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Archive of April 2006

Data Base

Sun 30th April 2006:

Hi all, I hope the protest went well today. I wish to create a data-base of terms and phrases the CYFSterhood have trotted out in the past. Such phrases as ‘Codependent’, ‘passive-aggressive abuser’, ‘potentially violent,’ ‘socio-path’, ‘pornofile’, ‘alcohol dependent’, ‘alcohol abuser’, ‘feotal alcohol syndrome,’ ’emotional dependence syndrome,’ ‘can’t accept he’s a scum-sucking male syndrome’, and […]

The Prodi-gal Daughter.

The Australian Judiciary has treated us with the contempt we deserve, so we must look to the person whom through her own behaviour and political interference has brought the New Zealand justice system into disrepute.

Al Qaeda offered new base in NZ

Sat 29th April 2006:

????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? Open letter to Osama Bin Laden Are you aware Osama that 9/11 took out only a couple of thousand people? Should you wish to destroy the West may I suggest you come for a fact finding mission in God’s Own, New Zealand. Without the use of overt violence […]

Straw & Broken Camels

The only way of determining that sufficient straw has been loaded on to cause the camel’s back to break is when the camel’s back breaks. Before that, one needs to maintain the determination to just keep on loading the straw. In other words, each protest, each letter to some authority, each phone-call of protest, every […]

Sharing gives freedom

Last Friday night I sat with some friends who know me well and told them how I had shared my story and to around 400 people. (Why do anything small?) It seems that after posting my story, I seem to have an extra spring in my step and I am more focused on life in […]

Sugar & Spice and not nice Bullies

Fri 28th April 2006:

Bullies in the work place have alway been see as male. Here is evidence that the tyrants have no gender boundries.

Campbell Live Story Domestic Violence

Thu 27th April 2006:

Can you please help? URGENT. We are doing a story on men who are physically assaulted by their female partners, a story that is rarely told. We are looking to talk with a woman who is a reformed husband abuser to talk with John Campbell regarding her experiences and what she did to help herself. […]

Letter from Gwynn

Gwynn writes: Dear John, It saddens me to see that your website is devoted entirely to the rights of fathers who have been separated from their children by the family court. I am a mum and have been separated from my children also by way of the family court because of the ‘status quo’ that […]

Surprise. Surprise

Wed 26th April 2006:

A while ago I put my case to Ruth Dyson (Min of the CYFSterhood). I showed, quite clearly, in my posit, that the CYFSterhood had simply created an opinion on my fitness to be a care-giver, and then went about digging up as much trash as they could to support thier opinion. And that included […]

Canadian Father On Hunger Strike In Front of Parliament

(Send Him an Email Of Support and Draw Attention to His Plight If You Can)

Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence Campaigners told a hui in Hamilton this weekend that Judges and Lawyers were not using the domestic violence act the way it was intended.

Escape from Freedom.

Tue 25th April 2006:

Is it the vain dream of one man in every language that there may be a number among us that would sacrifice self interest for the mantle of leadership, to preserve the integrity of society., and perhaps the peace of the world.

“The Devils” & “The Police”

Juxtapose if you will the actions of dealing with the domestic violence industry by the police and courts today and in the movie “The Devils”, directed by Ken Russell in 1971. It is set in the Middle Ages when the church and state were one. The movie had a tremendous impact on me because of […]

ANZAC; why I wouldn’t die for this Counrty.

Mon 24th April 2006:

Police are on the front line when it comes to dealing with volatility in relationships so one would think that they would be given special training with regards to inflaming situations by making decisions that lack any intelligence. This appears however, not to be the case. I have found that whilst the police do not […]

Bully Boys and Bully Girls.

Sun 23rd April 2006:

If I have seen a fundamental change in the last 30 years, it is that the bully used to lose, but now the bully wins.

Boys are the new girls

Proving, yet again, that the double-standard is alive and well in New Zealand. And that it is the beleaguered male who bears the brunt.

State of Injustice.

The reasons for the decision – there are fundamental differences in the New Zealand justice system which meant these men wouldn’t get a fair trial.

Seeking advice for obtaining formalised 50:50 child sharing

Sat 22nd April 2006:

It seems that as time goes on men loose their rights for 50:50 shared access

Any Gamblers Here

Anybody will to take me up on a bet that Dr Joan has no children and has never been separated? “Leading US clinical psychologist Dr Joan Kelly, who is a world expert in children’s adjustment to separation, told the conference………….” “Dr Fred Seymour, who has been running the North Shore programme, said the goal was […]

The Naked Truth

Fri 21st April 2006:

Child abuse as we see it is a consequence of a much more diverse political atmosphere than we take into account. Because we don’t think like this we live in a vacuum of our own values, socialisation and experiences.

How Low Will the State Let Women Blow? ( It Seems There is No Limit)

(From Our American Friends at Mad Men)


If the North and South article “Our Shame” reminds me of anything it is their previous attempt to undo the myth of failure, in their article “Court of Injustice”

Says It All???

The following is an excerpt from this morning’s Herald. Ms Wiseman-Dare, who was not part of that group, said she felt the not-guilty verdicts sent the wrong message to rape victims, and could discourage possible complainants from going to police in future. And what is the wrong message? Obviously, Ms Wiseman-Dare believes that all alleged […]

Signs of change?

Wed 19th April 2006:

Reading an article in the current (May) issue of North & South magazine I see some possible signs of change in the thinking that drives NZ social policy. The author of “Our Shame”, as many magazine writers have done before, has set out to (in her words) “traverse the grim statistics of child abuse, neglect, […]

The Seven Year Report.

Tue 18th April 2006:

Those people that control the direction of New Zealand society have descended to an absolutely laughable level of individual and collective responsibility. Even my dog has more conscience.

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