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Ex-Husbands Still Not Good Enough, Even When the Wife is Declared Abusive

Dateline: Boston Mass.US

In a new report of children removed from abusive mothers in the US (Mass.) finds that when ex-husbands ask for guardianship they are turned down in numbers that are astonishing, as reported in the Boston Globe shows so clearly. (6/8/06).

The report contains a shocking finding: when fathers inform child welfare officials that they would like their children to live with them, the agencies seek to place the children with their fathers in only 8% of cases.

Here is an example of this equal world from an ex-husband of just such a mother from Glenn Sacks:

The mother was abusive and the state (properly) took the girl away from the mother. After that, however, the state has refused to let this man’s daughter come home to him. The girl adores her dad and there’s been no finding of unfitness against the dad. However, the girl’s caseworker keeps coming up with vague reasons why it’s somehow not in the best interests of this child to be reunited with her father. These include gems like “she isn’t ready for overnight visits yet.”

Indirectness, indirectness and more indirectness! Instead these poor children get sent into foster care even though there is a fit father willing and able to take over. The fact that these mothers are so unfit, even in the states opinion, would suggest that the fathers might have been right to leave the relationship in the first place. Yet that is just me using common sense again. What the system that is so concerned with defending children sees seems to be natural fathers, with nothing on their records, are unfit to take over their motherly abused children because they are simply men. Like George and Peter pointed out it is more of a wonder why these men don’t go off the deep end, than not! When will we stop listening to the soft fox words and watch what they are doing? Stand up! Stand together and find a way to work together and not let little things stop us from gaining the justice that will only come with the unity of men. No man can do this by himself!