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Archive of February 2006

Judge worried by increase in boys’ violent crimes

Mon 27th February 2006:

Judge Andrew Becroft has previously linked violent crimes to fatherless homes, however that is not mentioned in this article.

The Care of Children Act 2005

Sun 26th February 2006:

AND THE FAMILY COURT REVISITED By James Bagnall Having been a McKenzie Friend 86 times appearing both before and after the new Act came in force, how if at all has the Family Court changed? Strangely, under the Act a pilot scheme has been set up in the North Shore Family Court. Publications and DVDs […]

International Men’s Rights Think Tank

Sun 19th February 2006:

Dear Menz Members & Visitors, I would like to thank John. P for this opportunity to place this on his notice board. I’m a Canadian that has, like countless other men, suffered under the unjust laws found in many western countries toward average men. I’d like to have a call out for New Zealand & […]

Call for Submissions on Child Support Amendment Bill ( No. 4) – Your Children Need You!

Mon 13th February 2006:

Call for submissions on Child Support Amendment Bill (No. 4) : Submisssions close 27 Feb!

Two Governments, Two Ministers, One Question, No Answer.

Sat 11th February 2006:

Why have two ministers in two governments refused to release this information. The question we have asked is how much money has the IRD recovered from the deceased estates of how many men in the past 6 years.

NZ Republicans come out in support of the biological family.

The Republic of New Zealand Party (The Republicans) will repeal the Care of Children Act and abolish the Family Court, the Party’s spokesperson on Family Affairs, Jim Bailey said.

The Power of the Child.

You will pass on, your descendants however may not enjoy the freedom and community that your parents left you. It is at this point many women will realise that they never gained liberation, they just became a pawn of the state.

The Michigan Man

Thu 9th February 2006:

A man’s life has been sacrificed, and three children have been denied their father by malicious feminists.

Christchurch study shows woman equally violent

Wed 8th February 2006:

A new publication calls into question the generally held view that casts males as the perpetrators of domestic violence and females as the victims. The study found that in most couples, men and women are about equally violent. Lead researcher David Fergusson said agencies dealing with domestic violence should not assume men were the perpetrators […]

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