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No Female Police Commissioners

As the push continues to fill the top jobs with women – (and we would be blind if we couldn’t see that, and dumb if we were convinced otherwise), then we must be prepared to accept the consequences. Of the big mistakes we could make in the next three years, one would be to appoint a female Police Commissioner.

Feminism is a strong ideology that did not factor in the possibility that if you change the rules people may not want to, or even feel able to play the game any longer. Dealing as I have done over the last 6 years with the sharp end of the wedge and what are often referred to as “just disaffected men” there is a clear sense of disillusionment that is quite disabling. I do not see men making a bitter and deliberate decision not to participate, but rather that the average kiwi male does not recover from the shock of having his life tipped upside down overnight. Men as we know are not always good at sharing their feelings; however I have extracted part of a recent email that I received which I think is indicative of what I sense in many men.

As a kiwi, I feel let down by legislation that robs me of my rights, hurts me, isn’t fair, and penalises my children.

If I could bear to leave my children, I’d be on the first plane out of here. I used to have a strong work ethic – now work is somewhere. I’m going no where and I despair. I have become bitter, I do not feel any sense of national pride…actually I’ve grown to hate this country and the politicians that have stitched me up. I know what its like to feel trapped and powerless and it drives me to consider things that I normally wouldn’t think of.

None of the major political parties are interested.

In terms on managing a society, we must appreciate that a very strong part of the individual male role is collectively contained in our Police Force. 20 years ago there was huge resistance amongst the conservative male leadership of the Police to the increasing role of women in the Police. While there may have been room for increased participation in retrospect I believe their fears have been realized.

At a time when we have to look to recruiting overseas and to increasing female participation in the police force to maintain currently inadequate number, then it is time for us to have a more critical evaluation of our community which cannot willingly provide the best candidates for one of our most important roles in society.

Public and Political attacks on the police force often undermine individual officers who give more than 100% to their position, however no matter how many good officers make a genuine contribution, there are three other factors besides recruitment that will continue to undermine our Police Force. The first is Government Policy, the second is Training, but the most essential element is Leadership.

You can call me sexist, bigoted, biased, or anything else that takes your fancy, but I doubt you find a convincing argument supporting the appointment of a female Police Commissioner to resurrect the Police Force from its current regrettable position

Bevan Berg
NZ Republicans