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Mr Berg please get your facts straight

I would normally post this response in the comments section, but as Mr Berg believes his request for an official information act (OIA) application is worth two posts itself, it is appropriate I post this separately.
Mr Berg has been alleging that the Minister of Revenue, has been ‘deliberately withholding’ the information for his request.
“Today 4 October 2006, I asked Mr. Dunne if he is deliberately withholding this official information, and to explain why. Mr. Dunne’s behaviour is shameful, and reflects badly on his United Future Colleagues. I will also be asking his colleagues to explain their leader’s behaviour.”
You state that your application was received on the 7th of September.? On October 4th you were jumping up and down claiming it has been withheld.? But by my count, 20 working days after September 7 is October 5th, and so it would have been due to be released yesterday.
Before you start making accusations, it would be best if you informed yourself of the facts.? For example, OIA requests are given 20 working days to be processed; I assume you thought it was 20 calendar days.? IRD, I am advised, ? always releases? OIA information on the 20th day after application.
Finally, your email to United MPs is pointless – the distinction between parliamentary service and Ministerial is clear.? While acting as Minister, Mr Dunne ceases to be acting as a United MP, but as a Minister of the Crown.? Accordingly, United MPs do not interfere with the Minister’s work.
I hope you are now enjoying the information that you requested, as I assume it was given to you Yesterday as that would be the 20th day, as allowed for in the Official Information Act.
So Mr Berg, would you now admit that you were wrong about the Minister ‘deliberately withholding’ the info, and perhaps write an apology ‘press release’ like you apparently tried to do with your false accusatory statements?

Gordon Copeland, MP.