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Ex-Wives Less Likely to Pay Child Support Than Men (UK Government Paper Reports)

Dateline: England
Author: Timocrat
From: Anti-Misandry (Part of the Priority Men’s New Exchange Program)
Via: The Honor Network

Ex-Wives Less Likely to Pay Support to Kids than Husbands

In a report out from the UK government ex-wives were even slightly less likely to pay child support when the ex-husband has custody. The question of course to ask is, “Why do we only hear about the unfair dead-beat-father distortion.” This is gradualism of the worst sort, not to mention the fact that some men with custody probably wave off support to be rid of the ex-visa card challenged spouse?

The public has no idea of the situation for the established media give no wind of the truth (unless on the back page). Well, just place it on top of all the other unfair points for the list is piling up.