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Fri 26th February 2016

Recent Cases Show Feminist Ideology is Unsafe

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Recent cases highlight the danger our society, or at least the male half, faces under current approaches to violence. The case of Shona Maiden was one. She gave her false account of events to police and even went to news media with photos of her son cuddling her and appeared on tv with convincing tears giving the same account, that a man had punched her after she told him to f-off when he criticized her for speaking te reo. News media misrepresented even her account by claiming he assaulted her for speaking te reo, and generally took a white-knight approach in support of this abused damsel (see the MENZ Issues post ‘What Scumbag Would Do This?’). She said on public media that she had lost 5 teeth and had a plate in her mouth cracked, but she wrote on her Facebook page about 3 teeth on one occasion and 2 teeth on another and not about a cracked plate. After she was charged on the basis of the CCTV evidence she told news interviewers that she stood by her account and had told the truth!

The point here is that Shona Maiden believed herself to be a blameless victim of a male’s violence. She believed it so fully that she told the whole country through news media and she still appeared to believe it even after the CCTV evidence proved otherwise. (more…)

Thu 24th December 2015

Every single life lost to suicide is one too many.

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Target-setting is great for progress, but is it right for suicide prevention?
Alan Woodward
Mental health
What is the “right’ suicide prevention target? Does a target of 50% imply acceptance that in Australia 1300 people will die by suicide each year?

Setting targets has become commonplace as a way of measuring achievement and progress. We have seen this recently as the future ecology of our planet and the complexity of international policy on climate change has been reduced to negotiations around a series of targets.

It is as though the targets give meaning to the goal for change.

So surely we should set targets for suicide prevention, right? How better to concentrate efforts than to set targets for a reduction in the tragic loss of life to suicide? And surely setting targets is a way to communicate and engage with the wider community in results-based suicide prevention?

This has already started. In 2013, the World Health Organisation (WHO) promoted a target of 10% reduction in suicides by 2020 for member countries, of which Australia is one. Then, in 2014, the WHO released its first ever report on suicide documenting the key elements of any national strategy for suicide prevention, drawing on research evidence and expert opinion.

Wed 25th November 2015

White Ribbon Day: Misguided, Confused, Duplicitous

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:50 pm

On this auspicious offensive occasion of 2015’s display of blatant sexism called White Ribbon Day, we might consider the following characteristics of this campaign. (more…)

Sun 13th September 2015

MRA Perspectives on Recent Events

1. Michael Murray sentenced to life for murder of Connor Morris

It’s difficult to imagine anything more provocative than seeing a P-addled gang member bashing the shit out of your brother with the real possibility of death or permanent brain damage. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to have a slasher with you and to swing the steel end as hard as possible in to the P-addled gang member’s head, causing his or her hasty death. However, cases like this show just how nasty and unrealistic it was to remove the partial defence of provocation, at least for males in situations of true provocation. Michael Murray may have been able to run that partial defence and many reasonable people would have seen that as justified. He would still have been sent to prison for years and fair enough. It would have been possible under our current murder laws to sentence him to a non-parole period of less than 10 years but it seemed that, because privileged female half-celebrity Millie Elder was upset (at losing her P supplier?), this possible way of taking into account provocation was unconscionable. Either way, Michael Murray won’t spend his imprisonment in ‘solitary confinement’ as our stupid media have been reporting, but he will be in a protection block with mainly harmless sex offenders; that won’t be very safe or feel very safe to him though. (more…)

Fri 6th March 2015


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One In 3 Campaign Poster

Training Program
Friday March 20 9.30am – 4.00pm

Cancer Society New Zealand, 52 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington

Flier for convenient printing

Sun 24th August 2014

Tauawhi Men’s Centre

Filed under: General,White Ribbon Campaign — Downunder @ 2:48 pm

Tauawhi (Māori) to hug, embrace, support (one another)

Tauawhi Men’s Centre is located in Gisborne and its co-ordinator Tim Marshall has announced via STUFF NATION their intention to hold a hui – a hui promoting a men’s response to violence in Aotearoa. (more…)

Sun 13th July 2014

Political outcomes by gendered reporting

Filed under: General,White Ribbon Campaign — Downunder @ 11:57 am

Many times throughout the life of this site authors have raised concerns about media reporting, and often blatant reporting, of news written to favour women or to demonise men. After years of harping we less often see the obvious one liners like ‘the deadbeat dad’.

But there is something more sinister afoot when it comes to media engaging in the practice of gendered reporting; it is the indirect effects, rather than the obvious, that can be the most influential and damaging.

With New Zealand’s 2014 election campaign ramping up for a 20 September polling day expect to see more gendered reporting; especially with the Labour party leading the left with a domestic violence/rape culture campaign. Yes, it is unfortunate to see the political position of ‘rape culture’ surface during our election campaign and that has been fuelled by the diplomatic incident discussed in the post The Essay of Tania Billingsley.

This incident is also fuelled by what is called ‘yellow journalism’ which is the media tuned into sensationalism rather than journalism, simply because it makes more money.

TV3 reporter Paula Penfold is the latest to suffer a major lapse in judgement (more…)

Sun 25th May 2014

Fighting Corruption overt and covert

Playlist: Depths of corruption

10 talks · 2h 22m · Curated by TED

Corruption manifests itself in many ways, some subtler than others. From anonymous companies to bribes to unjust electoral systems, these talks take you deep into ethically murky territory “¦ and offer bold ideas on what we can do about it.

Tue 6th May 2014

womens election agenda march 2014 final.pdf

A 100-point Women’s Election Agenda Aotearoa 2014 has been released, calling for action on violence against women and many other issues.
I don’t think there is a page in it, that wouldn’t breach the Human Rights Act, but for the Government exception. mcb.

womens election agenda march 2014 final.pdf
The link above was hurriedly password protected and later closed down completely.
Just read the text version presented below in the comments.

Wed 2nd April 2014

Happify – The Science of Happiness is Here

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Sun 9th March 2014

Prosecution of Crime Reduced – Judith Collins

Judith Collins26 MARCH, 2013
Conviction, sentencing stats show crime down

Statistics released by the Ministry of Justice today show the number of people being charged in court has reduced by more than 20 per cent since 2009, Justice Minister Judith Collins says.

The Conviction and Sentencing Statistics, published on the Statistics New Zealand website, show 98,783 people appeared in court in 2012, down 7 per cent from 2011 and 22 per cent from 2009.

Thu 6th March 2014


Christine Madeline Marion Bristol (who I shall refer to as Christine Bristol) and
Alan Robert Bristol (who I shall refer to as Alan Bristol) married on 15
February 1987, after having engaged in a de facto relationship from mid May

Impact of Media Reporting of Parental Murder Suicide

Death of Nelson mother and children a ‘tragedy of highest order’
5:01 AM Tuesday Oct 3, 2000
[Media reporting impact analysis]
Rosemary Perkin, the 35-year-old Nelson woman found dead along with her three young daughters in their home, was an ordinary woman living an unremarkable life in suburban Stoke.
Police believe Mrs Perkin killed her daughters Alice, aged 8, Maria, 6, and 23-month-old Cherie in their beds before killing herself in the basement of their Songer Street home some time over the weekend.

Wed 5th March 2014

Hansard DV Act 1994

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts,White Ribbon Campaign — MurrayBacon @ 12:46 pm

Those who forget history, supposedly are doomed to repeat it.
Life is much more cruel than that….
This is the debate that led to the Domestic Violence Act

Thu 12th December 2013

Australian research gets its teeth into the real world DV


Latest ABS Personal Safety Survey shows one in three victims of domestic violence is male

Thu 21st November 2013

Good week for White Ribbon – Not

As White Ribbon invest their energy and our money in a bigoted social campaign against ‘male domestic violence’ the news this week has served up a chilling slice of reality, about life in New Zealand.

On Sunday, as fate would have it, the alleged attempted murder of a Hamilton man was captured by an in-store CCTV camera, as the offender ran a car into her partner, backed up, and as he lay injured on the footpath outside of a suburban shop, ran into the man a second time.

Sun 20th October 2013

Black Ribbon Campaining Going Well

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Events,Gender Politics,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:50 am

The Ministry of Men’s Affairs is a community group because successive governments have ignored the voice and welfare of NZ men.

Each Saturday in October a few of us have been pounding the pavements in different cities to raise awareness of men’s issues and to encourage people to wear a black ribbon rather than supporting the male-bashing White Ribbon Campaign. We have handed out thousands of leaflets and we express our gratitude to Paul Catton for generously donating several reams of leaflets as well as food and refreshments for the campaigners.

We have been heartened at the level of positive response to our campaign from the various cultural and socioeconomic groups represented in the places we visited so far. (more…)

Sun 6th October 2013

The Slogans of the White Ribbon Campaign

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:36 am

White Fibbin’ supporters often defend their campaign by asserting they have a right to focus on the particular issue of protecting women from male violence, and if other people wish to focus on other forms of violence they are welcome to do so. Another justification offered is that it is a campaign started by men themselves and therefore must be ok.

Sat 5th October 2013

Black Ribbon Ties Up Tauranga

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:58 pm

2 Tauranga Black Ribbon 051013

3 Tauranga Black Ribbon 051013

1 Tauranga Black Ribbon 051013
The Ministry of Menz Affairs Black Ribbon Campaign today in Red Square, Tauranga received a surprising amount of positive encouragement and support from Saturday shoppers and cruising teenagers. Busking added to the event stimulating interest and goodwill and included nursery rhymes for families who stopped on their way past. A number of people spoken to were surprised that there wasn’t a Ministry of Men’s Affairs. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, adults and youth recognized that men are not treated well in Aoteroa today. Some were shocked to learn that the Ministry of Women’s Affairs had already been given over $100 million of our hard-earned taxes while $0 had been provided for men’s issues. The 30-point flyer prompted much supportive comment. A surprising number of women especially were on ‘our’ side. Concern about the welfare of boys was evident. The Ministry of Menz Affairs thanks Tauranga for its support and we’ll see you in the main street of Manurewa next Saturday. For further information phone us at (09)4247762 or (0274)799745

Fri 4th October 2013

The Fox Wants to Look After the Chickens

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:19 am

We must remember that only men commit violence and only women experience it, at least to any extent worth acknowledging or worrying about. That’s why our government through several of its departments funds the anti-male hate-speech White Fibbin’ Campaign.

On Tuesday we heard feminst Radio NZ (paid for by taxes from both men and women) give a platform to Nicola Woodward, Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge in Christchurch to talk about domestic violence in gender-specific terms as though men are the only perpetrators and women and children the only victims. (more…)

Only Men Commit Violence of Course

Filed under: Gender Politics,Law & Courts,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:10 am

C’mon everybody, show you’re against violence by men against women. Women of course never commit violence and news media should be ashamed of themselves for inventing stories such as the following recent ones: (more…)

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