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Men more intelligent than women, says academic

tonyf: Im kind of sceptical of this whole article, but for your information…

By Sarah Cassidy

Men are more likely to win Nobel prizes and achieve excellence simply because they are more intelligent than women , according to a controversial male academic.
In a paper to be published in a leading research journal, one of Britain’s most outspoken academics will argue that men have larger brains and higher IQs than women, to such an extent that they are better suited to “tasks of high complexity”.

Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University, who has caused outrage in the past with claims that white people are more intelligent than blacks and that criminal traits are genetic, will publish the work with Dr Paul Irwing, senior lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester University.

The study, to be published in the British Journal of Psychology in November, concluded that men not only have larger brains but also have higher IQs, on average by about 5 points, than women.

However, the paper will argue that women “achieve more” in life than men with the same IQ, “possibly because they are more conscientious and better adapted to sustained periods of hard work”.

tonyf: YEAH RIGHT. Tui anyone?