MENZ Issues

males getting in the way yet again!!

I was stunned and aghast at today’s news that a policeman was able to rescue a child in Mt Maunganui yesterday. Sergeant Dave Thompson found the girl 45 minutes after she was taken by a youth in a car while walking to school with her 7-year-old brother. Are there not police women who could have handled this case? Why was Dave Thompson in a position where he could be alone with this already frightened and vulnerable child? I trust the Police Commissioner with the help from Children Commissioner Cindy Kiro and the Air NZ “policy by simplicity” committee, will put end to this.

It stands to reason that where children are concerned only female officers should work on the case. We are lucky in this incident that Dave Thompson is not a paedophile but a loving and caring Officer whose instinct to protect a child paid off. However, how long can we rely on luck. Are all male Officers SAFE? Children’s safety must come first.

As Hitler once said in the early 30’s “….. Where there has been a proven incident of a people who have betrayed the trust invested in them by the state, they must then be eliminated for the welfare of the state.” I’m not suggesting we should eliminate men, goodness no! just keep them bringing in the money and away from children.

sent to EDITOR NZ Herald