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The New Zealand Families Commission’s role

From the Families Commission website:

The Commission is a unique organisation that gives New Zealand families an independent voice. Through the evidence we gain from research, and by listening to families themselves, we strive to give New Zealand families a voice.

Commission responds to new research on smacking

Section 59 must be repealed,” says the Chief Commissioner of the Families Commission, Rajen Prasad.

From the Families Commission Act 2003:

Obligation to obtain views of specified groups
Section 13. Mechanisms for obtaining views of specified groups

In the exercise and performance of its powers and functions, the Commission must maintain mechanisms (for example, by appointing advisory committees or forming consultation forums) to ensure that there are at all times readily accessible to it the views

[Examples] d. of groups that represent families, or 1 or more kinds of family members, and of groups that have a particular interest in families or in any 1 or more matters related to the Commission’s functions.

Dunnes Diaster comes to life!

A small consolation – at least Rajen Prasad isn’t the Auditor General.