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The Burden of Proof – Peter Ellis

Early last month, convicted child molester Peter Ellis suffered a heart attack.

Ellis may be a chain smoker who is partial to red meat and the odd tipple, but the most probable cause of his condition appears to be stress. Ellis has waited nearly two years for a select committee to decide whether to recommend a Royal Commission of Inquiry into his 1992 conviction of multiple counts of child abuse. His case is almost unanimously regarded as the greatest miscarriage of justice this country has seen since Arthur Allan Thomas. Peter Ellis has been waiting a long, long time for justice, and at the rate things are going, time may be running out.

Is the Government ever going to swallow its pride and vindicate Peter Ellis, or are they happy to sit back and wait for history to repeat itself?

Here is the rest of an extensive article about the Peter Ellis and the Cristchurch Creche Case by Anthony Frith.