MENZ Issues

The system working as it should!

A new wave of JUSTICE.

After 2.5 yrs of litigation concerning a prenup contract and 3 court hearings with my ex wife, I won my case and was left with a bill of $160K. To my dismay my child’s mother then sold her home and moved to another town against my wishes and without court approval. I was forced to apply to the court to have my daughter returned.

In order to have this process halted my ex wife laid a complaint to Child Youth & Family Services (CYFS) that I had been performing sexual acts in front of my daughter and inappropriately touching her. This devastated me. The court was forced to halt my application and suspend contact with my daughter except under supervision until an investigation was undertaken.

These investigations can sometimes take more than six months to be completed….. However this wise Judge smelt a rat and she demanded the investigation to be completed in just 3 weeks!!!!.

The case was heard last Friday and to my surprise and delight I was not only cleared of all suspicion but was granted the return of my daughter to Auckland. With it was the order to now have equal time with her. The cherry on the top was the bollocking the Judge gave my ex wife for lying on the stand, attempting to manipulate the court via devious means and alienating a child from its father.

It is my hope that this will now end what has been 3 years of hell for me. The worst part has been the feeling that the system had no concern for fathers & therefore no genuine concern for the child.

The sun is shinning again!!!!