MENZ Issues

Tamihere Meeting

Hi All,

I met with John this morning. He talked about a range of matters which he is persuing but has asked that I keep these matters confidential for the moment. The principle being; no point in letting the enemy know the location of tropps and guns till one is ready to open fire.

What I can say is; we will soon be getting a very public champion.

So that’s all good.

He related the latest ‘joke’ doing the rounds: ‘Which is harder to get your kids back from? A rabid rotwieller, or CYFS?’ There’s no prizes for getting the answer. Personally, I was utterly offended at the thrust of this so-called joke.

However, one comment he did make which has rung in my mind all day was, ‘You major support base is in fact the rational women of New Zealand.’

Naturally, my focus has been steadfast on the small cabal of irrational women who are infecting my life and that of my child, at the moment. Thus it took me some seconds to realise he was right.

Ninety-nine percent of women in New Zealand are decent, caring folk who also care deeply for children. I guess John was trying to say that maybe we victims of the 1% are inadvertantly ignoring the support we could perhaps get from the hundreds and thousands of decent women out there who would be horrified to know what is actually going on.

The question is: how do we get the message to them?

Further, John asserted that what Jim and his group is doing is great and could well be expanded. I gather he was suggesting an increase in incidence rather than a descent into violence.

On that point, I have been somewhat disturbed at receiving emails from three different folk who suggested they were getting prepared to perpetrate violence against members of authority….and one of them appeared to be a woman.

Folks, such an approach will not help, it will severely hinder the march towards attaining equal status for men in the Family Court.

Today I have written to Simon Powers, Shadow Minister for Justice. I would rather keep the content of that letter private for the moment. Save to say, I shall keep casting my net till I find someone in authority who will take notice of our collective plight.