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Inside New Zealand – Give me my children back

Inside New Zealand – TV3 at 8.30pm, Thursday night, 6th of April showed a program titled “Give me my children back.”

I had expected that a post would have been written about it. It hasn’t been I believe, because it hits too close to home for so many males. I personally think we should talk about and I welcome males and females to also comment that normally just read what others have to say. This program has hit home to all parents that are seperated.

I myself woke up this morning and cried for a little while because of the impact it had on me. I am a parent and I feel guilty for what I have put my children through and how I have played a part in my ex’s depression. (I know he has made mistakes but I only take responsibility for my own). I just want to say thank-you to Ian and Stephen for being real and honest on the documentary. I am aware many men live this every day and I am aware many women live this every day.

If we don’t talk about it because it is “too hard” and put it in the “too hard” basket then we are just as bad as the government officials and the law. They don’t deal with this either because it seems “too hard.”

Photo: Steven Jelicich filmed at Men’s Centre North Shore support meeting.

Inside New Zealand’s documentary has brought more to life than just a messed up system. There are so many people that are still keeping these issues hidden because of embarrassment. It will be through each others support that we stay strong and learn that it doesn’t make us bad people. Have courage to admit you have make bad judgements women (and men) and help change the future for the next generation. Have courage to be real men and women and express how you feel.