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Streets of Shame – John Hudson.

TVNZ 1’s program ‘Sunday’ just keeps on bringing out the truth for New Zealanders.

We spend some nights on the mean and violent streets of south Auckland. Teenagers out of control and it’s a big problem for law enforcement. Why is it happening? What are the police and the local community doing about it?

We all know of the hard and dedicated work that our father’s groups and coalition have done and do and how they have brought the problems of father’s rights and the unacceptable abuse they endure just to merely be in their children’s lives and for their children to have the neccessesities only a father can give.

But now we are seeing the effects of fatherlessness on our youth, the effects of a nation forcing it’s females to fear men and forcing it’s men to be something (I can’t describe as I don’t know how, yet) that they are not mean’t to be. But our children really, really need their dads. Not dads that are sick and powerless because women’s anxieties have over-powered them and we have cut them off at every angle just in case they do something we don’t like for who among us is the first to stand as perfect.

To all the warriors that New Zealand has pulled down, shunned and locked up, my boys and the boys of our nation are relying on you. Oh, and by the way, “Thank-you.”

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Streets of Shame.