MENZ Issues

Men’s issues united

Through experiences of meeting, talking on the phone and e-mailing others on and off this site one would find all agreeing on major issues and disagreeing on minor issues. Now this has kept the men’s movement united and divided. This has kept all groups or as individuals with a small amount of power which really has no real power against any system that has gained power through years of existance and with real leadership, from written words to all united for the same cause.

There are groups in NZ which are religous believing that the family unit is extremely important for the children, there are men’s groups throughout NZ that are struggling to survive funding wise and are not getting any real changes made by the government for fathers (even though a small step can be considered something wondeful in the right direction)

There are suicide groups trying to stop fathers from harming themselves, there are youth groups more than aware of the consequenses of good fathering and there are individuals that have seen what the Family Court does through their own experiences or that of their friends.

There are female groups and family groups that are saddened by the amount of power destroying their own women and children clients.

There are addiction centres and prisons being filled up with males that are equally a victim as any women. And they cannot get real support or funding for men. While women they can get for easily.

There are schools that are concerned for male students. We have ‘Woman’s studies’ at University level, yet, no ‘Men’s studies.’

We have polititions that want so much to put the brakes on feminism at their level but have no substantial evidence or unity in the community to argue back.

We have police and judges who wish they had more power against the laws they are bound by.

But who’s really responsible to change all of this? Well it is you, and me and everyone else. It is all of our responsibility to provide all the good people the tools they need to make a sensible decision. Do we really think that the (good) judges and (good) police want to be locking up or denying access to, “Good men”?


All that these good people are waiting for is for YOU. You to get it together. Not as an individual or a small group but you as an army. An army for the good.

To put it really simple. If you are considering to voluntarily or with small wages cash in on the male victims of society, then keep all devided. But if you really care for ‘Males, long term’ you will join in to change the way the systems are being run. We cannot continue only with a group protesting outside lawyers and judges, although it has it’s place and has started the ball rolling. We must have a step 2 and so forth to complement.

Common sense tells us that’ ‘while one person gives an hour per week it will take 5 years to complete such a task whereas, 100 people giving one hour it will take 6 months.’ (this is a guess but you get the picture)

A meeting is already being set up and agreed on by many men that are not in agreeance with the actions yet are in agreeance with the issues. This meeting is due in August. All of you on this site will receive e-mails about venue, time etc. All groups will be contacted and given details. I am so please you are willing to work together even if you don’t personally LIKE ME or OTHERS. I encouraged everyone of you to put your differences aside so that you can help decide the men’s movements direction and assist in all matters.

Anyone that tries to ‘pull this down’ or ‘push their own agenda’ will be consider (I am sure) someone who needs, whose life depends on, being a victim. I am under the impression this meeting will be held at a Universty or such. Everyone is considered to have something to offer. (So, I have been told)

From me personally, watch for the details.