MENZ Issues

Above the bottom line.

For some reason I can’t make comments on Menz, so I will post this, because I it is important to teach society what the individual reality is. It was intended as a comment to the bottom line.

I remember writing a comment a while back to this effect. When you look at what a person describes, ask yourself where it happened. In the home, in a lawyer’s office, in the family court, at a Police Station, an IRD admin review and so on. The operative word here is isolated: without an audience, in secret, away from the public eye, without a process of accountability. It is an invisible wall in society that is as real as the Berlin wall, and probably twice as effective, because it is transparent but so many people still can’t see through it.

Feminism has hidden its foot soldiers in the noblest of professions. We just have trouble accepting that the people we would normally trust can often be a ruthless enemy.