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Call for Submissions on Child Support Amendment Bill ( No. 4) – Your Children Need You!

Submissions to the Social Services Comitte on the Child Support Amendment Bill (no. 4) close on the 27 Feb (see here) I know how busy people are, so below is a one page submission for you to use.

Send your submission to
Clerk of the Committee
Social Services Select Committee
Select Committee Office
Parliament Buildings

by 27 Feb

Please take the time send a submission. The more submissions the better! Get your friends and family to send one. Get as many people as you can to send a submission.

If the committee received 1000 of these submissions !

Submission to

To the Social Services Select Committee

Relating to the Child Support Amendment Bill (No 4)

Yet again the Child Support Act 1991 is back before this committee for consideration of amendments to the Act.

The Child Support Act 1991 is unique in its ability to fail paying and receiving parents and their children. The focus of the Act is collecting a one size fits all formula assessment, designed with the focus on benefit recovery and not the best interest of Kiwi Kids.

The Act is a fundamentally flawed piece of legislation that no amount of tinkering can fix. This amendment will create even greater injustice for paying and receiving parents and their children.

The time has come for the members of this select committee to show political courage and return this Bill to Parliament with the recommendation that it does not proceed and that a complete public review is undertaken of the current child support regime and its administration.

Therefore I ask that this committee recommend that this bill does not proceed and that a complete public review be undertaken of the child support law and administration.

I remind the committee members that the financial future of hundreds of thousand of children is in their hands. Members have the opportunity to make a real difference in the financial security of Kiwi Kids or you can remain locked in the failing and flawed officials advice .

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Just cut the submission text out,paste it into a word processor and print it, fill in the contact details and put it in an envelople. Address the envelope, put on a stamp and post it.

You can make a difference, send a submission !