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Archive of August 2005

Men more intelligent than women, says academic

Sat 27th August 2005:

tonyf: Im kind of sceptical of this whole article, but for your information… By Sarah Cassidy Men are more likely to win Nobel prizes and achieve excellence simply because they are more intelligent than women , according to a controversial male academic. In a paper to be published in a leading research journal, one of […]

BREAKING NEWS: Dads On the Run

Thu 25th August 2005:

Review at The Wild Duck Passengers on a Modern Day Underground Railroad: Are They Deadbeats, or Freed Slaves? …fathers in both the US and Canada, bankrupted by the effort to obtain Equal Protection in Family Courts on both sides of the border, are accepting offers from a heretofore secretive organization helping these victims flee the […]

Obesity linked with higher prostate cancer risk

Mon 22nd August 2005:

Men who are overweight are more likely than thinner men to be diagnosed with prostate cancers that are less likely to be detected on screening and more likely to be aggressive, according to a report in the medical journal Urology.

Kerre Woodham: Women who make false rape complaints let the team down

I hope they throw the book at the 23-year-old woman who’s been charged after making a false rape complaint against a Wellington taxi driver.

Videos of Men’s Summit

Mon 15th August 2005:

The speakers at the New Zealand Men’s Issues Summit held in Auckland on 6th May 2005 were filmed by Murray Bacon and Bryan Norton. The videos have been formatted for the web by John Potter, and are available online thanks to Video of John Tamihere at Men’s Issues Summit [26 MB .wmv] Video of […]

False sex complaints earn 5 months’ jail

A Waikato woman has been jailed for making false complaints that she was raped by a policeman and sexually assaulted by his colleague. Sally Marie Inglis, 44, was sentenced to five months jail at the Tauranga District Court yesterday after being found guilty of two charges of making a false complaint to police. Judge Robert […]

Decision compounds failure of criminal justice system

by Chris Trotter. Otago Daily Times, August 12th 2005 I was one of those who signed the petition organised by Don Brash and Lynley Hood calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the arrest, trial and conviction of Peter Ellis in the Christchurch civic creche case. … While recommending a number of worthwhile changes […]

Family Court changes to help reduce delays

Fri 12th August 2005:

A shake-up of the Family Court would see a counselling and mediation service established to handle disputes, freeing up judges for the most high-risk and complex cases. Chief Family Court Judge Peter Boshier outlined the proposals in a speech to the Auckland Family Courts Association last night, saying the changes would help to reduce delays […]

More family cases should avoid court, top judge says

More cases involving children should be dealt with outside court or by someone other than a judge, the principal Family Court judge says. … In a speech tonight to the Auckland Family Courts Association, Judge Boshier said the changes were needed to maintain confidence and reduce delays as requested by Parliament. He said: “Better processes […]

Relex men, the NZ Family Court is fixed

Thu 11th August 2005:

Vivienne Crawshaw has ended her series of articles in the Herald about the NZ Family Court. Two years of big advances in family law It would be an interesting exercise to analyse the outcomes she presents in her stories as a balanced picture, compared with the hundreds of actual Family Court judgements now in men’s […]

Child Support Act Creates Unjust and Inequitable Situation for Student Loan Borrowers

Media Release Parents for Children Child Support Act Creates Unjust and Inequitable Situation for Student Loan Borrowers Parents for Children have been supporting a father, who has a student debt, though the Family Court child support departure order process. The dad was seeking a variation to the rigid child support formula assessment (a Departure Order) […]

False rape complaints annoy police

Mon 8th August 2005:

Hamilton police will decide this week whether to charge two women who made separate false rape complaints at the weekend. Detective Sergeant Nigel Keall said police spent time and resources investigating the women’s complaints. “It’s just a waste of resources that could have been used elsewhere.” … Senior investigators estimate that between 60 and 80 […]

Call for inquiry into Ellis case rejected

A parliamentary committee has rejected a call for a royal commission of inquiry into the case of convicted childcare worker Peter Ellis. … A petition calling for a top-level look at the creche case has been with Parliament’s justice and electoral select committee for two years. Committee chairman Tim Barnett said today a royal commission […]

Now you see them, now you don’t

Is the glare of publicity too harsh for Family Courts to endure?, ask Citizens for Justice. They note that: On or about 29 July 2005, at about 5pm, exactly 29 days – just 4 weeks and 1 day – after the new “Care of Children Act 2004” came into effect, all those beautiful Family Court […]

Christchurch Men’s Summit in the Media

Some items in the media about the Christchurch Men’s Issues Summit. In Father & Child Magazine Issue 30, Winter 2005 Page 18: Another forum touts the message that men are hard done by. It has all the ingredients of another expensive failure, writes Harald BreidingBuss. … Now, eight years later, we have had a ‘Men’s […]

Bradford’s Repeal of s59 Criminalises all Parents

Press Release: Society For Promotion Of Community Standards Inc. Bradford’s Repeal of s. 59 Criminalises all Parents Ms Bradford’s private members bill – the Crimes (Abolition of Force as a Justification for Child Discipline) Amendment Bill — that repeals section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961, was referred to the Justice and Electoral Committee last […]

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