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Carnivorous Collins out for blood.

I wasn’t impressed with the Herald of Sunday article on child support. Judith Collins has obviously enlisted the help of some of our lame journalists, to promote her cause. Any journalist with an ounce of credibility would have had opposing views in their article. Perhaps the suggestion here is that there is no opposing point of view. Given that parliament has just passed new child support legislation why is Judith Collins running the big National Party campaign? It has just been debated in parliament. Collins is starting to run over that fine line the way she carries on about Deadbeat Dads and child support. Sounds to me like she is locked into some sort of high flying girls club who have been trying to get money off their ex under the child support legislation. That has nothing to do with families and children. That is just abusing your political position. It is more likely to be about the corporate bitch that didn’t have the best accountant.

In the mean time organisations like Parents for Children and Project Re-Union will continue to exist, and will work toward advocating for realistic legislation. If the world is a smaller place then we do not need to run years behind the rest of the world in social legislation. England for example has abandoned the same type of legislation that puts fathers in debt to the state — it doesn’t work.

I suspect the news about the child support Forum in Auckland next weekend and the conference in Wellington in January is starting to get around. This could be what is drawing Collins out on a limb. Given the list of press releases and articles Collins has produced recently you would be forgiven for thinking this was Nationals “Key” platform and she was in Election mode.

Beyond this you can see just how sad our political situation is when you look at the Families commission. They haven’t even worked out what they are meant to be doing, and they were right into the Labour party support role — abandon section 59. Did I miss the release about child support from them? So much for the independent voice for the family! Collins is family spokesperson. Did you see the family’s commission responding to all the press releases Collins has released lately on child support?

The biggest laugh of all is old Chuck Bird quitting Act and cuddling up to Collins. Is Collins recently separated or something?