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Archive of October 2005

Suicide – Lack of Research or lack of Acknowledgment

Thu 6th October 2005:

This is especially for people who are stuck on the casual link theory.

Conference to tackle high male suicide rate

Insert (I can’t blame men for leaving NZ, when I see these engineered political cover-ups, I wonder why I would even want to exist on the same planet as these people. Perhaps we could have a conference about the number of men that have committed suicide in the last 6 months while being pursued by […]

2002 Suicide Statistics

Mon 3rd October 2005:

Of all age groups for NZ males 75 years and under with the exception of one, youth aged 15 – 19 have the lowest suicide rate.

CYF dysfunction worsens

Child, Youth and Family (CYF) is so short of foster parents that children are being placed with caregivers before the new parents are properly trained. A national recruitment campaign to find 300 caregivers has fallen short, with 120 signed up and a further 60 to be assessed. … Christchurch Family and Foster Care Association chairwoman […]

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