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Archive of October 2005

Pre-school sex-abuse victim admits “I lied”

Mon 31st October 2005:

The McMartin pre-school molestation case in California proved to be the blueprint for dozens of other ‘satanic panics’ around the world. Interviewers at the now notorious Children’s Institute International developed considerable expertise at brainwashing small children into making bizarre accusations of ritual sex abuse. These same techniques were used in NZ to successfully convict Peter […]

Domestic abusers should loose jobs

Sun 30th October 2005:

Christchurch Women’s Refuge says employment contracts should have a clause requiring people convicted of domestic violence to be fired from their jobs. Refuge manager Annette Gillespie said employers needed to get tougher on domestic abusers and send a message that family violence was not acceptable. “We (Christchurch Women’s Refuge) definitely support employers threatening staff who […]

Boys education initiatives in Bay of Plenty

There are some great things happening in the Bay of Plenty around teaching boys to be good men, according to the Bay of Plenty Times top story Bay leads country in making good men, by Anna Bowden. Western Bay schools are leading the country with innovative strategies to better the education and attitude of our […]

Newman – Fatherless Generation

Sat 29th October 2005:

Muriel Newman has just posted an article about ‘the fatherless generation‘ on her new NZ Centre for Political Debate website. She notes that despite recent concern over gangs and youth violence, little has been said about the underlying causes of the problem. Any discussion with police or those who work with troubled youth will quickly […]

Health leader urges tougher penalties for domestic violence

Fri 28th October 2005:

By Simon Collins

Peter Dunne must be bitterly disappointed

Tue 25th October 2005:

At a meeting between men’s groups and United Future leader Peter Dunne in Birkenhead last year, I listened to him talk about the Families Commission, which he hoped would address some of the concerns we raised about the state-mandated removal of fathers from children’s lives, and the anti-male bias within the courts and the social […]

Protest at Stopping Violence Services conference

Sat 22nd October 2005:

About 20 people turned out at Waipuna Lodge in Auckland to protest at the Stopping Violence Services 2005 Annual Conference. In an effort to draw attention to the use of Protection Orders as a weapon by some women, the theme of the protest was ‘Revenge is just an allegation away‘. Several of the fathers I […]

Fathers plan kayak protest at conference

Thu 20th October 2005:

For the first time, news of a father’s protest has made it into the (NZ Herald ) – before it has even happened! Headlined Fathers in kayaks protest at family violence event Simon Collins writes: Fathers plan to protest in kayaks on Auckland’s Panmure Basin on Saturday to protest against a judge who will be […]

Feminist concern over protection order drop

With the National Network of Stopping Violence Services Annual Conference under way at Auckland’s Waipuna Lodge, the feminist propaganda machine has kicked into high gear. The Herald warns that: ‘Faith in protection orders wanes‘. The story by Simon Collins begins with an impressive graph with prominent red arrows pointing upwards under the heading “Male Assaults […]

The real “Great Satan”

Wed 19th October 2005:

Us Senate Reauthorizes Feminist Man Hating Bill by David R. Usher Last week, the U.S. Senate approved reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (led by Senator Joe Biden of Delaware), amidst a hail of public criticism of the program. A substantial collection of mainstream organizations and scientists oppose VAWA for one basic reason: […]

Gender and Domestic Violence – conflict of theory and data

Tue 18th October 2005:

A paper published earlier this year in a peer-reviewed scientific journal explores the negative impact radical feminist ideology has had on the treatment of Domestic Violence. The paper details are: The gender paradigm in domestic violence research and theory: Part 1–The conflict of theory and data. Donald G. Dutton, Tonia L. Nicholls Aggression and Violent […]

MENZ mentioned in ChCh Press

Headed: ‘Man —haters’ on abuse checklist , a story in the Press yesterday written by Kim Thomas notes the fact that we recently linked to an item on another site containing a checklist for spotting women who make false abuse allegations. Thomas reports: The Masculinist Evolution New Zealand (Menz) website says false allegations of domestic […]

More feminist backlash against Judge Recordon

The Radical Feminist attack on Judge Recordon for daring to deviate from the politically-correct line continues. A Press Release issued by Karen Price, National Women’s Rights Officer at the New Zealand University Students’ Association, insists the Judge’s attitude to domestic violence is outrageous. Price argues in favour of continuing with the ‘one size fits all’ […]

My Brain Stays Asleep

Mon 17th October 2005:

In an October 22-28 2005 Listener article titled: ‘My Eyes Stay Awake‘, Dennis Welch writes about the “effect on children exposed to domestic violence”. Personally, I can’t help wondering if the article is more about the effect of young, attractive, blond interview subjects on aging male journalists! To enlighten us, Welch interviews Jane Drumm, Executive […]

Academics against reducing suicide gender differences

Fri 14th October 2005:

Rift erupts over male suicide policy The Press A serious rift has appeared among suicide experts over policies targeting male suicides. The debate erupted yesterday as the Males and Suicides Symposium 2005 organised by Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand (Spinz) opened in Christchurch. Spinz is a non-government, New Zealand-wide information service, in partnership with the […]

Refuge support for Judge Recordon

Thu 13th October 2005:

Refuge supports not jailing wife-beaters NZ Herald Glenda Ryan, manager of Henderson’s Viviana refuge, said local refuges supported a Waitakere pilot scheme which encourages men charged with domestic violence to plead guilty and attend anger management courses and drug and alcohol counselling. The pilot makes men charged with domestic violence less likely to be jailed […]

Justice Ministry should be prosecuted for bungle

Justice Ministry should be prosecuted for Family Court bungle Press Release: New Zealand National Party Nelson MP Nick Smith wants the Ministry of Justice prosecuted for publishing on its website sensitive Family Court information in which a family and children could easily be identified. “This is a serious breach that undermines the confidence of tens […]

Another Judge breaks ranks on Domestic Violence

Wed 12th October 2005:

Jail no solution for wife bashers Dominion Post The first thing that struck me about this article was the odd headline – the use of the word “basher” is clearly intended to inspire hatred towards the men referred to in the story, even though it directly contradicts the reported facts. Headlines are an editorial decision […]

Australian fathers to pay less child support

Fathers will pay less for child support Sydney Morning Herald Minimum child support payments are to be raised, but most fathers will find themselves paying less, after the federal cabinet approved the biggest revamp since the inception of the controversial system. Instead of payments being calculated as a percentage of taxable income of the child […]

Virus savages the XY gene

Tue 11th October 2005:

A most fearsome virus has been released into society, in some ways even more lethal than the feared H5N1 strain of avian (bird) flu. The strain PRA (XY-XX) is already estimated to have infected nearly 70% of NZ couples with potential for financially and emotionally debilitating results. There have been cases of suicide. At the […]

Image make-over for Family Court

Standards push in Family Court NZ Herald The Family Court is facing a fresh shakeup, with Principal Judge Peter Boshier insisting on more formality to ensure it – and the legal orders it makes – are respected. Judge Boshier wants a higher standard of evidence presented to the courts, and has decided lawyers will be […]

Accusation: A Wife’s Story

Newly released book by Mary Fielding and Jane Westaway ISBN/ISSN 1877361151 In bookstores now – $29.95 ACCUSATION is Mary Fielding’s gripping account of a nightmare that begins one ordinary evening with a knock at her front door. Minutes later three police officers lead away her husband Steve. Later that night he is charged on two […]

Campaign to Target Male Depression.

Fri 7th October 2005:

A Stuff News Release advises the launching the out of the blue campaign, for male depression and suicide, then links to a website about female and gay depression.

Judge warns of violent young girls

Brazen and streetwise teenage girls are responsible for an increasing share of the violent crime in New Zealand, a senior judge says.

The Rising Hysteria of The Domestic Violence Industry.

Thu 6th October 2005:

This burgeoning billion dollar business is home to the lazy and incompetent – the hyenas of family destruction and social meltdown.

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