MENZ Issues

John P.’s Insight Needs Much More Discussion!

Below is a point that I have heard John P. state on quite a few occasions and think it needs much more serious discussion. I also think this is one of the fundamental issues, which I call wing issues; I think must be addressed to be solve our cooperative efforts (and not left to die on the vine for it is too uncomfortable to be addressed). John P states:

One of the greatest weaknesses of the men’s movement in my view is that almost every one of us considers ourselves an “ideas man”, and believes he has the answer, if only everyone else would follow our lead. New, inspirational initiatives spring up almost weekly, while organisations with hands on experience and collective wisdom struggle for survival.

To start things off I see this Ideas without Following of John’s being a male Yin/Yang issue (which simply means it comes with both pluses and negatives). Men don’t follow other’s cult-like, as can be seen with groupies at any concert being more female than male.

So we test our leaders and their ideas more, and this is all good. Our actions are more lone wolf yes, but this means also it can’t be stopped too (for it has to many heads).

MGTOW (Males Going Their Own Way) , unlike others, accepts this and tries to say it is OK. Yet in their name and in their attempts at expansion I still see them trying to not go their own way in all areas, but are trying to bring men together to go their own way? A bit of a small conflict when compared to Kent’s “There is no truth” (which in fact is an attempt at telling everyone a truth of his own).

The negatives, to not working as closely as possible with one another, are easy to see. We really don’t need every man and women on our side (a majority at the polls) to win this, only enough men moving away from the state at the same time in all our own ways with demands that are agreeable to a majority of us, and then stubbornly not giving in until we get all the just ones agreed to by all. With the boomers retiring, and the falling birth rate, the dysfunctional system is unsustainable, but there is no assurance that what will replace it will be friendlier to men.

Therefore what is stopping us ? Please no slogans or clichés here, for anyone who has been at this has met a long list of men who have stated these and not backed them up with John.P’s long-term effort over ideas! Yes, we will be giving ideas here, but please offer give & take actions in return for others to help you with anything purposed. Please also avoid old men statements of, “I’ve been at this 50 years”; so you should listen to my ideas more. Please also avoid deconstructing or digressing the issue for some other purpose, for there are many avenues to cover other issues even on this site.

As for my last word on this, before hearing others input, we are dealing with both nature and nurture points that have stopped cooperation. If we lived on the same street, played on the same team, went to the same school and suffered the treatment of the state all at the same time (preferably when we were younger) and had let those specializing in any given area lead with different areas at different times we wouldn’t be suffering now from such disunity. There has been no give & take in deeds to earn trust between us and we have competed with others too long for reasons the new world of feminism has done nothing but increase (for it fears our unity as all rulers have from the beginning of time when men get together). The state has always worked to disperse us when we gather, whether in a gang or a justified movement bent on change.

So let it rip with give & take….