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BOOK by custodial dad – Game Plan to secure equal rights for dads in court

Aloha John…great site!!!
…just a quick question, ever wondered why so few dads are granted joint custody, much less sole? it’s really no mystery…makes perfect sense.

I want to invite your readers to my website, … a 52 chapter how-to book on singleparenting specifically for dads. It’s the first ever book of such detail written by a custodial dad, not some woman or psych or doctor without a clue.

Is the problem in courts anti-dad bias?
What is the meaning of the term “A Judge’s presumption of ignorance and incapability“?
How can you fight this beast, increasing your chance of joint, and even sole?

The key is knowledge of what is expected of you as a potential custodial or joint parent. Most dads walk into court totally clueless as to what a judge is looking for.

Life after divorce is a totally different animal, especially for the kids, and if the judge sees that you don’t have a serious game plan to deal with all these critical issues and needs coming up, you’re dead. Find out why DadMom should be required reading for every dad before marching into court…and how he will greatly impress the judge.

Here’s my promise…if after you have read DadMom, you don’t gain at least joint, I will double your money back on the book. My word. Don’t go into battle naked. Read the book and you will be armed for a damn good fight.

Knowledge is power…the judge will see that plain as day. For dads with custody, DadMom is your roadmap to a successful journey, helping you build that stable and happy home for years to come…and helping you avoid costly mistakes…I should know…that’s why I wrote it… to help dads have an easier go at it.

Let’s all win. Aloha, Dave Crowley.