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Archive of April 2006

When I was A Boy

Mon 17th April 2006:

As mentioned in my reply to Bevan’s post. When I was a kid I was free to break any bone in my body, lacerate any skin or muscle, and largely free to report any such damage to my parents….only if we ‘really’ needed to. But the damage had to be pretty bad before we brought […]

Auckland’s Economy

Quite frankly – I wouldn’t be bothered being an employer in New Zealand again.

CYFS Access

I spent an unusual day yesterday with a friend having access to his little girl. His little girl has been in CYFS cusotdy for about 4 years. At the last Family Group Conference it was decided the care givers would become the custodians of this child and her sister. This was granted through the FC […]

Talk to feminists. Eh?

Sat 15th April 2006:

I had to search for information because I needed to know and understand for myself whether I was being right with my judgement on you and feminism. These are just 3 things I have considered. Being a man and talking to feminists is a lot like what I imagine it’s like to be Jewish and […]

A hopeful week for dads

Thu 13th April 2006:

It’s felt like a hopeful week for dads and for the stolen generation of children. Dpex has been hard at work generating a campaign. And for the first time, I noticed the notion of equal parenting rights gaining a mention in the mainstream media, which made me feel good. This has been thanks to the […]

Pro Bono

And again, It seems to me we need to expand the regime on all fronts. More protests in person and many more protests by letter an email. However, protests gain attention but they don’t necessarily gain direct results. Protests can be seen as an energy-creating processes. More protests=more energy=more recognition. More recognition=greater attention. Greater attention=more […]

Show Time!!!

Hi all, Me, being a bit of a dimwit when the mood takes me (read often) the fact that Mr Satyanand is actually now the Governor General and not the Ombudsman, failed to take root in my poor adled brain. However, the good news is this. I am in receipt of a reply to my […]

Fighting Fund

Wed 12th April 2006:

Hi again, It occurs to me that the CYFSterhood et al have access to unlimited money, whereas we victims do not…mainly because our taxes are being used by the CYFSterhood to fight us. And so we need to establish a fighting fund. John P. Will you put up your hand to become treasurer? I would, […]

Data Collection

Moose has asked what I intend to do with the data I collect. Moose, at this stage, I’m damned if I know. But what I do know is; incontestable data has a nasty habit of biting the sanctimonious on the arse. If I can collect literally thousands of unimpeachable accounts of how the CYFSterhood, the […]

Tamihere Meeting

Hi All, I met with John this morning. He talked about a range of matters which he is persuing but has asked that I keep these matters confidential for the moment. The principle being; no point in letting the enemy know the location of tropps and guns till one is ready to open fire. What […]

Unfatherly Conduct TV3 News

The promo for the TV3 News story “unfatherly conduct”, screened last night reads: The fight for fathers to have equal parenting rights has moved too close to home for some family lawyers. A group of disgruntled fathers have taken to picketing outside the lawyer’s homes. But the Law Society says their actions amount to intimidation, […]

Email to Holmes

Hi, As mentioned, Simon Moore….as did Jim… failed to mention two significant injustices occurring in the Family Court. The first is, the Family Court operates completely outside any standards of proof as is required in any other Court. Secondly, the Lawyers For Child, although they are ‘supposed’ to be representing the interests of, and the […]

Boshiers Family Court.

Tue 11th April 2006:

Judges who hide behind this political charade, and collect their pay without conscience, wouldn’t have enough integrity in their blood to pulse the veins of a fungus gnat.


I want/need ‘your’ story. Please remember I am interested ONLY in dissertations filled with fact, devoid of emotion and ad hominems. Read Julie’s story again. I say again. It’s raw power is in its lack of emotional pyrotechnics. If we are to start making a difference we have to go at the ‘system’ with fact, […]

Law Changes

Folks, it seems to me that there is little point in simply bemoaning our positions. It seems to me we have to first discover our cause and then press it. For better or worse, here’s my offering. Any of you who wish to add, delete, modify, vary, or whatever, feel free to do so. But […]

No Time Like The Present

There is no time like the present to get started on the campaign. As you will observe from the below, I have forwarded Julie’s utterly tragic case to the new Ombudsman. Maybe we will get no response. Maybe we will get more than could ever hope for. But we will never know till we try. […]

Statute of Limitations

TV3 News ran a story on 2nd April about the need for a statute of limitations. They interviewed Dr Felicity Goodyear-Smith (wife of MENZ Admin JohnP) Photo: Felicity being interviewed on TV 3 news. The call is endorsed by the doctor who launched a support group for men who claimed they had been wrongly accused […]

A Woman’s story

I am glad for the realness that this site is bringing in. I have wondered why it has attracted me, since I am a female. I don’t care for the anti-feminist movement but I do care for others that walk like I have. And I am a feminist in the fact I want female to […]

RE: Julie’s Post

As a result of the excellent suggestion, I have arranged to meet John Tamihere at 9:30, Wed 12th. I’ll let you all know what happens. Good on you Julie. Excellent suggestion. Keep them coming people. Let’s get some energy into this campaign. Cheers David.

Families Commission

Good heavens. That was a quick rersponse from the karmic system…or whatever you prefer to name coincidence. From today’s Herald. Have a look at Already we have a fresh opportunity to become movers and shakers. It seems to me that not only can we join in with the information collection system, but we can […]

We Need A Champion

Mon 10th April 2006:

The adage, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the most grease,’ is, perhaps, an injuction we should all start to press with some vigour. It follows the CYFSterhood have their extraordinary power because they chased it and had sundry pieces of legislation passed into law becase they just kept squeaking. Word, by line, by law, they got […]

Jack Boots and Brown Skirts.

Regardless of gender, leadership of totalitarian thuggery always ends in misery and suffering.

The Gimcrack Girls

Sun 9th April 2006:

You got your hooks in the bank account and chains on our lives You call yourself woman, oh please don’t insult our pride Enough of your PC rubbish – pink think’s just a mind full of hate You changed the rules – bitch law got us married to the state You know best, of course […]

Story Time

Fri 7th April 2006:

OK, its time for your bedtime story…..once upon a time a girl called Goldilocks went into the woods for a bit of fun and ended up having naughty sex with three Bears. This wasn’t the first time for Goldie and before long she and the Bears were having a good time. Goldilocks and the Bears […]

Inside New Zealand – Give me my children back

Inside New Zealand – TV3 at 8.30pm, Thursday night, 6th of April showed a program titled “Give me my children back.” I had expected that a post would have been written about it. It hasn’t been I believe, because it hits too close to home for so many males. I personally think we should talk […]

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