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The Male Deficit.

Looking at the 2005 population statistics, from Stats NZ website, we have some interesting information.

We are showing a population increase for the year of 36,800 people, 19,100 males and 17,700 females. Nothing too unhealthy about that except that it is only marginally above our death rate — but wait there’s more.

If you draw a line at 50 and do a bit of addition it tells a different story. Under 50 population increased by a dismal 7,900 and the over 50 increased by a staggering 28,900.

But wait, there’s more. If you look at the Gender Balance that also tells a story. The age group between 25 — 49 has a male deficit of 41 280 of which 33 410 are between 30 — 44. The same age group 10 years ago had a male deficit of 12,770 and the same population group 10 years earlier had a male deficit of 13 450.

We have suffered an extra-ordinary male loss of approximately 20,000 in the last 10 years, and an extra-ordinary loss of 40,000 men over a longer period of time.

The Gender Balance in the under 25’s, shows slightly more males and in the over 50’s slightly more females, and would be consistent with a normal population.

So who has been hunting male lately? I would really like to know, how many of those missing men are in another country? and how many are in a coffin?

Bevan Berg
NZ Republicans.