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Child support Seminar held

Child Support and custody issues will be discussed during a seminar at the Kelston community Centre tomorrow.

The event, starting at 7.30pm, is being organised by the Auckland Single Parents Trust in conjuction with the North Shore Mens Centre.

Trust spokeswoman Julie says the evening caters for men and women. “It’s about child support and how it works for the paying parent. It’s also about other issues like shared parenting”

Julie says it is important for both parents to try and share the parenting load. “The fact of the matter is it’s stacked against the man. If they’ve been the main provider then that’s what is in the child’s best interest”, she says.

“But one parent ends up getting more access than the other and the other parent’s input is mainly financial”, she says. “If both parents share the children they get more valuable time with both parents who can work out the finances for the children.”

Julie says the domestic purposes benefit often becomes a trap. “We want to encourage people to get off the benefit and to start making a life for themselves”, she says.

Guest speakers will include Jim Bagnall and Jim Bailey from the North Shore’s Men’s Centre.

Western Leader, Tuesday July 4, 2006.

Of course this would not be happening without the support of Mark Shipman, National President of Parents for Children who will be the main speaker.

Amazingly the phone continues to ring with men payers, women payers and women of husbands paying child support wanting to join to change Child Support issues. We welcome anyone to join, attend and gain support from these 3 groups.

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