports the Daily News.

Now 43, Thomas Edward Kennedy was released from prison last week after serving nine years and the case against him was dismissed. He declined to comment when contacted by the newspaper.

“This is something my whole office is talking about,” said Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur. “This is the kind of thing that shouldn’t happen.”

Baur wrote a letter to the judge in the case in February, alerting him to new evidence that created “a reasonable likelihood that Mr. Kennedy is innocent of those crimes.” She told the newspaper she continues to rethink every detail of the Longview case and recently listened to a tape of the child’s testimony, yet doesn’t see that the legal system did anything wrong.

She does not intend to pursue charges against the 23-year-old woman for lying, in part because doing so would discourage others from telling the truth after the fact.

Kennedy says she didn’t understand, as a child, the full effect that her false testimony would have on her dad.

Wed 21st March 2012

Separated or Together Parenting

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John Potter made the following comment: http://menz.org.nz/2012/triple-p-parenting-or-pet/comment-page-1/#comment-730030

It seems to me that the dynamics of parenting as a couple are quite different to how it is if you are solo. It’s not clear to me how well PPP addresses this issue.

John has made the distinction between solo and separated. Another very important comparison, is together or separated parenting.

This is an important distinction, in that a much greater set of better developed skills is required to separated parent well. By the very fact of aiming for separation, there is a prima facie case that one or both parents lack this higher level of parenting skills. (To pour petrol onto the fire, I might suggest that more hazard generally comes from the party suggesting separation?)

Wed 14th March 2012

Triple P Parenting or PET

Parenting training is often seen as an insult.

This is unfortunate, as parenting skills are vitally important to the welfare of our children. Good parenting skills would also help negotiating skills, which alas may also be useful in making the best from being forced to separate. Parenting skills help with negotiating, which can also help in being a good employee.

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