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Mr. Liam Is Now Under Arson Attack!!!


THE first man in Australia to successfully sue for paternity fraud is living in fear after arsonists attacked his car.

Liam Magill’s Mitsubishi Magna was burnt and vandalised outside a Box Hill home last weekend in an act of vandalism that has baffled police and frightened his loved ones.

“We don’t get much sleep any more — I’m up after every little bump I hear,” he said.
Mr Magill, 54, sued his former wife, Meredith, for $70,000 after DNA tests proved that he was not the father of two of their three children.

The decision was hailed as an Australian legal precedent but his former wife has lodged an appeal which is due to be heard in the Supreme Court this year. Mr Magill claimed the damage to his car, which happened late last Saturday, was the latest in a string of attacks designed to intimidate him.

“It’s probably a scare tactic — someone trying to scare me out of defending the appeal,” he said.

I guess they will now emotionally rationalize this into the Mr. Liam’s fault with some mental gymanstics of some sort! Oppressed minorites are always blamed for those who abuse them. If you get angry your an angry white male, if you take it on the chin again and again you deserve it. This is a no win game preached by those who want us to fail. We need to ignore them and unite the moderates and radicals and call out the pretenders (Kent).