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Boys should be more like girls

There is some heated discussion regarding Celia Lashlie’s article about raising good men over on Trish Wilson’s blog (in the comments from March 1).

One contributor, NYMOM writes:

“Women in western society have finally, finally gotten to the point, over the last 30/40 years or so, where they can actually DO something on their own, be self-supporting if they wish, have careers or become professionals, doctors, lawyers, whatever they chose AND now we have a@@holes like this Lashlie trying to undo that and take away the self-confidence of young women who probably were FORCED into being both mother and father to their children because of the irresponsibility of men…

“Frankly I think Lashlie and her ilk should be thrown into the nearest lagoon populated with man-eating sharks and left there…”

I was particularly interested to read one of NYMOM’s earlier comments, which is the most concise summation of radical feminist ideology applying to child-rearing that I have come across:

“In a society where technology has given us the power to literally destroy the world if we continue starting wars all over the place, aggression in men, which at one point probably served some evolutionary useful purpose, has now become a menace to life itself on our planet…

“So we need to start raising little boys to behave more like little GIRLS to ensure that life itself on this planet isn’t threatened by continuing male aggression…

“The first step in this is to forbid the watching of sports events on TV for children younger then 18…and no participation in them either… no unsupervised contact with men, who haven’t been socialized properly which is about 99.9% of you, as there could be a tendency to pass along these aggressive mannerisms to the next generation…”