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Archive of June 2006

Foster Care System Disregards Fathers

Wed 28th June 2006:

Opinion Wed. June 28, 2006 Foster Care System Disregards Fathers by Jeffery M. Leving & Glenn Sacks Jun 15, 2006 When a mother and father are divorced or separated, and a child welfare agency removes the children from the mother’s home for abuse or neglect, an offer of placement to the father, barring unfitness, should […]

What’s in the best interest of a child?

Tue 27th June 2006:

Our law say’s we should look at what’s in the best interest of a child when parent’s seperate as the main focus. Then the law is handed over to the judicial system to implement the law. Who are these judges who decide and implement what is in the best interest of the child? Well, they […]

Italian Blogger Fined for Bad Language (Men’s Rights Next?)

(PC Fines for Men’s Rights Site in Cards Next?) From: Wired News, via the Honor Network In Italy an sanctioned action taken by the only newly & slightly voted in Italian government (with close ties to the EU and UN leadership), that could have strong repercussion to the Men’s Rights Movement and their forums, has […]

North & South Mag…Depression

Sun 25th June 2006:

This morning, on Woodhams magazine show, Robyn Langwell, editor of North & South Magazine said, ‘I think ‘all’ babies should be taken away even if CYFS ‘just’ think there is an issue with the parents.’ Langwell was back-commenting on the Kahui twins and, without any thought for the content of her words, bought straight into […]

Off topic, but thanx.

Tue 20th June 2006:

I have gained so much information and insight from males on this site and I want to tell you as many other people may do or forget to do, “Thank-you.” From having the opportunity to sit with the North Shore mens group, I can see you really help not just a father and child but […]

Judge speaks up on Family Court criticisms

Mon 19th June 2006:

Judge speaks up on Family Court criticisms Saturday June 10, 2006 By Chris Barton Graeme MacCormick retired as Family Court judge in December after serving 15 years on the bench. Here are his views on men’s groups’ protests. Will judges be intimidated by the men’s groups’ protests? I do not perceive the judges of the […]

The Kahui Twins

Sun 18th June 2006:

What level of inhumanity must a person descend to that enables him/her to in any way just upset or deprive a child? But what level of disgusting inhuman descent must one reach before seriously hitting a child is acceptable? What level of inhumanity could enable any person to hit, with such ferocity as to kill […]

Instant Dislocation

And now the Police want the power to issue ‘instant’ DVOs. It seems to me that this is yet another smoke-screen the police are using to ‘ease’ their work-load. The concept being, Herbert The Violent (that’s the Herbert who has just beaten the tripes out his spouse or children) can be slung out on his […]

I’ll say it again.

Fri 16th June 2006:

I have said it before and I will say it again. The government is pooling the funding. This means that for groups to receive funding they have to work together to get more funding. Maybe Jim’s opinion on this, just maybe will back me up. (But then maybe he doesn’t see how I see things) […]

Eureka, I have solved the problem!

Thu 15th June 2006:

Women have spent the last 20 years trying to solve this problem and it is only getting worse they say. Common sense needs to prevail. OK, so we know that biologically males and females are different but we don’t want to listen to that or take it into account, do we? So let’s combine the […]

Big News: Bradford & Kiro Disagree On Smacking

Tue 13th June 2006:

Opinion: Dave Crampton Big News with Dave Crampton Bradford & Kiro Disagree On Smacking Green MP Sue Bradford and Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro are in sharp disagreement over Bradfords bill which aims to remove reasonable force as a defence for child discipline from the Crimes Act. Such is the disagreement that Kiro refuses to comment […]

Interesting Snippet

From an actual case…..BTW, not my particular case. This is CYFS-V-J. CYFS apply for a S78 nd are intent on removing a boy with serious mental and physical issues which require specialist knowledge to manage and treat. The s78 is stayed. Later CYFS assert to the Court that a s78 was the wrong mechanisim to […]

Ex-Husbands Still Not Good Enough, Even When the Wife is Declared Abusive

Dateline: Boston Mass.US In a new report of children removed from abusive mothers in the US (Mass.) finds that when ex-husbands ask for guardianship they are turned down in numbers that are astonishing, as reported in the Boston Globe shows so clearly. (6/8/06). The report contains a shocking finding: when fathers inform child welfare officials […]

Solve this problem

Mon 12th June 2006:

This was 2 different situations for 2 similar 15 year old boys. I cannot keep it as it was because it could have an impack on the boys. But I have kept the comments. I leave this decision up to webmaster.

Anger over female violence claims

Sun 11th June 2006:

New Zealand domestic violence experts are dismissing claims men are more likely to be the victims of violence among young couples as irresponsible and damaging. The University of New Hampshire study shows women carry out more unreciprocated physical attacks on men while dating, than than men do on women. But domestic violence experts in New […]

Jury told to use common sense in domestic stabbing trial

An Auckland District Court jury in the trial of a woman charged with stabbing her husband heard closing arguments yesterday. The 34-year-old woman has pleaded not guilty to one charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Police said her injured husband, 49, called them on February 20 last year about 3.30am, saying […]

Are we becoming equal?

Fri 9th June 2006:

It looks that there is a change happening in male and female relationships. According to a poll, 48 percent of men (and an equal percentage of women) reported dating partners who drew the same income as they did. Twenty percent of men reported dating women who earned more. There is a want and need […]

Shared Care Challenge

Wed 7th June 2006:

Dear Dr Robertson You were quoted in the Waikato Times on 3 June 2006 as saying (i) that for parents effectively to take shared responsibility for children “you need a high degree of co-operation and goodwill between the parents” and (ii) that “it is probably in the best interests of a child not to have […]

Power and Powerlessness

I see, like others, the effect the mens coalition is making on our country at the moment. Even Good Morning NZ has shown a part of the media’s coverage. But the time Good Morning has spent is about a book and once again it is stated that most parents sort it out without having problems […]

Arrested Mother, Suspected to have Killed 2 Kids, Blames Man

Mon 5th June 2006:

Dateline: June 5th, 2006 Japan (Intrepid) A mother, whose daughter drowned just over a month ago in a river, is now under arrested in the murder of a neighbour’s boy, while police are now reopening the investigation into the daughter death. After the police shied away from arresting another very suspicious mother again for the […]

The Supervised Access Industry.

I am a parent who has been “forced” to do supervised access as this is the only way I can see my child at present. The Interim custody order was granted under section 59 of the COCA.which relates back to section 29, which states “an order depriving a parent of a child must not be […]

Mental Illness – glossary

Psychiatry: This word comes from two other words. Psyche (meaning mind/soul) and iatreia (meaning cure). Psychiatry is a branch of medicine and psychiatrists treat people, using drugs and other physical methods, to change the way people act and feel. Psychology: This word is also derived from two other words. Psyche (meaning mind/soul) and logia (meaning […]

Our Kids and Stimulants

Today, more than 17 million children worldwide have been prescribed psychiatric drugs so dangerous that medicine regulatory agencies in Europe, Australia and the United States have issued warnings that antidepressants, for example, can cause suicide and hostility in children and adolescents. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also issued a warning that stimulant […]

Fathers and Children – website and refuge, Wellington

I have been in the FC system battling a co-op of Lawyer for Child, a Judge Wellington, an access supervisor and the system between CYFs and the family court law. Its been the most emotionally draining, un-reasonable, illogical and un-remitting series of events that I have faced. I have now seen my children taken out […]

Fathers v Family Court

Sun 4th June 2006:

Some dads say they’re not getting a fair go in the Family Court. Kate Monahan finds out why they are so disgruntled, and sits in on some cases being heard We’ve had a gutsful of the Family Court, their discrimination against fathers,” says Jack Gielen, a spokesman for the Hamilton branch of the coalition, which […]

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